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  1. FrankMorris, again with the fucking masterpiece...
  2. What happens if you put the "color flare" on top of a darker colored binary or hex printout? You could also have the background follow the same shading gradient as the green bar then feather the edges with transparency so it blends in and stands out at the same time. I would go with the classic Xbox font for the "XBOX" word. I do like the color flare, and I agree it is reminiscent of the SNES and emulation in general. @Alpha - Can you make this logo link to the top of the Xbox forum instead of the 1Emu main board?
  3. I'm upset about what happened (or hasn't happened.) So anyway I put it, I will still sound jaded. The Xbox 360 is what happened. They shifted their focus and the people in charge stopped caring about the old system. Between the shortage of posted Xbox1 news, the hype about the new console (hacked or not,) and the fact that the Xbox1 is more than 10 years old, its massive Xbox1 user base started dying off. Piracy related news for the 360 became their most abundant form of media until late, and anything Xbox1 related often had a few 360 users whining why Xbox1 news was still being published. As for the forums, little new attention was drawn from the lack of front page linked topics, and the moderators accepted the same fate as everyone else: disinterested and busy with their real lives. No one important cared enough to re-juice it after it fell from neglect. Soon enough, lots of people working on homebrew/emulators started posting in other places, since they weren't able to get their audience well informed. 1Emu and EmuXtras picked up the slack from there. Having one site as the main Xbox hub was a real blessing in its day. Things they could have done: 1. Use that news filter more than once. 2. Elect new staffers to keep the older system relevant on the front page 3. Open new forum sections for other Xbox1 related media (like emulating the Xbox, Chihiro related forums, your idea here) 4. Update and mange important topics with relevant information that breeds creative thinking and collaboration. (Plan out what is possible so anyone can get enticed and dive in) With all that being said there are some very knowledgeable and very well respected users there that are keeping the forum from becoming a dark void. After posting that, I realize I'm late on checking Xbox-Scene news. ScummVM 1.4.1 was posted just recently, and I didn't even notice. I should clarify that I'm speaking on account of the drop in the Xbox1 activity, and I can't speak for the Xbox 360. It's still active there has just been a decline.
  4. I had a few responses typed out, but I couldn't bring myself to hitting "Post." I have my opinions, but I don't feel comfortable bashing/criticizing the website I loved for so long, even if it isn't the same as it was a few years ago.
  5. Awesome. @PhilExile, I'm still troubleshooting the board, I'll let you know how it goes when I get the power supply.
  6. If you're serious, I have a 1.0 board with the extra ram. I still want to get a new power supply for it as it was randomly powering off after leaving it on over night. Anyways, when I'm done with it in the next week or so I'd send it to you at no charge. It's the least I could do for all the great work of yours I've hacked up.
  7. VampX said it before on Xbox-Scene, all you would need to keep it going are some dedicated moderators who would update the stickies with the best available resources for what is already available, and what else could be done for new, active or inactive projects. Take it a step further and you can include stickies for all of the latest skins and Xtras that people like. I think all of this can be achieved in 1 forum, but that's not to say that it can't expand with new oversight and a "Just Ask" policy.
  8. Give it to +T+. I would feel pretty good coming by here seeing it managed in his favor. A general XBOX section with updated stickies would be enough for a healthy active forum, IMO. The only gripe I would have with welcoming CoinOPS or its own sub-forum would be if BP came back. Project support is cool, users should be able to help their peers out if they need help. I don't expect users to hold any moral stance, but I do expect moderators and administrators to hold a moral standard when it comes to affiliating the board with development on those projects. It doesn't have to be cookie-cutter Catholic, but only as long as those developing get some sort of protection from others who rip and repackage their work. (What constitutes "Fair Use?") I would leave anything CoinOPS Dev/BP for another, later, discussion. That said, a focus on releases and skinning for me, please.
  9. I like the Sega skin, maybe you can make one for NeoGenesis, too. There is the old (neverwill?) one but that is SO 480p.
