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  1. Quite the retro gamer, Robbbert! Interesting stuff. You ever played/bought a game that is as big, or bigger then a CD?


    I love old games too, but my passion is the Amiga computer, and Amiga gaming.


    I've never bought a new game (maybe I shouldn't say that).

    From what I recall, the only game bigger than a CD, was my

    brothers Ages Of Empires, he was hooked but I found it boring.

    I played all of 5 minutes.


    My neighbour was crazy about Diablo for a while, but he got sick

    of it crashing and doing weird things. He also has an Amiga, but

    an avalanche of viruses made him stop using it.

  2. Yeah all those old-skool fighting / shooting games

    like king of fighters / metal slug / etc


    I really am old skool. Get this:


    I have never owned a console. The last one I used only had pong on it.


    I collect dos games, the newest was made in 1995.


    If a game fits on a single floppy disk, I want it


    If a game is larger than one CD, I do NOT want it.


    I started off with 8-bit computers over 20 years ago, then

    progressed to a 286 and on from there. My fastest pc only

    does 500mhz.


    Beat that!

  3. I tested it on this pc which runs win2k pro with 512meg of ram

    and the path is c:\download\nds\ndsemu.exe


    There are some limits which you should try not to exceed.

    They are (a) more than 127 characters in the complete path

    (B) more than 8 folders deep


    I'm not saying that ndsemu will have a problem if you exceed

    the limits, but some programs can't handle it well.

  4. the meaing of life is actually the same of any other animal





    and die


    the only thing that distinguish us, is that we are conscious about the fact we will die some day, and of course the faith, the belief that there is life after death, but this is a question no one has answers for it

    This is what we are here for.


    To me it all seems rather pointless. There must be some higher

    purpose or reason for us to exist rather than the day-to-day

    rat-race. Trouble is, I don't know if there is a purpose to it all.

    Some poeple look to religion but I think it's something else...

    I just don't know.

  5. AIDS originated in Africa didn't it?  When men were flocking monkeys or something?  I heard something like that during a debate on homosexuality.


    I don't know how we can expect to stop it.  We can't just pay people with it to not have sex anymore, it wouldn't work.  Aids can't be detected immediately, not for some time iirc.

    Yes it seems some monkey virus transferred to humans. Now how could that happen unless someone did weird sh*it?? Anyway there are far too many humans on this planet, it's about time some epidemic cleaned out most of them...us. If it's not aids, then it's some tribal war, or a famine, or some other human-induced tragedy.



  6. What an over-complicated topic !!


    Earlier someone asked how the Australian govt got the list.


    That's easy - anyone born here goes into a database kept by the dept of births, deaths and marriages. You cannot get anywhere here without proof of who you are, and a copy of your birth certificate is proof. Further, should your name appear in tax records, credit card applications, bank records, drivers licence application or anything to do with any govt, you get on the list. Our govt bodies use data matching technology to track down everything about everyone. So far, at least, there appears to have been no abuse of this power.


    As for conscription, it was scrapped in 1972 and will never return. Anyone who wants to join the armed services can apply, so long as they are not criminals and pass certain criteria.


    I cannot understand why Americans are required to sign up for this "Selective Service" (i've never heard of it before). Surely you have the constitution and its amendments to protect you ?? Or is this another face of this "Patriot Act" that I've heard a little about?



  7. When you click the quote thingy, it adds to your reply (in the add reply key thingy). I suggest just clicking Reply beside the quote thingy. You are on Hi-Fi right now. Lo-fi will make this board look like the old skool bbs systems.

    Yes the "REPLY is what I was after. It still says Lo-Fi though.


    Now all I need is some guidance on the attack thingy.


    In the meantime I'll do some reading of threads on that topic. :lol:

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