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  1. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.206

    Is there a trick to speed up games like Tekken Tag Tournament?
  2. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.206

    Thanks robert!
  3. I just made it finally. How to compile arcadeui? Download this tool and unpack to C:\ https://www.mamedev.org/tools/ Run win32env.exe Add this code. *git clone https://github.com/Robbbert/store1 Wait Put the store1 folder in to src. Add this code cd store1 Add this code. make Wait You need Internet Connection.* Or download the source from the website and put in the src folder. Done.
  4. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.205

    I just wanna say thank you for the hard work you people doing this. I hope those who complain users will suffer of hard drive pain data. I hope one day they will learn how to respect Arcade Fans Only. I will not support mame until FBA will be released. Enjoy the pain mame devs. tired of their bullshit rules. PS: I'm not in to reddit's place, it's a website with full complete retarded people just use fake accounts using tor to spread bad words. I'm suffering as well this on DeviantArt.
  5. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.205

    You guys need to release arcade version before mame release, because people is complain i had to check crlmamepro backup folder to get roms from the older version of mame, and there is no roms in there. So i need to force my self to check everytime mame old versions to get the roms. If you guys can´t just let it stay as it is. I really don´t care. Those people who complain, just don´t want to waste their time to help. Thank you.
  6. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.204

    Let remind you guys, if you want more Tourvision PCE games just go to PD and grab the MAME 0.204 Software List ROMs (merged) with this 2 folder sets. pce - 299 games pce_tourvision - 110 games 409 games in Total! Soon will apply 205 version, hoping for new games Merry Christmas!!!
  7. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.197

    Now i get it thanks. I didn´t know it was moved to no-intro roms.Is there a nother system in the bios just run more roms? Thanks =)
  8. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.197

    Yes... but it doesn´t show any videogames in. In mame it have a few. I remember a soccer game. Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90 (Tourvision PCE bootleg) [MAME] It was added in Mame version 0.165 but it seems they remove all those games?
  9. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.201

    Amiga Roms added? Reason?
  10. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.199

    Thank you Robert! Can´t wait for 0.200!
  11. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.197

    Can someone tell me why Tourvision is not in this emulator? It have great games, and they deserved at least to be on this versions. Thank you. Update: It seems mame just removed tourvision games before i can´find Power Eleven even on the official mame. We have to wait.
  12. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.195

    If Photo Play 2000 will make it work, i hope see him in Arcade anytime soon
  13. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.193

    So happy you guys working together with mamesick i hope will be for many years. Can´t wait for tomorow.
  14. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.191

    Thanks. Keep going!
  15. Hyperscorpio


    Source please? Well nevermind i found on reddit retarded users. Never ever read that junk. Source from the haze account: https://www.reddit.com/user/MameHaze
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