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  1. i have an xbox and it mainly just collects dust my ps2 doesnt stay off long enough to collect anything so it is by far my favorite, my GC hasnt been played in like forever either. dont get me wrong the xbox is good in a lot of ways the internal HD and network adapter were just genius ideas sony should take a lesson from that for their next console. but now that xbox live is out the 50 bucks for the kit is kewl but when you have to pay like 10 bucks a month to play on it after your first yr, thats rediculous!!!thats 120 bucks a yr to play plus your regular isp fees. with the ps2 the only online fees you pay are for MMPORPG's.

  2. i got shut your mouth the day it came out and i have been so hooked on that game i totaly abandoned vice city lol the story lines just get ya in the season mode and the create a character is just so awesome and in depth even down to eye color and cheek bone structure!!!very good game i cant wait for the xbox sequel hopefully it will be as good as the playstation version. but i am also excited about the def jam vendetta thats coming out its made by AKI and everyone knows the N64 wrestling games ruled so looks to be a good yr next yr for wrestling game fans with those 2 coming plus another smackdown for ps2 coming late in the yr maybe nothing confirmed but they said hey are looking to update every yr.


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