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  1. Firstly, well done to BP for releasing this and not putting any locks on it. People's opinions differ about what should/nt be allowed to go into it, and he certainly rubs people up the wrong way - but he does work hard on it, nobody can deny him that! ANyway, I'd love to give it a go, but I've tried D/Ling the torrent and I get a weird error message (using Vuze) - something like "error - Snow brothers.ini is ciurrently in use by 09r09gu9ur9446syuf04y4iy" - anyone come across this problem or know how to fix it? Same thing happens for the 20G part 1 download and also the 50G big one. I've tried deleting all the related files and starting again, but no good. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to boot straight into Coinops, you know, like using it for a dashboard? Cheers
  2. Uuuuh...I was being sarcastic. Clearly gameplay is more important, only a true retard would argue otherwise. On that previous point - agreed, Narc is NOT waht it was back in '89. Rampart on the other hand...
  3. It has to be graphics for me. I'm not keen on all these old crappy games, Mario and the like, they don't look much good to me. Do you know, in Crysis 2 you get an amazing suit that goes invisible? You can't do that in Alex Kidd
  4. Yeah, I'd love to grab a few of these from somewhere, I've also got a handful of my own I could add. Is the Coinops blog the right place to be looking?
  5. Awesome, I'll grab these the soon. Strike, there is a known music issue with the latest version of the PCE CD emu, on a bunch of games. Madmab has fixed it and will be releasing an update, but he says there are another couple of things to deal with first - I wouldn't hold your breath, but it's in the works.
  6. OK-thanks for the link and the tips. Wont get to try it out til next week, but looking fwd to it. FBL 1.4, Nestopia...the scene lives on!
  7. Hey Gilou, If you rename the defaultr ro default14, you'll have 2 14s though right - or do you no longer need the other one? Also, if someone could send me a link that'd be cool
  8. Oh, I see, it's a quote. The proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation had me totally thrown!
  9. Oh I see, so the only reason you got banned is that you deliberately banned yourself, whereas everyone else actually wanted you to stay. That makes more sense now - for a moment there it was looking like the outcome of the poll wasn't something that fell within your control. Thanks for clearing it up.
  10. OH, I see, so is this some kind of competition with the Madmab emus? I still use both. Coinops is great and I will definitely get the updates as you can't touch it for Arades. There's no Amiga though and I like the other bits and bobs on the Madmab ones, boxart and the like. Keep up the good work though!
  11. Who made them BP? *SIGH* YET MORE misinformation from the Xtras team!.....so sad
  12. How about A600? If SCUMMVM 1.3.0 is in the next release of COINOPS he ported this...probs some other stuff too. PLUS Killer Instinct doesnt work in my CoinOPS. And Dragons Lair (Daphne) isn't really there at all! It's misinformation......so sad.... sorry couldn't resist
  13. BP, what did Bigby do to upset you? Did he say he didn't like coinops? C'mon guys, what about the love. I like coinops, I like the Xtras emulators too though, and the website. We should all get together for a big camping trip, we can hold hands and sing some songs. Great times.
  14. HI BP, I removed the console roms, and it's running fine now, so what will be in the updates? As a coin-ops emulator it now runs perfectly in my opinion?
  15. OK, white plus back. So there's only 1 savestate per game, no issue with that - this doesn't seem to work for N64 though. Also, how many games can I remove - can I get rid of all the PSX and GBA?
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