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  1. Photoshop isn't rocket science. Those two took me about 20 min to throw together.
  2. Hey for those who like to use wide icons in XBMC I made these two from the logo and a standard boarder that's used. Not sure which one I wanna use yet but figured I would share. Lemme know which one you guys like more.
  3. Hey for those who like to use WideIcons in XBMC I made these two icons. Enjoy. Sorry if this post should be it's own thread. Lemme know which one you guys like more.
  4. how do you convert them to xmv? its not that hard....just search around in the "usual places" theres a converter out there
  5. I noticed that too. I noticed a few issues with dropping in some of the ResXtras for the console roms. Is there a similar place to turn for preview vids of the arcade roms?
  6. Are we talking ROMs only? I loved the video previews in SHOWCASE a year ago. My collection at this point is a mix of games with and without video previews. I would gladly help in putting corresponding previews together if it's needed.
  7. I use an xarcade stick with an adapter. I also replaced the stock buttons it came with to instead use HAPP pro parts which were a lot better than the grimy ones that it came with when i bought it used.
  8. right but you don't have any wide icons set up in transparency correct? I mean. all I have at this point is simple icons within an emulator source which I would love to update however, I'm so use to the set up of the skin I don't think I want to leave it.
  9. one thing i noticed is that Tranparency doesn't really have an option to have wide icons for program sources. This is unfortunate since it's one of my farorite skins. I'm debating switching over to rapier but i spent a ton of time getting tranparency just the way i like it with all of the fan art.
  10. wow, I disappear for 2 weeks and look at all that I missed...drama included
  11. 640 resolution FOR SHO! haha....pretty funny BP
  12. not sure how much this helps but here's what i found after a quick google: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...=301912&hl= also for all your arcade parts, I reccommend www.lizardlick.com The guy Chad who run's it is very helpful and they like to stock more than just your average button's and sticks, they have some pretty crazy colors.
  13. First Console = Atari 2600 First Computer = POS my dad got at a yard sale Best Console Memories = SNES Best Computer Memories = Counter Strike 1.6 till 5am on Christmas Eve
  14. Wow I sure came in at the end of something great. At lease I was here to for when showcase was released....love it and so thankful
  15. Hey I was wondering if anyone has seen or know of a ported version of the open source Future Pinball to the xbox? (http://www.futurepinball.com/) It's a pretty decent pinball sim and would compliment an arcade-style xbox perfectly. I thought I saw someone on youtube once have it in their custom xbox cab but I could be wrong and it was just a typical MAME setup. Anyone know if this has been done?
  16. I would agree to that for sure. Just do some googling and you'll find the torrent....just be patient its a huge file
  17. CoinOPs Showcase is king in my book. It is by far the most stylish and sleek set up of the MAME emulators out there but if you're going to be upgrading the hard drive, you have space for options and picking one that suits you. If you're starting from scratch then here are a few general steps you need to take. 1. Consider how you're going to mod the console soft vs hard. 2. Decide on how big of an IDE harddrive you're going to need (if its just MAME you would be fine with 100gb or so) 3. Pick a dashboard to run everything from (I like XBMC) 4. Install the emulators you would like (check the stickied message from fumachu for a list of emulators) 5. Start looking for ROMs to play This community is a great resource.
  18. Well the website ended up working out perfectly. The only problem is that each game has to be manually downloaded from the site. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in splitting up the work it would take to download the title screens and box art. I have a google doc's spreadsheet set up to track everything and with a handful of help, everything can get downloaded in no time. If anyone is interested in helping send me a PM and I can send you a link to the shared folder to help out. EDIT: I'm retarded....I just stumbled on all of the Rx files posted on xcene. disregard my stupidity.
  19. Hey there, I'm starting to mess around with a full romset for NES using MednafenX and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of artwork/screenshots? I checked other threads and forums but didn't see anything that was posted recently. Thanks in advance
  20. Gonna have to check this out when I'm home
  21. Finally got Showcase dowloaded and added the R3 update....SOLID. I must say that I am more than impressed. Keep up the great work! On a side note though, for the games listed without sound "MK, NBA Jam, Wrestlemania, etc", is this a hardware limitation or just that work needs to be done for it to work? Plain and simple: will these ever work with sound (I promise I'll be patient) hah
  22. I definitely made sure that it was 32bit clusters before i did anything haha. I read that enough in the forums as I was researching it. So now I'm good, Slayer 2.7 is great aside from the out-dated emulators.
  23. OK new newbie question relating to this topic. I set the drive up using Slayer 2.7 and when I look at the partitions it sets up I have a c: partition with barely 2gb on it, an E: partition with about 5gb on it and everything else (458gb) on the F: partition. Am I missing something here? I was under the impression that almost all of the free space should sit on F:.
  24. So what's the chance that Midway's NFL Blitz can be playable? I'm looking through the ROM list and I don't see it. Has anyone been able to get this up and working on R2? I use to LOVE that game in the arcades. If it is on the list and I missed it, then I'm just retarded haha
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