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  1. damnit i was just about to start this thread lol my 10 in no particular order are:

    1. ninja gaiden series (nes)

    2.punchout(nes&snes) two of the best boxing games ever imo

    3.street fighter series(multiplatform) i think i have spent way too much money on these games too damn addictive lol

    4. metal slug series (neo geo) hands down the best side scrollers shooters ever

    5.castlevania SON(psx) best castlevania i have played

    6. metal gear series(multi platform) the whole series is just so intrigiung

    7.tekken series(psx&ps2) mackdaddy of 3-d fighters

    8.final fight (arcade) can always play this games and not be tired of it

    9.Double dragon(arcade) i just love this game

    10.final fantasy 7 (psx) the game that got me back into rpg's

  2. 4 nes

    6nes controllers



    master system


    2 snes

    4 controllers

    3 rf switches

    55 games


    2 battery packs

    35 games

    2 genesis

    3 contollers

    1 rf switch

    50 games

    1gameboy color

    15 games

    1turbo graphx 16

    1 controller

    15 games

    1 sega saturn

    2 controllers

    12 games

    1 game gear

    1 battery pack

    25 games

    2 dreamcast

    2 controllers

    3 games

    3 psx

    6 controllers

    approx 150-175 games

    1 ps2

    3 controllers

    10-12 mem cards total(for all Systems)

    22 ps2 games

    around 400-450 cpu games

    total=25,000-35,000 not including rentals lol

  3. he deserves life in prison but he is gonna die one way or another because he killed 3 cops that is rather vicious murder though i mean all those 3 cops were doing is their jobs they didnt deserve to die but i say let the families pick the punishment.

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