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  1. Those one's need to much layers and 3D layer animations, and looks boring to me. I only interrested in games have just screen, otherwise i like the one's it have buttons down over the screen game too. http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mame.php?game_name=chleague&search_id= The artwork looks simple and easy to use it.
  2. I found a nother one with different text. https://ibb.co/8dKzG3V
  3. Well i was trying to add the @ icon, but it seems impossible with one different space in. If i remove the code FF the telephone number will go away sadly.
  4. Well, the original board is in my country, so i decided to pick the original rom of Pinball Action and have fun rename the intro. And here it is. Can you release it in the next hbmame version? Thank You! https://ibb.co/ct73Wk8 https://ibb.co/kJBCX4V https://ibb.co/1qs5fLM Link Rom: https://anonfiles.com/Dbybddk0yb/pbactionhmar_zip Enjoy!
  5. I just download from ppxclub a arcade mahjong edition 0.243 version and in total they have 543 mahjong games and i have them all, if the people is not interrested to add it in the future. 4spimasy was removed i have it on this chinese emulator, but i know it will come back. For those are interrested to have it, check here: https://www.ppxclub.com/708941-1-1 Maybe this help a bit to complete the original set.
  6. Here's some Packs of HazeMD and Sources for download: https://archive.org/details/haze-md-v-0.14a Maybe someone is interrested to perform even better this emulator. You can always send me a nother version with better working games, and delete a few non released too, and move the full lists of mame over to this one. Enjoy!
  7. Not you, but the 7z it self need to be more efficient on bigger files too, it consumes a lot of memory only for reading one single game. It should read as 7z, but not consuming, i believe that is a bug and i hope it gets fixed one day.
  8. 1. Yes, because mahjong belongs part of the Arcade System completly even the 2D gambling one's have black screen backwards. Game example: JongKyo. 2. Yes and No, and why? Yes, Because there is a few important games in poker like pgm it belongs in to the familly system and others not. And no, because there is a few just belong in to a real casino games, and it have a large amount of clone crap on it. It have layers and they doesn´t look like as a normal rom game. For example there is a few gambling games like igs system familly they look important because they belongs in to a normal poker game machine in "2D" reference of one Single Arcade. And it doesn´t look like those blue screen look at you with 5 single cards. The problem is those versions, just trash over mame on it. After this adding on casino they remove a few important one's on arcade and exclude it as gambling and poker games out of the familly system. Other problem was when mame decided to include source after source inside of important games, make them mixed everything. The reason a few years back mame had problems to fix it. I don´t see why the Poker blue and black screen one's are in Arcade System, they are real mechanical machines. peplus.cpp, calomega.cpp source 3. The same as the 2. Yes and No. 2D Fruit games are Arcade, but real casino machines are not Arcade. (The Blue screen one's, the one's you need layers on it). 4. No, because they are not working, they have no layers, and mame it self need to find a way to transform the layers as normal rom file and read on each perpective rom without adding layers over and over. If you like pinball, i preffer to use pinmame instead, it works ok. --//-- To complete my opinion those games with 2D graphic reference need to be added, because they confuse other games it uses layers and they are using black and blue screen. Only mahjong games it doesn´t have, just the one who posseses CHD are DVD and those one's are really important to be on mame. (Hot girls heavy breathing intensifies) If you run MAMEUI just hide MESS, Mechanical and consoles. The problem is fixed. After that you can decided if poker and fruit games need to be added or not. If you hide clones and not working one's next, you have a perfect set of 4562 games in mame 0.242 version. People have the option to export the working one's and delete the clone one's too for clrmamepro.
  9. I found the issue to be slow opening a few games. Merge Sets as 7z and not on Split Sets. kof2002 have 421mb. If i Split, the memory goes less. I test 1941 game and it works like a charm. If i change it to Split Sets, the size of space get's bigger.
  10. hmm... I made a clean hbmame now and it seems is working fine now. But very slow loading... my memory goes 71% with 5 699,3MB KOF 99 goes 49% with 2 699,3MB 1942 goes 25% with 52,7MB I can´t run the games now on a window screen only fullscreen even tick the option on. The only way to fix this i need to compile my own emulator on my own system, this happens as well to supermodel 3 versions too. It doesn´t look so stable to me. I wait for next version.
  11. Bug found. Kof2002 (KofallmiXomega) - When i open the game, the memory encrease to 5GB and freeze the emulator. Found it in the Task Manager. 2 files need to be redumped. kof2k2s121 : 265k2s58.c7 (8388608 bytes) - NEEDS REDUMP kof2k2s121 : 265k2s58.c8 (8388608 bytes) - NEEDS REDUMP
  12. Please don´t remove bmc games, there is a mahjong and a blowling ball game in there I made a different mame with the sets was removed. I know igspoker is not interrested, but the rest are. You always need to look at the Manufacturer first. https://i.ibb.co/fYJKK1Q/55555555.png
  13. At least we can shot image and play and no emulator crash.
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