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  1. They handle it with well designed heatpiping, speed throttling and variable speed fans. This is the same thing other manufacturers do to get the i7 into laptops and other small form factor devices. To be honest, it's not much of a challenge to cool. I'm sure the old G5 iMacs were much more difficult to engineer since the processor ran so hot they couldn't even use it in their laptop line.


    Those 90nm PowerPC CPU's, that would obviously generate more heat then the i7 45nm & 32nm, but those generate more heat then AMD Phenom II x6 45nm.


    I'm assuming Apple only uses one cooling solution per model and as such it is probably designed to meet the thermal threshold of the highest CPU option offered in that model. I haven't heard of overclocking on a Mac before though since they use an EFI instead of a conventional BIOS. It may be possible with third-party utilities and if it is, you could probably do some slight overclocking on one of the lower CPU options. I wouldn't try it on the highest CPU they offer in that model though as it would probably exceed the cooler's capabilities.


    I heard most of the third-party utilities were available on windows, is that true? So it theoretically so no over-clocking potential on the highest CPU?


    Anyway, it's cost around £1,000 to build a PC that can easily outperforms the Mac Pro's 8 core option in many areas which is exactly £2,859, the examples PC specification are AMD Phenom II x6 1090t, oc to 3.8Ghz, H50 water cooler, 8GB DDR2-800 RAM (Corsair XMS), ATI Radeon HD6970, 2TB Seagate Hard drive and a 1000w cooler master power supply.

  2. I got a very good question, how does Apple handle the heating problem of those Intel i7 CPU's within the Mac Mini and the iMac? Is there any over-clocking potentials? I'm aware the Mac Pro does have not have that problem because they use a big case with lower clocked Intel Xeon CPU's but it just too damn expensive!

  3. By upgradeable you mean socketed NB/SB, well the manufacturers got rid of socketed BIOS just to cut cost and I believe ASUS still uses socketed BIOS'es and some gigabyte board use dual-bios.


    Anyway I been playing Super Mario Kart Wii on Dolphin and it runs smoothly with AMD Phenom II x6 1090T on DDR2-800 RAM.

  4. Just make sure you don't buy an AM3 only motherboard, and an AM2/AM2+ CPU! They are NOT compatible, even if you remove the keying pins on the CPU (Which still works in an AM2 mobo afterwards).

    You need an AM2/AM2+/AM3 motherboard, and yes there are boards out there that are made for AM3 only.


    The reason why AM2/AM2+ CPU don't work on AM3 only motherboard is because those CPU's lack the DDR3 controller, while the AM3 CPU has both DDR2 and DDR3 therefore works in either AM2+ or AM3. The only benefit the AM3 only motherboard has is DDR3 which has 5% to 10% performance over DDR2, DDR2-800 should be good enough for all computer games as of today, anything above that is practically an overkill. DDR2-800 is the minimum for AM2+ and AM3 CPU's.


    Also DDR2 rams don't work in AM3 board and DDR3 rams don't work in AM2/AM2+ boards

  5. Tip: if you already got a AM2+ motherboard, check if the latest bios support "AGESA" , some motherboard manufactures will tell you that, some won't especially with earlier AM2+ motherboards (they want money), if that the case open up the bios file in notepad and then find (F3) "!!AGESA" and next to that there should be a version number, if it is then the bios should support all AM3 CPU's including Phenom II x6 (except 1045T & 1075T so avoid those CPU's, at least 1090T is fine). Whatever you do, don't modify the bios, it best to create a copy of the bios file before opening it in notepad!


    I just notice that Shiba was recommending system with Gigabyte boards!

  6. Yes very nasty very manipulative sadly I think the same can be said for teenagers in general in the UK/

    I had it from a 22 year old lass, i was texing her and she text back then all of a sudden she started behaving like I was stalking her, I was like wtf? you been texting m back and now im a stalker, she began to tell people that I had "stalked" her but it turned out she was threatened by my ex-girl and she told this one that she was going to kill anyone who went near me, in her panick Im pretty sure she tried to make t look like i was stalking her - nasty people, nasty games and sadly good people tend to get the rough end of the stick.


