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  1. Well blame the Copyright Nazis, because of them rapidshare got worse and worse, I never notice the problem mainly because I'm a paid user and I often visit a private file sharing forum and most of the uploaders happen to use rapidshare. Superman will be able to back me up, he also a member of that private file sharing forum and James had his account pwned.

  2. For anyone that's looking for low budget, mybb is considerably the more effective choice. Over the years IPB has done incredibly well to try and surpass Vbulletin. However Vbulletin still has a few features that are not in IPB, one being to permantly ban an proxy ip's, which i think also bans the original IP address, also. I could be wrong, but if anyone can explain it to me better, than please don't hold back.


    I don't think the budget matters any more, considering the features that you can get from open source MyBB, IPB and Vbulletin only has a few features more and often have an impact on performance therefore I don't think worth the hefty price they have set, it's just considered a rip off nowadays.

  3. IMO fighting is one of the most stupid thing anybody can do, because one day you will just meet your match or get into trouble with the law, end up in hospital, hated for the rest of your life or even end up dead. If you refuse to fight, you refuse to fight and that does not make you a coward, it make you a wise man and don't believe what the idiots have to say.

  4. I like Ubuntu but I just don't like the way how the Linux kernel is designed, every time I update the kernel I have to recompile the drivers and that to me is an issue especially with non-open source drivers. If Linus moves to the Hybrid kernel and I probably will move to GNU/Linux.

  5. hexter I like your theory but facebook to a lot of the users is like completely radical and essential to their life's now, they wont of run round making web sites like us, we are kinda like the grandads of the interent when you think about it.


    True and that why I got a Facebook, I use that site to promote my self-hosted wordpress blog and thanks to the wordbook plugin and Facebook application I was able to integrate my blog with Facebook. But still I won't take anything seriously from Facebook, as I said it's just a website. ;)


    I tried to make a facebook, I only added people I know and I still got stupid shit. Most of the people I know don't know computers well I guess. They kept adding all these stupid apps that would send constant spam and it seems like even the people I thought where pretty smart will still send around dumbass chainmail. The whole experience was just annoying. I can't stand the stupid interface on that site.


    I have to agree with you, majority of Facebook users don't know much about computers, I just found out that you can actually ignore all future application invite from a certain friends and hopefully that should stop them sending constant spam. The Facebook team need to change how the interface works, we all need to be able to block all future application invites from all user not just certain users so we don't get too much crap going on.

  6. Nah what you do is take a copy of your BIOS, Inject a fake SLIC line into it and then re-flash it. It works and its convenient. But a loader can achieve the same result without blowing up in your face. If you mod it wrong or the flash messes up your mobo is fucked unless you can get a new BIOS chip. Which is usually a pain and a ripoff. It's also not a good idea if you overclock because it can effect stability. Sometimes things have to be in a certain order I guess.


    Yeah that was way before my MSDNAA administrator authorised Windows 7 Professional a 32-bit and a 64-bit both having two different retail product keys, both of these keys are interchangeable between 32 and 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional.


    Yes I'm a University Student :P


    Are you aware that some motherboard have emergency BIOS recovery just in case of a bad flash? :D

  7. Bios mod here, Win 7 ultimate OEM runs fine on my old Acer aspire (2005)


    Either you are defending corporate secret or you are a secret agent, I don't want to know!


    I think I'm one of the few people that actually bought my copies of Windows 7 :ph34r:


    Yes I think you are the only one who brought copies of Windows 7, but not the only one who got a product key legally. I got mine from the MSDNAA! =)

  8. Personally I wouldn't recommend the upgrade edition, go for the full edition and Home Premium should satisfy most users here unless you work from home go for Professional, if you work for the CIA or protect corporate secret then Ultimate is the one for you. I also recommend a fresh install.

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