  10. Having an issue with HQ2X. Looks like the flip filter is applied in its place and any scaling is neglected. Thanks
  11. Why isn't it straight forward enough, do we need more if statements? I guess you need the controller code to return a value within a usable range and need to send that to FBA. Anything outside of the deadzone and within 32768 on XBOX should be 0-whatever for FBA. N64 needs a magic number of 256 as a divisor to reduce the range from 0-32768 to 0-128. We use 258 to keep the controller from reaching areas where it may be prone to drift, like in GoldenEye. You might need a few magic numbers to get the range right for the different hardware the arcades use. Not sure if that has much to do with the interfacing bumps you're hitting, but I'll take a gander anyway. Thanks again for taking this project under your wing. Someone had to do it
  12. Excellent to see this update. Many thanks.
  13. When you get your pixel perfect values and figure out how to implement them, it would be nice to have some preset view modes. For example: Pixel Perfect, Full Screen with Aspect Ratio, Overscan Correction with Aspect Ratio, etc. I'm glad to see you overcame your bumps. Could you add a separate filter for flipping the levels? I'm sure there are some 'Old Skool' goonies that would enjoy playing without any software filters.
  14. This should be taken up with admins and mods privately. You won't be taken as seriously with a public bashing like this, even if it is true. It's like whacking a beehive with a stick, you know what is going to happen next...
  15. Take your time, it will be nice to see this updated. Madmab has been putting the last few things on xbins besides the new A600 ports. It would be easy to send it that way by getting in contact with the people at EmuXtras. X-S is soon to follow if you haven't already announced it.
  16. I have it. You should check out the xdk sample on rumbles (\Samples\Xbox\Input\Rumble), it may help you for adding rumbles to cheats.
  17. I'm going to tl;dr this because there is often lots of garbage I regret wasting my time reading. Is this going to be another version of CoinOPS just using XBMC? Is this going to include ripped cores or can we still use our favorite emulators with all of their features? If it is the case that you are expanding cmd line launching to make xbmc a better launcher, I say do it. If you go this route and launch original emulators without removing any features, logos, or the emu names, I will definitely check out your SVN patch or however you plan to release/stay up to date. XBMC does deserve a neater rom launcher, and I hope you take an ethical approach that wont leave some people pissed off. Nonetheless, good luck with your project.
  18. nes6502 left out an alpha channel for previews. If you use a boxart preview with transparency, it will leave nasty bits in place. If you are planning to release an update could you include this fix? It's really easy and there are already some instructions to fix it on x-s. There is also a "white screen of death" that can be noticed if you use 3 or more 1280x720 images. (Can I get a confirmation on this?) I would check that out and see if textures are releasing/clearing when they are done transitioning. I'll look forward to what you can come up with
  19. I don't play arcades too often but I do have Final Burn Legends and CoinOPS. I can't compare it really to MAMEoX as this isn't my center of interest, but you have kept the xbox up to date with more recent drivers for more games. Yeah it's Xtras, whats wrong with that? I play the console specific emulators because I like the In Game Menu , the different skins and multi window GUI's. It makes it more interactive and it's what I like. I prefer Zsnexbox for the better sound emulation, and NestopiaX for the more classic experience, imo. Everything else Madmab. As I explained above. If you could make CoinOPS as diverse as that, I would use it more. Maybe you should make an XBMC based In Game Menu that could be used on every emu, and use XBMC for the launcher, I would definitely use it. People have told you to make a new GUI, and if you're working with XBMC then you should use that. I don't see how thats bad advice for you.
  20. No FBL? I'm willing to share my opinion. You should include nes6502's Emu's and combinations of different Emu's. IE FBL + CoinOPS, MadMab + nes6502 Emu's, etc.
  21. Hey BP, Since you're working on XBMC can you re-add the Xlink Kai interface? Most of the code was removed in revision 14099, so it should only be a 2 minute fix to get it running again with someone of your stature. Arnova doesn't want to support it, but if someone like yourself could restore it, that would be awesome! If they need you on the PS3 more, I guess I understand. I'd do this myself but I am total noob and lack the skillz.
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