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  1. How can you know for sure what code they use to emulate PS1? If their software is closed source nobody will ever see what it is that makes it tick. It could be PCSx, or at least Sony's modified version of it. Only they really know.
  2. That sucks.... It kind of proves my theory that Sony just uses one of the community created emulators, as its all open source and nothing on the PS3 sets it apart from what is out there.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has bought a PS1 game from the PSN store, and if they have trophy support?
  4. I wonder if eventually there will be a easier method of hacking the 360
  5. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would recommend some great PS1 games that were Japan only releases. Preferably games that you can play without knowing Japanese.
  6. It seems like people who are really big on Arcade games aren't huge fans of console games and vise versa though..... but I guess if someone doesn't want console games on their CoinOPS they could always just not add the roms.
  7. You should make a front end separate from CoinOPS that plays the Home Consoles. Arcade games and home console games are not really in the same league, and are definitely not Coin Operated It would be cool to see the CoinOPS Rom Browser remain, but the MAME guts taken out, and replaced with the home consoles..... just seems like it will be a hassle to browse through thousands upon thousands of games in one place.
  8. I was told only certain 360's could be Jtaged, but I'm not sure really...but I think this will for sure bring some attention back to those original EMU's.... as far as homebrew games though I think that aspect of the original Xbox is still dead in the water.
  9. A flash player would be nice.... and ANYTHING is possible...it's just finding someone who is interested enough/knowledgeable enough to write the programs. I haven't tried playing any flash games in Linux on Xbox, has anyone else??
  10. Thats a good question. Is the Genesis emulation equal to NeoGenesis?
  11. Nes, do you know what all files need to be present in order to run Panzer Dragoon as a stand alone?
  12. ohhh, that makes sense. I never use PC emulators so I didn't know that tid bit. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. This honestly looks like Megaman after he lost his armor... I can't believe he is selling it. Id almost venture to say its a hack of MegaMan, rather than an original game. Nintendo: "We are suing you for copyright infringement!" Developer: "It's not Megaman, ITS BATTLE KID!!!" Nintendo: "Oh, sorry! Our mistake"
  14. So games take about 30 sec - 45 sec for me .... but that's how it was in Mameox too. but I haven't had it blackout for 20 secs.
  15. Nes, I had a question regarding the Genesis emulation. Is the genesis emulator embedded into FBL or is FBL simply using the genesis emulator from the FBL GUI to launch the genesis roms?? My question is, would it be a simple matter for someone to add other emulator support within FBL? Before people tell me the new coinOPS does this, I already know it does.
  16. Thanks for that list! I had a question. When I run jarvis.xbe, there is a MK1 on the list, but when you click it it gives a dirty disk error. Is MK1 on there somewhere hidden? You might want to rethink that. Here's a comparision. The Doom port from the Xbox game: The audio seems to be mono. The Xbox version is stereo. The resolution looks like 320x240. The Xbox version looks like 720x480 The screen doesn't fill the entire TV (at least on mine). The Xbox port fills it perfectly. I can't tell any difference in the game between the two. The only difference is the Xbox port has better graphics, better sound, and is running at 60 FPS. It's a step back to use the one from the Xbox game for me. Maybe I don't have the right Doom port or something?? I am using Doomsday, is that what you are using?
  17. Well that's good. I look forward to seeing the new home and the new CoinOPS GUI P.S. You guys (BP, Xbox, cba exc) should all loosen up and not let this stuff get to you as much....after all we are just talking about video games.... and video games are 1..... not real and 2 supposed to be fun!!! If we all put this misplaced energy towards working on things for the Xbox the scene would get a well needed boost.
  18. why dont you just get the doom port for xbox? Because those ports are not as fluid as the one made by the developers, obviously ya sure that there is no default.xbe in the root of mk2 & mk3? when i got panzer dragoon 1 off of the panzer dragoon orta there was already a default.xbe and this is how most xbox games ran that had demo's and extra games. Yeah I am sure there is no XBE for MK2 and 3. For whatever reason Midway didn't include one for those, even though there were some for other games on that disk. I didn't even know about the panzer dragoon game having one!! Thanks for that info. Doom does have XBE's called "Doom Classic" but it doesn't launch on its own, I think the reason is that within the Doom 3 XBE you pick a few options for Doom Classic before it launches.... But there has to be someway past this problem right?? Somehow making it start to certain parameters or something>??? idk
  19. http://www.ressurectionxtras.net/
  20. I ALMOST got a 360 to play these.... which just proves, patience is a virtue haha
  21. BP, why don't you ask the guy who made the ResurrectionX website if he would make a CoinOPS one?? (I forget his name, PM RX if you wanted it) That would solve your problem of not having a proper place to release your builds and the problem of all these people you say ruin support for it... just an idea.
  22. taken from : http://www.rockstargames.com/news/2010/01/...tation_3_and_pc
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