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  1. BP did you abandon Dragon's lair 1 and 2 and Space Ace ?? i cant find nothing in the readme about them in coinops 2 can you post us a tutorial how to add them if you kept this feather hidden somewhere?? thanx in advance iam glad u beat surreal team in n64 720p keep up the good work...
  2. thank you BP keep up the good work
  3. hi PhilExile ur totally wrong about Daphne i was the first to ask BP to add the psx and Daphne core to coinops but he ignored me as usual i think coinops is perfect now its only missing Daphne i know BP couldn't find the source code for it thats wy he did-dent add it but if he found a clever way to lunch the framefiles in coinops he will be my hero cause laser disk games r the best arcade ever mame cant play these games well if he could add them to coinops family coinops will be the best xbox app ever period...
  4. BP if u want me to test on 128 ram or trusty let me know... regards Carlo
  5. Hi PhilExile nice to hear from you again coinops r4 is working perfect with patch 1400 and without it i even played the cps3 games as well but its the pgm games iam having problem with BP tried to help out as you can see but still no luck i will wait for someone to upload a rom pack iam not in hurry i already played them on my jtag .... as usual BP and IQ great work
  6. hi guys i need some help i was so excited to try the new pgm ddp3 ketsui espgunda iput the 3 roms and the pgm bios and coinops found them but when i load them they give me white screen and please wait and then return to coinops i know its not my roms fault they work well in mame and fba any suggestion ps: i tried them on two xboxes 1 normal retail with 128 ram and other trusty with 128 ram and both did the same
  7. great work guys but where is that link??
  8. did epic realy come out ??i cant find it anywhere iam still using inferno ver3 can someone provide me with a link please?
  9. virtual racer is one of my favors its not loading its giving me missing roms and epr or something i tried many ver of the rom and rescan coinops and its always the same but i remember while back BP sad that it was fixed did any of you manage to play it?? or is there a special ver of the rom for coinops?? as always BP iam a big fan of ur work its coinops that make me come back to xbox even when i have xbox360 wii and ps3 keep up the good work...
  10. Virtua Fighter works great but its Virtua racing is not fixed yet
  11. HI RX TO PLAY UR PSX GAMES FLAWLESSLY u must upgrade UR CPU (trusty) and turn on the cpu interpreter in the cpu option it did not work on retail xbox it was too slow to handle and in the sound option turn on wait for cpu action and change the sound method to normal in the last line and that's it u now can play psx games perfect emulation i tested all the games that u reported in the xbox seen that have cdda and buzzing problems all worked perfectly
  12. hi BP could you add house of the dead 3 and 2 xbox panzer dragoon orta and panzer dragoon xbox also the app dvdplayer cause my xbox son had a damaged dvd rom so i replaced with a pc dvd rom and its the only program that work with the pc dvd best regards keep up the good work. ps: house of the dead 2 is ripped from house of the dead 3 and panzer dragon also ripped from panzer dragoon orta
