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  1. The problems with membrane keyboards is that you can't repair them, once one key is dead the whole keyboard would need to be replaced. On mine I can just replace the switches, I don't mind using the soldering iron, at least I got a keyboard that will last and repairable. Also I found that the keys are too soft on the membrane, I often end up pressing the wrong key.


    Bear in mind that coders don't have the time to keep on replacing keyboards, for me a reliable keyboards is needed!

  2. My experience with the mechanical keyboards, they are much better than the common rubber dome keyboard. I found them rather nice and clicky, I didn't need to press the key all the way down like I did with the rubber dome keyboard. Just I was playing Super Meat Boy I was playing better on the keyboard then I was on the Xbox 360 controller, three finger on the WASD is better than one thumb on the stick or the D-Pad. I was also playing Sonic 1 and Sonic CD, the result were pretty much the same.




    Beside me, anybody else had any experience with Mechanical Keyboards?

  3. Smf isn't bad either, there's plenty of ways to get a front page with that.


    However, it's quite daring to call it a solid foundation, especially with the number of script issues and upgrade moans you'll receive in the long run. :P


    Oh as for security, i wouldn't call SMF Un-hackable, it has had it's days in the past with a couple friends i know who used it.


    Smf Api's, needs a bit of updating, but it can definitely do what's already being done here.


    In short everything free has problems, but then again this isn't really true I've seen plenty of sql injections in the past with IPB and even some with vb....


    ... May be mybb should also be considered in this scenario? it does have sdk support, but from what i've read it's incomplete, but available for use.


    Wedge is a fork of SMF, the developers behind Wedge are taking security very seriously, they went as far as criticizing the fact that SMF 2 was in BETA and RC for too long. :D

  4. Yes Emsley, it does piss me off.


    Well Ken, I'm always willing to take risk, at least earthquake are not as boring as suicide bombers, there were quite a few jobs going for web developers (NOC 2175) in the job bank, perhaps more going outside the bank. Anywhere is better than England. :(

  5. I had a KFC in Florida, the food was horrible. British KFC is alright except the fries, but Texas Chicken is way better.


    Me and my family are planning to immigrate and move to BC! I'm going as an independent, I already applied for one job in Victoria so far. I'm aware that I have to sit the English test (IELTS), thanks to non-native speakers who abused the system.


    @Robert, me and my family was planning to go to New Zealand, but the Nursing Council of New Zealand takes the piss, they expect 7's in each band of the English test. In Canada it's 6.5 in each band except for listening part which is 7.

  6. Things might be getting worse with DisplayPort, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface) how silly can Intel and Apple get? I'm now confident that USB3 will win.


    Thunderbolt (originally codenamed Light Peak) is an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer via an expansion bus. Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple Inc. It was introduced commercially on Apple's updated MacBook Pro lineup on February 24, 2011, using the same port and connector as Mini DisplayPort.
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