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  1. Hi does anybody know of a good frontend sorta like Mame32,where game titles screenshots for game isos are displayed and can be launched when clicked. Tried ePSXeCutor but don't think it's what I'm looking for.
  2. Thanks,I more interested in running PSX games better then the newer Neo-geo games,just got Zinc working and emulation for PSX titles run about 60fps some exception"Teken 3" Does anyone know if the Golgo 13 mame rom will work with Zinc? Just wanted to find out before downloading 40+megs and is the game any good?
  3. Could someone PM me download link EK-MAME Plus v.097 Please.
  4. Hi I been a fan of this forum for awhile,thought I'd join the crowd. Well anyway I use to play this when I had Windows 98 but haven't messed with it since I went to WinXP. Which M.U.G.E.N works best with XP I have SP2 installed also are there and good Mod sites in english "had DBZ and a female Manga style fighter w/ some nudity. "consider mods? or characters?" Thanks.
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