  15. LIKE THIS ?? # PSX_1 On 1 PSX_360 PSX_70's Robot Anime Geppy-X PSX_3D Kakutou Tsukuru A PSX_AbalaBurn PSX_Activision Classics Atari 2600 Games PSX_Advanced Variable Geo PSX_Advanced Variable Geo 2 PSX_Agent Armstrong PSX_Akumajou Dracula X (ENG-TRANSLATED) PSX_Apocalypse PSX_AirGrave PSX_Armed Fighter PSX_Assault Retribution PSX_Assault Rigs PSX_Asuka 120% Burning Fest Excellent PSX_Attack of the Saucerman PSX_Austin Powers Pinball PSX_Auto Destruct B PSX_Backyard Soccer PSX_Baldur's Gate PSX_Ball Breakers PSX_Ball Blazer Champions PSX_Batman Forever The Arcade Game PSX_Battle Arena Toshinden PSX_Battle Arena Toshinden 2 PSX_Battle Arena Toshinden 3 PSX_Battle Arena Toshinden 4 PSX_Battle Master PSX_Battle Tanx: Global Assault PSX_Battle Stations PSX_BattleSport PSX_Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. PSX_Blast Chamber PSX_Blasto PSX_Blood Lines PSX_Bloody Roar PSX_Bloody Roar 2 PSX_Bravo Air Race PSX_Breakneck PSX_Blue Breaker Burst Bishou o Anata To PSX_Blue Breaker Burst Egao no Asuni PSX_PSX_Bomberman Party Edition PSX_Boombots PSX_Brain Dead 13 PSX_PSX_Breakout PSX_Buggy PSX_Bugriders PSX_Burning Road PSX_Bushido Blade PSX_Bushido Blade 2 PSX_Bust A Groove PSX_Bust A Groove 2 C PSX_Cardinal Syn PSX_CART World Series PSX_Castlevania Chronicles PSX_Chaos Control PSX_Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer PSX_Circuit Breakers PSX_Cleopatra's Fortune PSX_Contender PSX_Contender 2 PSX_Contra The Legacy of War PSX_Contra Adventure PSX_Cool Boarders PSX_Cool Boarders 2 PSX_Cool Boarders 3 PSX_Cool Boarders 4 PSX_Cool Boarders 2001 PSX_Cotton Original PSX_Courier Crisis PSX_Cowboy Bebop PSX_Cosmowarrior Rei PSX_Crash Bandicoot PSX_Crash Bandicoot 2 PSX_Crash Bandicoot 3 PSX_Crash Bash PSX_Crash Team Racing PSX_Creature Shock PSX_Crime Killer PSX_Crisis Beat PSX_Critical Blow PSX_Critical Depth PSX_Criticom PSX_Croc PSX_Croc 2 PSX_Crusader: No Remorse PSX_Crypt Killer PSX_CT Special Forces PSX_CT Special Forces 2 PSX_CT Special Forces 3 PSX_Cubix PSX_Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness PSX_Cyberia PSX_CyberSled PSX_Cybertiger D PSX_Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix PSX_Dance Dance Revolution Konamix PSX_Dance Dance Revolution USA Mix PSX_Darius Gaiden PSX_Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors PSX_Darkstalkers: 3 PSX_Dead in the Water PSX_Dead or Alive PSX_Defeat Lightning PSX_Demolition Racer PSX_Destrega PSX_Destruction Derby PSX_Destruction Derby 2 PSX_Destruction Derby Raw PSX_Detana Twinbee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack PSX_Devil Dice PSX_Diablo PSX_Die Hard Trilogy PSX_Die Hard Trilogy 2 PSX_Digimon Rumble Arena PSX_Dodgem Arena PSX_Dodonpachi PSX_Donpachi PSX_Double Dragon PSX_Dragonball GT Final Bout PSX_Dragon Ball Z Legends PSX_Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Battle 22 PSX_DragonHeart: Fire & Steel PSX_Dynasty Warriors E PSX_Earthworm Jim 2 PSX_Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring PSX_Einhander PSX_Elemental Gearbolt PSX_Elemental Pinball PSX_Eliminator PSX_Everybody's Golf PSX_Everybody's Golf 2 PSX_Evil Zone PSX_Extra Bright PSX_Extreme Go-Kart Racing PSX_Extreme Pinball PSX_Extreme Snowbreak F PSX_F1 Racing Championship PSX_Family Feud PSX_Fantastic Four PSX_Fantastic Night Dreams Cotton (English Translated) PSX_Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition PSX_Felony 11-79 PSX_Fighter Maker PSX_Fighters' Impact PSX_Fighting Eyes PSX_Fighting Force PSX_Fighting Force 2 PSX_Fighting Illusion K1 Grand Prix PSX_Fighting Illusion K1 Grand Prix 98 PSX_Fighting Illusion K1 Grand Prix 2000 PSX_Firebugs PSX_Fist PSX_Fist of the North Star - Hokuto no Ken PSX_Flying Squadron PSX_Formula 1 Arcade PSX_Formula 1 Championship Edition PSX_Freestyle Motocross: McGarth vs. Pastrana PSX_Freestyle Scooter PSX_Frogger PSX_Frogger 2 PSX_Future Cop L.A.P.D. PSX_Future Racer G PSX_G-Darius PSX_Galaga: Destination Earth PSX_Galaxian 3 PSX_Galaxy Fight PSX_Gamera 2000 PSX_Garou Densetsu - Real Bout PSX_Gauntlet Legends PSX_Gekioh Shooting King PSX_Genei Tougi - Shadow Struggle PSX_Gekido: Urban Fighters PSX_Gex PSX_Gex 2: Enter The Gecko PSX_Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko