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  1. Or get a ARM based system such as Raspberry PI, its has a h.264 decoder, that should be more than enough for home movies. The main downside of the PI, 100MBit Ethernet connection (favour DAS over NAS) and limited power supply on USB ports, so you will need a powered USB hub to provide enough power for the HDD. USB2 should be more than enough 1080p.


    On the plus side the wattage is lower than any Blu-Ray on the market :-)


    Anyway NAS is not practical in rented apartments, for obvious reasons such as drilling holes in the way, no landlord is going to allow that. Plus NAS is also more expensive than DAS.

  2. About the Xbox pad support, it was not the game, it was my PC glitching out, I workround that glitch. lol. But still why was it showing the PS4 controller on the config screen? While Sony does not officially support that on the PC?


    My new PC specs is: (thanks to the fact I landed the job with feelunique.com, they specialise in selling cosmetics products, I work as the web developer)


    AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz

    32GB RAM DDR3 2133Mhz

    2x AMD Radeon R9 290 (Pre-overclocked slightly)


    Just a few quirks, but the framerate is mostly alright.


    IMO Steam could of done a lot than the refunds system, e.g. setup a team to test 3rd party product they going to sell on their store.

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  3. Avoid the middle one, it's seems to have a sloppy connection. The other two seems fine, although I don't see the point of removable cables, considering there an adapter for converting USB to PS/2, USB is pretty sturdy anyway, you probably want to go for the black switches since you work and play computer games.


    There is a US model of the keyboard I got, it's very sturdy. even to the connection, it's moulded on and comes with a PS/2 adapter, it's got a black switch, I thought it was nice for coding! Just under $90.




    Some computer store may have them on display.


    Many above $100 seems to often more gimmick like LED lighting, I personally wouldn't say they were any better!

  4. If you're a heavy gamer go for ones that either have a black or red cherry mx switch, otherwise go for the blue or brown switch or a topre even. If you want the most sturdy? go for Plated over PCB mounted!


    Wireless keyboard only have benefit with HTPC, otherwise it's pointless, it's not like you going to be moving a keyboard around as often as a mouse. :lol:


    If your computer got a PS/2 port, use that rather than USB, USB polls the CPU and PS/2 does not!

  5. The problems with membrane keyboards is that you can't repair them, once one key is dead the whole keyboard would need to be replaced. On mine I can just replace the switches, I don't mind using the soldering iron, at least I got a keyboard that will last and repairable. Also I found that the keys are too soft on the membrane, I often end up pressing the wrong key.


    Bear in mind that coders don't have the time to keep on replacing keyboards, for me a reliable keyboards is needed!

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