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  1. Is there a reason Inferno uses an older sloooow version of the KI/KI2 emu, and not the most recent one? :/ Also, is there a way to turn off the Soften/Bilinear filter for the MK games that are using the older MAME core?
  2. Epic is dropping support for...what? The description mentions supporting both arcade and console games, which the suggested alternative ReIgnite X versions also had
  3. I like the button legend idea a lot, but the emunerdperfectionist side of me sees 2 'problems' that stand out :/ - Unless you also have a 360 or PC in there, the Gears Of War cog logo in the center doesn't really fit the theme - The NES buttons are backwards, and the SNES face buttons are upside-down Other than that, it's pretty slick!
  4. If you're hardmodded, you can try playing around with http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=617661
  5. Since I first started seeing reports of this loading delay for some people, I was worried that it was a SATA adapter-related problem, but then I saw that some were experiencing it with IDE drives as well...and on another forum, someone with the problem is also just using their stock 8GB HDD, so there goes that theory :/
  6. For #1, make sure that you hit A -twice- when you select the skin...once to 'load' it, and a 2nd time to confirm that's what you want...don't just select the skin and exit back out.
  7. That powering-on-powering-off-twice-then-staying-on-without-booting means it couldn't read the TSOP/BIOS. My first ancient solderless Matrix-modded XBox does that now and then (it scared the crap out of me the first time), but I just need to smack the XB on the side once or twice and it'll boot fine ...since yours is a flashed TSOP, that doesn't sound good
  8. Instead of having to hardmod a 1.6 since it has a physically trashed HD, the other option would be to build/buy a simple small device that will read the eeprom via a PC with a serial port. See: http://www.llamma.com/xbox/Repairs/Reading_Xbox_Hdd_key.htm or, search eBay for: +XBox +eeprom
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