PSX_Ghoul Panic PSX_Glover PSX_Gokujou Parodius-Da! Deluxe Pack PSX_GP Challenge PSX_Gradius Deluxe Pack PSX_Gradius Gaiden PSX_Grand Theft Auto PSX_GTA London PSX_Grand Theft Auto 2 PSX_Grid Run PSX_Guilty Gear PSX_Gunbare The Game Paradise 2 PSX_GunBarl PSX_Gunbullet PSX_Gundam Battle Assault PSX_Gundam Battle Assault 2 PSX_Gundam: The Battle Master 2 PSX_Gunfighter The Legend of Jesse James PSX_GunGage PSX_Gunner's Heaven H PSX_Hard Boiled PSX_Hard Rock Cab PSX_Hardcore 4x4 PSX_Harmful Park PSX_HBO Boxing PSX_Heart Of Darkness (2CD) PSX_Heavens Gate PSX_Herc's Adventures PSX_Hogs of War PSX_Hokuto no Ken Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu PSX_Hot Wheels Extreme Racing PSX_Hot Wheels Turbo Racing PSX_Hot Shot PSX_Hydro Thunder I PSX_Ichigeki Hagane No Hito PSX_Image Fight/X Multiply PSX_Impact Racing PSX_In The Hunt PSX_Incredible Crisis PSX_Independence Day PSX_Indy 500 PSX_Intelligent Cube PSX_International Karate + PSX_International Track & Field PSX_International Track & Field 2 PSX_InuYasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale PSX_Invasion from beyond PSX_Iron Soldier 3 PSX_Ironman & X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal PSX_Internal Section PSX_Iznogoud J PSX_Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster PSX_Jaleco Collection PSX_Jersey Devil PSX_Jet Ace PSX_Jet Moto PSX_Jet Moto 2 PSX_Jet Moto 3 PSX_Jigsaw Madness PSX_Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius Tokimeki Forever With Me PSX_Jinx PSX_Johnny Bazookatone PSX_Jojo's Bizarre Adventure PSX_Judge Dredd PSX_Jumping Flash! PSX_Jumping Flash! 2 PSX_Jumping Flash! 3 PSX_Jupiter Strike PSX_Jurassic Park PSX_Jurassic Park Warpath K PSX_K-1 Grand Prix PSX_K-1 The Arena Fighters In the Red Corner PSX_K-1 Revenge PSX_Kakuge Yaro Fighting Game Creator PSX_Kakugo No Susume PSX_Kamen Rider PSX_Kamen Rider Agito PSX_Kamen Rider Kuuga PSX_Kamen Rider Ryuki PSX_Kamen Rider V3 PSX_Kart Challenge PSX_Kensei Sacred Fist PSX_Kickboxing PSX_Kid Klown In Crazy Chase 2 PSX_Kidou Senshi Gundam Version 2.0 PSX_Killing Zone PSX_Kingsley's Adventure PSX_Kirikou The game PSX_Kitchen Panic PSX_KKND Krossfire PSX_Klonoa Beach VolleyBall PSX_Klonoa Door to Phantomile PSX_Knockout Kings 99 PSX_Knockout Kings 2000 PSX_Knockout Kings 2001 PSX_Konami Antiques MSX Collection volume 1 PSX_Konami Antiques MSX Collection volume 2 PSX_Konami Antiques MSX Collection volume 3 PSX_Konami Arcade Classics PSX_Konami Open Golf PSX_Kotetsu Reiki Steel Dom PSX_Kotobuki Grand Prix PSX_Krazy Ivan PSX_Kula World PSX_Kyuin L PSX_Land Maker PSX_Last Blade PSX_Lattice PSX_Le Mans 24 Hours PSX_Legacy of Kain Blood Omen PSX_Legend PSX_Lego Racers PSX_Lethal Enforcers I & II PSX_Lightning Legend PSX_Loaded PSX_Lode Runner PSX_Lode Runner 2 PSX_Lomax PSX_Lone Soldier PSX_Looney Tunes Racing PSX_Love and Destroy PSX_Lucky Luke PSX_Lucky Luke Western Fever PSX_Lupin the Third Punch the Monkey! Game Edition M PSX_Machine Hunter PSX_Machine Head PSX_Macross Digital Mission VF-X PSX_Macross: VF-X 2 PSX_Macross: Do You Remember Love PSX_Macross Plus: Game Edition PSX_Magic Carpet PSX_Magic The Gathering Battlemage PSX_Magical Drop PSX_Magical Drop 3 PSX_Magical Hoppers PSX_Magical Tetris Challenge PSX_Makeruna! Makendo 2 PSX_Marvel Super Heroes PSX_Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter PSX_MARVEL vs. CAPCOM PSX_MaxRacer PSX_MDK PSX_MechWarrior 2 PSX_MediEvil PSX_MediEvil 2 PSX_Mega Man 8 PSX_Megaman Battle & Chase PSX_Megaman X3 PSX_Megaman X4 PSX_Megaman X5 PSX_Megaman X6 PSX_Megatudo 2096 PSX_Metal Fist PSX_Meta-Ph-List Gamma X 2097 PSX_Metal Slug X PSX_Michael Schumacher's Racing World Kart 2002 PSX_Mickey's Wild Adventure PSX_Micro Machines V3 PSX_Micromaniacs PSX_Midnight Run - Road Fighter 2 PSX_Mikuzi Shigeru no