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  1. Yes it is, if you try to run the game it appears that warning in the screen before you start the game, the game it self doesn´t have any bug if i presume i found one after make a winning match when the character was posing in the air a little as normal. I admit it, it have some lack sounds in the time emulation. Sometimes before we get a match in the game, it doesn´t have time to speak the opponent name. https://i.ibb.co/GxZyjWb/111111.png https://i.ibb.co/18J30NM/66666666.png
  2. The problem is the crlmamepro, we can´t select the desire working games automatic, only manual. MAMEUI need to auto create a .dat or a .txt file. If you are interrested to make the command-line version as ARCADEUI, it will be amazing. We don´t need to manually search for the good games in general.
  3. Tiny request. Can you change Primal Rage 2 as "Not Working" to "Working in yellow"? It works anyways.
  4. MAMEUI + MESSUI are ended, it was good back in the ages when arcade was great. But now HBMAMEUI and ARCADEUI will continue? I hope so, because it still need a few versions left to make Naomi, NeoGeo64, Alek 64, Konami games, Namco Games, Sega Model, and a few from Kaneko and others need to be fixed in the future. Total 876 games in total doesn´t work yet, but a few are not Arcade eventually, it could be less. Thanks. 😀
  5. Thanks for the emulator Robert. 😀
  6. Yep, but it keeps forced to fullscreen after see the .ini file. # # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video auto numscreens 1 window 1 The only way to run the game as window, i need to run the game as normal and press Atl+Enter.
  7. I found a problem on hbmame, when i try to turn on the window mode, the emulator keeps running only on fullscreen.
  8. Thanks for the hard work! 😉
  9. You want to see that we're going to have to use M+GUI Again.
  10. Well at least i have the code to select only the original games in the official mame build. https://www.emulab.it/forum/index.php?topic=4444.0
  11. It will be released at least one 0.246.1 version? It will be great if that happens soon.
  12. But you still update the Arcade as normally do? Or keep the github compilling automatic and make the file untouchable to not future deleted.
  13. PinMame is avaliable for MAMEUI Versions i just saw right now and it's released in january of 2021! https://sourceforge.net/projects/pinmame/ The file is VPinMAME33b_Minimal.zip
  14. Imagine if mame was only a exclusive private source.
  15. Get pleasuredome magnet with all mame roms, do a rebuild scan and you are good way to go. LOL. I do, it's easy and it takes a minute. https://pleasuredome.github.io/pleasuredome/mame/
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