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  1. i got shut your mouth the day it came out and i have been so hooked on that game i totaly abandoned vice city lol the story lines just get ya in the season mode and the create a character is just so awesome and in depth even down to eye color and cheek bone structure!!!very good game i cant wait for the xbox sequel hopefully it will be as good as the playstation version. but i am also excited about the def jam vendetta thats coming out its made by AKI and everyone knows the N64 wrestling games ruled so looks to be a good yr next yr for wrestling game fans with those 2 coming plus another smackdown for ps2 coming late in the yr maybe nothing confirmed but they said hey are looking to update every yr.

  2. yeah i was a good boy this year but i must have been really good since i couldnt find Marvel vs Capcom anywhere but my wife and child (oops i mean santa) did. but i didnt get any games for the GC or the Xbox i guess i need to start playing them more in front of my wife lol.

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