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  1. I see. It will be added if get working in the future? Thanks.
  2. I just realized that Air Raid is not in this emulator yet. Thanks.
  3. Cabal port for Neo Geo: https://neo-source.com/index.php?topic=3751.msg30942;boardseen#new
  4. Air Raid is missing in mame, but i believe is not working yet.
  5. A Nother game removed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxXq7eNVEpY
  6. Thank you so much for adding Parent Jack and release the first build on git. 👐
  7. Well it's a shitty poker but is not a gambling game at all. It stars the game good, it doesn´t have the extra menu in the screen to use on the keyboard. It belongs to Taito collection. There is a few mechanical, and Screenless you didn´t delete it yet. Download Mash's MameInfo, put in the emulator and check each folder, you can easily find the games. Example .224 Hola Don Pepito SNES 4 Slot arcade switcher (NBA Jam) .225 Lucky Player Mini Super Fruits unknown MGA or Costa Net slot machine This data from Mash's helps you a lot to find junk. As we know we want only the arcade in.
  8. Thanks for updating the last source. And adding ooparts in arcadeui. 😎 Can you add this game? http://www.gametronik.com/site/fiche/mame/Parent Jack/ Thank you.
  9. Thank you so much Robert.
  10. Thanks. You will see this will be worth for you and for others. No longer you need to compile on days of heat from the sun at home.
  11. Hello Robert. I have one suggestion for your git website. Can you able to add Action option like on MAME? It will auto compile the emulator it self? MAME Git is doing at single day it and it saves a lot of time and we don´t need to compile in the computer. Cheers.
  12. Thanks and happy new year. 💛
  13. arcade64 28-12-2020 https://mega.nz/file/4agmkCBL#IqN4qIwDqAqFITTbeFZg98Q-7nxHr8ZSSMa071ghFow Last one. Added P.O.W. - Prisoners of War (c) 1988 SNK Happy New Year. Many Thanks to Chiquita.
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