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  1. I already report that, you don´t need to do that again, and it's all part of mame devs. I just update the git for adding this annoucement: MAMEUI / ARCADE/ WOLFMAME / GROOVYMAME Thank you.
  2. Confirmed on MAME 0.236 Official Binaries I'm going to send the picture to the github. Done: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/issues/8696
  3. Hello. I just decided to test BGFX on the Arcade Emulator today and i found a bad surprise inside of it. When i was able to change to hq2x - hq3x - hq4x, it appears some bad pixelation on it. lut - black screen pillarbox left and right with horizontal and vertical - invisible with fog xbr-lv2-accuracy-multipass / smart-blur - black screen xbr-lv3-multipass - black screen xbr-mlv4-dilation / multipass - black screen This as been reported before and they are working on it? Last version working: v0.233 I'm testing the latest git 53bc62e commited 3 days ago. Thank you.
  4. Latest git of ARCADE in the source folder option i got one empty.cpp driver and we have many screenless too.
  5. And who possesses the PCB it can´t dumped yet.
  6. This guy have it. I need to wait and see if have it.
  7. Any info about this game for adding on hbmame? Thank you!
  8. I see. It will be added if get working in the future? Thanks.
  9. I just realized that Air Raid is not in this emulator yet. Thanks.
  10. Cabal port for Neo Geo: https://neo-source.com/index.php?topic=3751.msg30942;boardseen#new
  11. Air Raid is missing in mame, but i believe is not working yet.
  12. A Nother game removed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxXq7eNVEpY
  13. Thank you so much for adding Parent Jack and release the first build on git. 👐
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