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  1. some quick results that i for got to metion yesterday

    i spanked gamecop good in wrestlemania the arcade game lol

    also me and diso played a game of marvel vs capcom which since it was laggy i will call it a tie.

    but he like kicked my a@# royally earlier in xmen vs street fighter!!!!

  2. with all the recent topics of serious topics liek the end of the world and war stuff we need some light stuff around here. so im starting a thread so u can post those funny stories that happened to u that u will always remember. :lol:

    one of my all time faves was from college when me and my friends went out, and since i didnt drink, i was the designated driver. well all my friends got totally wasted and since we decided to go out of town. i stopped at every gas station be the bar and our house and made them pay for gas at each stop! i think i made like 320 dollars that night and they were none the wiser except the next day they wondered why they were all broke and why i bought breakfast lol. thats how i paid for my second PS1 lol. oh ps remember kids no drinking till u r 21 and always have a designated driver :lol:

  3. u could also stop the countdown by going to start then run then type in cmd, then type shutdown -a this will stop the shut down then press ctrl alt delete and shut down the MSblast.exe. then u can go to norton.com and get the W32 blaster tool to take it out.

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