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  1. For me, "Garou" shows some artifacts / flicker while loading / in the main menu. Screen then goes black when I try to choose a character. "Neo Turf Masters" shows the above illustraded glitches and some wrong colors, but does reach in-game and is playable. Sort of.
  2. No, for some reason "Garou" was the first game I tried this time. "Turf Masters" was another obvious choice, it's my favourite Neo-Geo game and the only golfing game I like. If these two have issues, I guess other Neo-Geo games will too.
  3. Sorry to intrude, but I think "Garou: Mark of the Wolves" is broken in this new version Using the 32-bit version this time. EDIT: Other Neo-Geo games also show glitches, like "Neo Turf Masters".
  4. I'll switch to the 32 bits version meanwhile.
  5. I just tried them in MAME, they run faster than here. Maybe it's only something related to the x64 builds again?
  6. Yes, you're right. "Pang 3" does work. EDIT: Saw the new binary. "Chase HQ"'s issues seem fixed, and so are the loading of "Pang" and "Super Pang". Both "Pangs" work a little sluggish, though.
  7. Found another bug in latest RAINE (v0.91.12). Loading Pang (World) crashes the emulator. Also with Pang 3 and Super Pang.
  8. I've seen the glitch on 1st and 2nd stages so far. It's not a big deal because it seems to disappear after a while.
  9. After "Cabal" I found another old game with graphical glitches, although less annoying. "Chase H.Q." shows a glitch in the sky, but only at the beginning of a stage. Here's a pic.
  10. Great, thanks! I'll wait as long as it takes. EDIT: Just read of the new version, that was fast! Now the game looks like it should. Thank you very much!
  11. I don't remember the game looking this bad on the old DOS builds of RAINE, either. But then, that was around v0.28, and in those days being able to play the game was already amazing. I wouldn't mind a romset change, as far as the set remains MAME compatible. As for the game itself, I hated it on the arcades. Too difficult for me. On emulation, though, it's become one of my favorites. You should give it a try with the lowerst difficulty settings.
  12. I'm just thinking that "Cabal (Bootleg)" has been showing graphic glitches for ages. Is there anything that can be done about it?
  13. Yup, fixed in v90.5. Thanks again for being so quick.
  14. Cool, thank you for fixing it so quickly.
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