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  1. the rope snap freaked every one out cuz jericho almost ate it on the mat, but huge props for them finishing the match.


    the angle/beniot vs edge/mysterio was teh best match of the night to me, not to take away from the brock taker match it was really good.


    biggest pops (stone cold on the titan tron from way back) lol




    rey rey

    the upper deck was pretty much full

    alot of ringside seats were open but i think a few people got lucky and got comped up

    that kane story line sucked hated it

    trips is getting boring

    Brock is very very huge he dawarfed heyman and he is freakishly strong he was tossing the steps like paper

    RVD or Booker T anyday in the main event:happy: :P;)

  2. i was at no mercy and it was actually a decent PPV the action was pretty steady i even got to talk to RVD and Rico. matches went as follows

    hurricane def. stevie richards

    jamie noble def tajiri

    torrie def dawn marie

    y2j and christian def booker t and goldust

    RVD def ric flair

    trip h def kane

    trish def vitoria

    angle and benoit def edge and rey rey

    brock def undertaker (VERY bloody match )


    like i said all in all a good ppv dont know when they will be back in Ark bu was glad to go to a PPV !!!!:cool: :cool: :P;):happy:

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