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  1. I heard WINEHQ are working on a DX10 wrapper for Windows XP, which I think is good news for users that don't want to switch Vista. Personally I'm more of a worker then a heavy gamer, I like playing new games but there always a downside, the costs of the games $$$, the space it takes up these days and of course the costs of upgrades $$$.


    I might start an blog article called "Musician, you do not need Vista."


    What would you rather do? Play on Games or write them. :rolleyes:

  2. http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html


    Personally I wouldn't use a OS that gives you less control of my own computer, I want to be able to use SPDIF on everything I watch. I want to watch everything at high resolution.


    I would recommend PC-BSD on Desktop and FreeBSD for servers, over Windows and GNU/Linux (Linux is just a kernel). Mac OS X is and the only Mac to be based on FreeBSD, that why it so stable compared to the early versions. remember Mac OS 9 ;)

  3. I don't think thats even possible. Probably just some attention whore who came up with some bogus story to get in the news.


    I think I'll agree with you there, it is also ridiculous to hear something like that.

  4. I just installed Firefox 2 and it's nice. Opera is nice but the one time I used it it didn't render one of my favorite websites properly so I uninstalled it.


    Opera doesn't seem to like 'float: right;' in the style sheet; the text just went over the image while it was suppose to be on the left side of the image, that doesn't happen with Firefox 2.0 or IE7.

  5. ...but I wasn't going to give them what is rightfully mine. :P


    Of course you won't, you sit down, eat cookies and enjoy watching MTV. :o


    In Britain many people want trick or treating banned, that all thanks to the chav who shove fireworks into the letterbox because they didn't get their treats. ;)

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