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  1. No specific antidote is known. The treatment of overdosage would be essentially symptomatic and supportive. Early gastric lavage might be expected to be beneficial as might be extended dialysis. Additional supportive measures include the administration of oxygen and i.v. fluids. Centrally acting emetics may have little effect because of loxapine's antiemetic action. Severe hypotension might be expected to respond to the administration of levarterenol or phenylephrine. Epinephrine should not be used since its use in a patient with partial adrenergic blockade may further lower the blood pressure.

    the answer to the med question. lol

  2. the SNES is one of the greatest systems of all time the idea for the GbA player came directly from the super gameboy which i own. but one day some one will learn u need more than 2 main buttons on a portable player lol.im really anxious to see whatthe psp will bring to the table

  3. I would personally get: WWF WrestleFest.


    Thats my favorite arcade game and I recommend it to ALL!! 8)

    i have to agree gamecop that game rocks but i also love wrestlemania the arcade game but if i could own a cab it would be a time crisis cab i love the guns lol

  4. the only games i really loved on my N64 were the wrestling games and zelda the snes could very easily be the best console of all time but im not gonna say it is because sony is giving nintendo a run for its money in that department.i love nintendo they have had a run of top notch titles over the yrs but i'm very disapointed in the gamecube to me it was a 179.99 ps2 holder lol well now my dreamcast holder lol!

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