    I like to add that some women who actually got "stalked" didn't get believed mostly because of selfish people such as you ex which is terrible. Yeah, what funny is that bad role models tend to have good reputation/karma, good role models tend to have bad reputation/karma, what really amazes me is that some people still believe in karma and not even thinking about negative people and how they would exploit the concept of karma. Role model is base on your own performance and karma is base on other people opinions, am I correct?


    I dont have time for people that i think are in my opinion "borderline evil" the UK has a lot of idiots youg idiots that is growing up thinking they can call some guy a peadophile or whatever and that guy gets his head kicked in.

    That to me is just terrible, last year a guy was murdered over been falsely accused of been a "peado" all because some kids thought it would be a laugh, i tell you some kids want locking up.


    I have never known such an arragont, ignornat, nasty minded, peopel in all the time i have walked this earth that some of the young people that currently inhabit the UK, absaloutly pathetic excuses for human beings.


    I think evil comes down to lack of productivity and imagination.

  7. Young pretty girls: Mostly egotistical - bitchy - and I would say in some cases evil. (Infact a lot of the time)

    very rare you get a young sweetheart now.


    If you hurt those type of girls they will go as far as getting everybody around her convinced that you're a psychopath even if you didn't mean to hurt them, I should know because this has happened to me before.

  8. A Hackintosh is a nice idea in theory, but the problem is that it can't be used for anything of importance. I've experimented with them and no matter how stable they have appeared over long periods of time, odd glitches and problems that wouldn't be found on a real Mac always cropped up. If you're looking to run OS X, your best bet is to buy a cheap refurbished mini from the Apple store (they go as low as $400 depending on their inventory) or poke around eBay for some early generation Intel macs.


    May I just add that Hackintosh only works well on Intel Machine with SSE3 such as Core 2 Duo without a hacked kernel, with older Intel Machine or AMD, then you will need a hacked kernel otherwise it just won't boot up without a special bootloader such as Empire EFI. The CPU problem does extend to virtual machine such as Virtualbox, I got one installed on the AMD Machine and one on the Intel with SSE3, with the Intel machine I was able to get the OS to boot up from Virtualbox in-house EFI, I only had to modify the XML to include the SMC Device Key, I did use Empire EFI just to run the installation disc as Virtualbox would not allow me to install the system, unless I was running it on Mac hardware which I wasn't. As for AMD Machine the OS only boot up with Empire EFI and sometimes doesn't boot up.

  9. In respect to major updates, Apple controls the hardware they want in their system, so therefore they can kind of predict what will break the system and what won't break the system. Microsoft on the other hand don't control the hardware, therefore they can't predict in term of hardware, just to have to rely on reliable hardware. Am I correct?


    I once brought a laptop for my mother and it got one of those crappy SiS brand graphics card, as soon as I updated vista to service pack 2, it kept booting up to a blank screen the only I could workaround that problem is to put it on standby then switch it back on again. I never had that problem with Nvidia or ATI graphics card.


    The other question is, is Mac worth the hefty price tag for home users?

  10. Mac is it worth it? I personally I don't think it is nowadays, because that cross compatibility has improve over the pass few years software that was exclusive to the mac is now available on windows and maybe even linux.


    What your opinion guys?

  11. I got plans for another site, epic lols all that stuff.

    thye took neo-cream but they cant have me ;)


    Sorry to hear that they took neo-cream, anyway I manage to obtain neocream.tk for free with proper DNS support (no forwarders) which is cool and I currently got it pointing to my web space, if you interested let me know if you want me to setup a wordpress blog and give you ftp login details.


    Thanks man, but if anything I think I would have to revert back to my old template, sure it was old and ugly looking but I loved my crazy old site.

    Will keep it in mind, thanks. :P


    I respect that, but still contact me if you want the ftp login and if you do get a dot.tk account, let me know so I can transfer neocream.tk domain to your account. :(

  12. I got plans for another site, epic lols all that stuff.

    thye took neo-cream but they cant have me :P


    Sorry to hear that they took neo-cream, anyway I manage to obtain neocream.tk for free with proper DNS support (no forwarders) which is cool and I currently got it pointing to my web space, if you interested let me know if you want me to setup a wordpress blog and give you ftp login details.

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