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  1. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.214

    I Talk to Creamymami, if he provides the pgm.c source from FBA Shuffle we was able to play all games not working as working is not avaliable in the official mame. You better check this out, all of them original works with no problems. Sadly it's a old source. ?
  2. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.214

    Thanks works amazing both emulators and hbmame. ?
  3. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.213

    I hope you guys in this new version can able to release before mame release to see if there is something good in next couple days. ?
  4. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.213

    New Version. https://mega.nz/#!VfRQDAyY!9DpqZw3vt1E7pxlZL-7nGnZjXkFtofiK3RqlIKyhf58
  5. It's already added a few medical machines. ?
  6. It will be the future of official MAME Build. ?
  7. It's because it have so many clones they are not worth it, and the cheat dat do the trick. The hacks should be the final version and ignore the beta one's. ? Metal Slug Example. Still thinking mame devs waste so many money to buy each pcb they found in the garden. Not all of them... people change roms inside with pallets, text and etc.... I was wondering when will be see the korean hacks in action, they still MIA and private even EGCG&GSC2007 hacks. ?
  8. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.213

    Thank you so much guys. ?
  9. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.213

    The same, but my situation it closes and doesn´t anything. Need to run the emu again or delete the .ini file.
  10. Problem solved, a friend just send me 2 of the 3 emulators. DarkMAME32 0.94u5 (binary) MAMEYA Lite v0.90 If ya need a copy pm me.
  11. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.213

    MAME as been released today. Hope for a new version this week? Update: I found a problem on this emulator. First you run the emulator. Run the game. Close the game. And Run the game again, it closes the emulator. Thanks.
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