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  1. Nope. Just checked. Anyway, if you're not getting more users with the same problem by now it's likely my version of the game.
  2. Then I must have patched the wrong version of the game or something. Nevermind.
  3. I should have noticed this before... but I probably tested the game with the sound off before. In my version there's an issue with the voices in the opening, they keep playing if I interrupt the intro, playing well into the animated prologue after you choose a character. Or maybe it's just my version of the game. However, this doesn't happen under FB Neo.
  4. I didn't notice any problems with the audio tracks on RAINE, I guess I didn't progress enough into the game. But if there are any problems with the game I'm glad they have been fixed this fast. It's not like we're drowning in Neo Geo CD emulators.
  5. Alright. At the FB Neo message board they've told me to convert the patched CD image to MODE1/2352. That seems to solve the issue under both emulators, FB Neo and RAINE.
  6. Earlier today I learned that an English translation for Samurai Shodown RPG (for the Neo Geo CD system) has finally surfaced. You can get the patch here. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time patching the game and playing it. I've finally got a patched version that I think should work, but FB Neo won't recognise it (I've told them, just in case) and under RAINE it crashes the emulator after showing the introductory screens.
  7. Neville

    Raine 0.96.2 !

    Ah, good. Thanks for fixing all those bugs this quickly.
  8. Neville

    Raine 0.96.1

    Glad to be of service.
  9. Neville

    Raine 0.96.1

    The new version (Windows 32 bit build) seems to crash when loading "Acrobat Mission". Don't know if it's a new bug or if it already happened before. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. I can't get any sound under Windows 10... tried using wasapi and directsound drivers, the rest don't seem to work for me. Tried overwriting my existing RAINE folder as well as with a fresh install. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? EDIT: OK, I think I found the issue... in my system by default RAINE outputs audio to DigitalOutput (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) and won't play any sound. If I change it to Speakers (2-Realtek (R) Audio) it plays sound. There's a third option, Realtek Digital Output (2-Realtek (R) Audio) that won't play any audio either. This is funny. Never had to change the sound device in RAINE before.
  11. OK, understood. Thanks for the info. EDIT: Did as advised, the game works now OK 👍 EDIT 2: I think it's not the first time that I report a bug in this board and I'm advised to disable speed hacks. I was wondering... considering how fast are CPUs these days, would it be too bad for RAINE's performance if ALL speed hacks were disabled by default? Just wondering.
  12. I'm seeing some glitches in "Neo Turf Masters", Windows x86 build, using the Scanline-3x.shader. Don't know if this is normal. They appear in the hole overview screen only.
  13. Thanks for figuring this out, mer-curious.
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