Yokai Butouden PSX_Mille Miglia PSX_Millenium Soldier: Expendable PSX_Miracle Space Race PSX_Missile Command PSX_Mobile Light Force PSX_Mobile Suit Gundam Ver.2.0 PSX_MoHo PSX_Monaco Grand Prix PSX_Monaco Grand Prix 2 PSX_Monkey Hero PSX_Monkey Magic PSX_Monopoly PSX_Monster Racer PSX_Monster Trucks PSX_Moorhen X PSX_Moorhen Chicken Chase 3 PSX_Mort The Chicken PSX_Mortal Kombat 2 PSX_Mortal Kombat 3 PSX_Mortal Kombat 4 PSX_Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero PSX_Mortal Kombat Special Forces PSX_Mortal Kombat Trilogy PSX_Moto Racer PSX_Moto Racer 2 PSX_Moto Racer World Tour PSX_Motocross Mania PSX_Motocross Mania 2 PSX_Motor Mash PSX_Motor Toon Gran Prix PSX_Motor Toon Gran Prix 2 PSX_Motorhead PSX_Mr Driller PSX_Ms Pacman Maze Madness PSX_MTV Celebrity Deathmatch PSX_MTV Sports Pure Ride PSX_MTV Sports Snowboarding PSX_MTV Sports TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX PSX_Muppet Race Mania N PSX_N-Gen Racing PSX_N2O: Nitrous Oxide PSX_Namco Anthology 1 PSX_Namco Anthology 2 PSX_Namco Museum Vol.1 PSX_Namco Museum Vol.2 PSX_Namco Museum Vol.3 PSX_Namco Museum Vol.4 PSX_Namco Museum Vol.5 PSX_Namco Soccer Prime Goal PSX_Namco Tennis Smash Court PSX_Nanotek Warrior PSX_NASCAR Racing PSX_NASCAR Rumble PSX_NASCAR Thunder 2004 PSX_NBA Hoopz PSX_NBA Jam Extreme PSX_NBA Jam Tournament Edition PSX_NBA LIVE 2003 PSX_NBA Power Dunkers 4 PSX_Need for Speed V-Rally PSX_Need for Speed V-Rally 2 PSX_Need for Speed PSX_Need for Speed 2 PSX_Need for Speed 3 PSX_Need for Speed 4 PSX_Need for Speed 5 PSX_Newman Haas Racing PSX_Night Raid PSX_Night Striker PSX_Ninja: Shadow of Darkness PSX_Ninpu Sentai Harikenger PSX_No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking PSX_No One Can Stop Mr. Domino PSX_Norse By Norse West The Return Of The Lost Vikings PSX_Novastorm PSX_Nuclear Strike O PSX_Off-World Interceptor Extreme PSX_Oh! Bakyuuun PSX_Olympic Games PSX_Olympic Soccer PSX_Olympic Summer Games PSX_Omega Assault PSX_Omega Boost PSX_One Piece Grand Battle PSX_One Piece Grand Battle 2 PSX_Overboard! P PSX_Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary PSX_Pandemonium PSX_Pandemonium 2 PSX_Panzer Bandit PSX_Parappa the Rapper PSX_Parodius PSX_PD Ultraman Invaders PSX_Penny Racers PSX_Pepsiman PSX_Philosoma PSX_Pinball Fantasies Deluxe PSX_Pinball Power PSX_Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit PSX_Pipe Dreams 3D PSX_Pinobee PSX_PitBall PSX_Pitfall 3D: Beyond The Jungle PSX_Plane Crazy PSX_Pocket Fighters PSX_Po'ed PSX_Point Blank PSX_Point Blank 2 PSX_Point Blank 3 PSX_Pong 3D The Next Level PSX_Polaris Snocross PSX_Pop'n Music PSX_Pop'n Music 2 PSX_Pop'n Music 3 PSX_Pop'n Music 4 PSX_Pop'n Music 5 PSX_Pop'n Music 6 PSX_Pop'n Music: Disney Tunes PSX_Pop n'pop PSX_Porsche Challenge PSX_Gouketuji Ichizoku 2 Chottodake Saikyou Densetsu PSX_Power Move Pro Wrestling PSX_PSX_Power Play Sports Trivia PSX_Power Rangers Pinball PSX_Power Rangers Time Force PSX_Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-Traction PSX_Powerslave PSX_Poy Poy PSX_Poy Poy 2 PSX_Primal Rage PSX_Prism Land PSX_Project Horned Owl PSX_Psybadek PSX_Psychic Force PSX_Psychic Force 2 PSX_Pu-Li-Ru-La Arcade Gears PSX_Punky Skunk PSX_Putter Golf PSX_Puzznic
  17. hi B P I own a trusty board xbox and 95% of the psx games run perfectly but i dont know about a retail xbox its bean a wile sinse i used 1 for emulating psx games cause i discovered that all the games that dident run on retail xbox run on a trusty board if u enable the cpu interpreter witch the normal xbox dont handle anyway as for the list i would like to help and prepare a list for you but basicly its all the perfect arcade port and all the jap shouter i will get back to you tack care
