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  1. Why with the Mess can I scale back the game window through a diagonal line and with Arcade not?
  2. Sorry, how do you set up the autofire plugin? I can't ... I don't know what numbers to put. It doesn't work for me.
  3. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.200

    With XP 32 bit Arcade32 reset the system... help
  4. I have problem with Mess... I can't find the CORRECT bios for Atari 5200... where can I download?
  5. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.200

    It's possible to compile Arcade64 with Intel compiler?
  6. I need "old" interface for Mess... please!!!
  7. I don't like the new interface of MessUI. Please revert to the old interface, please!!!
  8. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.197

    Slower than 0.196...
  9. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.192

    Seems works with nvidia_xp32_258.96 drivers...
  10. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.192

    Nothing to do... (patch... old drivers...) Others emulators works fine.
  11. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.192

    With XP, Geforce 6200 and Arcade 3d bit I got a blue screen with error "nv4_disp.dll"
  12. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.192

    Why is present "Tesorone dell'isola"? (tesorone by Subsino). (subsino.cpp)
  13. Zarzon

    ARCADE 0.191

    What is portaudio?
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