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  1. Don't get me wrong, we still get a lot of visiters. We've already had over 2 million hits this month (entire 1emulation.com domain -- including subdomains). However, we need more, and a lot more.


    Really I would like to help out, years ago I have started to get out of the gaming habits. I got out of that habit since I have been working hard at College. However I do have a couple of ideas, that could help bring in more visitors.


    1. If you use e-mail so often, promote 1emu using the signature.

    2. If you're good with graphics and words, makes some flyers, go to a rental store and put the flyers in each DVD case that is mark with Xbox, PS2, Wii, etc… etc…

    3. Word of mouth, practically talking to someone about this site.


    These are just few ideas, but I think number 2 is just crazy. :huh:

  2. Is FreeBSD installed like Gentoo? (w/out an automated installer)


    I mean, I've been installing the gnome meta package for gentoo since this morning (there were some periodical pauses), it's already 6 P.M, and it's almost done.


    Firefox took 30 mins to finally finish compiling and I can't imagine how long open office is going to take.


    Lots of time and discipline.


    FreeBSD has no GUI installer, so most of it done on command. Installing server software is the real pain, I had to add apache into the system service manually so it can run on boot, while on Linux and PC-BSD it is all done for you automatically after installing the server software.


    I might start an blog article called "Musician, you do not need Vista."


    What would you rather do? Play on Games or write them. :)

    You need a mac HAR HAR HAR.



    Seriously, Mac > all others in terms of media preferences.


    I will get to switching to Mac, but right now I'm alright with my PC at the moment. I can agree that Mac OS X is the best for musicians, I been round the mac store in Birmingham and tried out every single mac there the os had a lot of great tools for musicians, but I can't remember the names of these tools. Vista is bad for Audigy 2 users like, the sound card is very dependent on SPDIF for what I use and Vista limit access on SPDIF.

  3. I just give PC-BSD a try, installing software on PC-BSD is pretty much like installing software on Windows really. PC-BSD uses the install wizard called pbi (PC-BSD Installer) which is similar to installshield on Windows. Also PC-BSD looked kind-of-like Vista as the default style. What I like about PC-BSD is that it is not as bloated as Ubuntu, even OpenOffice and Firefox was not included. PC-BSD can natively run Linux applications, just like FreeBSD.


    As for FreeBSD itself, is what weirdy said about Gentoo really. :)

  4. I heard WINEHQ are working on a DX10 wrapper for Windows XP, which I think is good news for users that don't want to switch Vista. Personally I'm more of a worker then a heavy gamer, I like playing new games but there always a downside, the costs of the games $$$, the space it takes up these days and of course the costs of upgrades $$$.


    I might start an blog article called "Musician, you do not need Vista."


    What would you rather do? Play on Games or write them. :rolleyes:

  5. http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html


    Personally I wouldn't use a OS that gives you less control of my own computer, I want to be able to use SPDIF on everything I watch. I want to watch everything at high resolution.


    I would recommend PC-BSD on Desktop and FreeBSD for servers, over Windows and GNU/Linux (Linux is just a kernel). Mac OS X is and the only Mac to be based on FreeBSD, that why it so stable compared to the early versions. remember Mac OS 9 ;)

  6. I don't think thats even possible. Probably just some attention whore who came up with some bogus story to get in the news.


    I think I'll agree with you there, it is also ridiculous to hear something like that.

  7. I just installed Firefox 2 and it's nice. Opera is nice but the one time I used it it didn't render one of my favorite websites properly so I uninstalled it.


    Opera doesn't seem to like 'float: right;' in the style sheet; the text just went over the image while it was suppose to be on the left side of the image, that doesn't happen with Firefox 2.0 or IE7.

  8. ...but I wasn't going to give them what is rightfully mine. :P


    Of course you won't, you sit down, eat cookies and enjoy watching MTV. :o


    In Britain many people want trick or treating banned, that all thanks to the chav who shove fireworks into the letterbox because they didn't get their treats. ;)

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