  18. thank you for the psx core now ur coinops is perfect only missing daphne but i am sure that one day u will surprise us and find a way to launch dragons lair in coinops thank you so much keep up the good work. (B.P UR THE MAN)
  19. hi on pal games getting 50 to 47 fps on ntsc 60 to 55 and 58 but i wont trust that cause i did not patch my emu with the 1400patch all i care that iam playing my games very smooth with hard filter and soft filter hq2 on 720p lcd what More do you want new game tested :Dragonheart Fire and Steel (perfect emulation) and all army men games (perfect)
  20. hi tony hawks is tested the sound an music r perfect but the gfx in game r messed up
  21. hi PhilExile i will try tony hawks for you and also 2 more games has been fixed WARGODS AND ROBOTRON X Use the same settings as above and in the cpu option turn parasite eve fix only for those two games and the speed issue is fixed
  22. Hi All i have good news for all trusty xbox owners after many long nights of testing and tweaking with psx emulator i have found a universal settings for all the games that been reported that the cdda is corrupted and keep on echoing. first of all forget bin and cue you should rip your cds with clone cd cause sub img ccd is moore stable 2 and this is the most importing that been ignored by many users cause it did not work on retail xbox it was too slow to handle u should always turn on the cpu interpreter in the cpu option 3 in the sound option turn on wait for cpu action and change the sound method to normal in the last line and that's it u now can play psx games perfect emulatin i tested so far some of my favors games that i could not play before. 2Xtreme Agile Warrior F111X Akuji The Heartless Baldies Batman: Gothem City Racer Black Dawn Bombing Islands Brigandine C: The Contra Adventure Cardinal Syn Carnage Heart Cheesy Chrono Cross Colin McRae Rally I Dead in the Water Dead or Alive Demolition Racer Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour dreams to reality Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire E.T. Interplanetary Mission Earthworm Jim 2 Excaliber 2555 AD Expendable Forsaken mdk burning road explosion racing road rush diablo Thrill Kill (Final) G Police 2 Weapons of Justice Critical Depth Galaga - Destination Earth Ghost in the Shell Grand Theft Auto London 1969 Hydro Thunder Impact Racing Invasion From Beyond Jersey Devil Killer Loop 116 Legend of Dragoon Loaded Lode Runner Lode Runner Extra Magic Carpet Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX Monkey Magic Motorhead Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness N GEN Racing NBA Jam T.E. Need for Speed 4 High Stakes Nitrous Oxide N2O Pepsi Man The Running Hero Rageball Rayman II: The Great Escape Re-Volt: Racing Out of Control Ridge Racer Rogue Rock'em Sock'em Robots Arena Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 Roll Cage I Roll Cage: Stage 2 Ronin Blade Rushdown S.C.A.R.S Sheep Silhouette Mirage Skeleton Warriors Sled Storm South Park Rally Speed Punks Spider-Man Spyro III: Year of the Dragon Star Trek Invasion Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi Street Fighter: Collection I Tactics Ogre Tekken I Tekken II Test Drive Off Road Tokyo Highway Battle True Pinball Tunnel B1 Twisted Metal Twisted Metal 2 Twisted Metal III Twisted Metal IV Ultimate 8 Ball Vanishing Point Warhammer I: Shadow of the Horned Rat Warhammer II: Dark Omen Wild Arms II X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 i hope u found this info useful tack care
  23. hi darknior can you pm me THE LINK of the FULL PACK please? can this emulator play all midway core or just mk??
  24. hi can you post a link to download this skin so we can all share it?? also is it complete with all the videos?? thanx
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