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  1. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.227

    Thanks. You will see this will be worth for you and for others. No longer you need to compile on days of heat from the sun at home.
  2. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.227

    Hello Robert. I have one suggestion for your git website. Can you able to add Action option like on MAME? It will auto compile the emulator it self? MAME Git is doing at single day it and it saves a lot of time and we don´t need to compile in the computer. Cheers.
  3. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.227

    Thanks and happy new year. 💛
  4. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.226

    arcade64 28-12-2020 https://mega.nz/file/4agmkCBL#IqN4qIwDqAqFITTbeFZg98Q-7nxHr8ZSSMa071ghFow Last one. Added P.O.W. - Prisoners of War (c) 1988 SNK Happy New Year. Many Thanks to Chiquita.
  5. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.226

    A nother game is not in Arcade. http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=965 Source says Game's Rom. https://www.arcade-history.com/?n=parent-jack&page=detail&id=29274 Checked is not working, waiting for a working release.
  6. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.226

    Hello. I'm going to confirm the IGS games are Arcade Games even being used poker. Check the list games here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Games_System It's a Classic Series, so those sources from IGS are missing in the catalog of this emulator. igs_fear.cpp igs_m027.cpp igs_m036.cpp igspoker.cpp MAME devs need to investigate more about this games, i don´t believe those are in the correct spot in the source. Thanks.
  7. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.224

    We have a tiny issue it always happen in this versions, when we open the game and we press the TAB button, the emulator freezes for a few secounds and then goes back to normal. Is there a fix? To remind i used 64 bits. Thanks.
  8. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.224

    Thanks for the release.
  9. Configurar um joystick no emulador é só depois de o compilares, dentro de cada jogo que abres pressionas o botão TAB e lá podes configurar os botões do teu joystick. Preferível usar a segunda opção que vai memorizar o joystick para todos jogos, em excepção os especiais como o Mahjong, Poker etc... que tens de os configurar manualmente. Mas só precisas de meter o botão start e coin o resto automaticamente já está configurado para todos os joysticks, controladores, e volantes. (Só se ouver um tipo de controle incompatível) A não esquecer, que podes resetar o jogo que abriste no início, se for UI dá para fazer isso no menu, se for janela tens de apagar os ficheiros do jogo cfg e o nvram. Se tiveres algum bug apaga na mesma esses dois ficheiros cada vez que actualizares o emulador para uma nova versão. Um Abraço.
  10. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.223

    I just being curious about this new version comming up, they are adding and fixing all the PGM Games or i'm mistaking, i don´t know if i need to wait one more day or wait for your newest release. So excited now.
  11. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.222

    If anyone is interrested one early version, Mucci just compile one version of Arcade if you want it, go search for it. 27/07/2020 - 0.222r75173x64
  12. I Can´t stop laughing about this names. Oh well. https://ibb.co/rsLyq7f
  13. You better try to create a new mame folder from the 0 and move only the data you need. Roms, samples, images etc... and try again. It can be the nvram or cfg file.
  14. I use excell to at least remove 33000 snaps to have only the arcade versions. It will save you 1.70gb of size or even more for each image you put it on. Only for mame 0.221, after that you just simply manually added the future updates. Go to http://www.progettosnaps.net/snapshots/ Download all the packages update. Example "Titles". Extract them in one folder "Titles" and update one by one. Move it in to the C:/ Edit the bat. Go to Edit, Substitute for example "snap" folder in to "Titles" all of them, save it. Create a folder called "New" Open the Bat. And you are done. Enjoy. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RSgwQSP6E6yrub9Zv7g60PCf1ikGA0Ml
  15. Needs to be fixed, i can aprove this situation as well on my computer. It frezzes after loading all the rom checks.
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