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  1. Of course we own a copy. But there are serious coders who take their times and do serious tests before releasing anything. And 720P isn't the main new feature in this emu... If only you were more constructive, you could get a build and make some tests to help.... But obviously it's best for you to stay here being useless and talking about things you don't know... Oh btw, you're off-topic. If someone cares.
  2. We never meant to help you, BP. We only help your user base you neglect and insult because you know what ? We're the good guys. Always.
  3. ...and all they asked for was a simple dat file. Someone needs some rest here.
  4. This is a very good decision, Kenny boy. You use your dev topic to communicate about your work. That is your right and it's good for people who have interest into this. Then people can talk about it here but without you present, it's evident they'll ask for support on our forum instead. Anyway, we'll see if you can avoid to say the word. You know... "Xtra team". I remember you taking such decisions before but it's clear you can't stop talking about us even when we aren't here ... We had this conversation with you a dozen times... But well... We'll see then... Good luck to everyone.
  5. I'm confused Kenny, what is that 3:4 mode you're talking about ? And what version are you talking about precisely ? Is an upgrade already available ? If yes, Ken I have a link please ?
  6. You can always greet one of your few worshippers... Objectively, you're acting irrational. Period. "Oh no ! They killed Kenny again !"
  7. ...then there's no worry, Ken. Already told ya I appreciate them.
  8. Your paranoia makes you a laughing stock, this is a forum. The principle of a forum is to allow people to express themselves so they can exchange. I said that the locks could still be there because I didn't notice you'd need lousy dummy files for the N64 in the roms folder too. I put a small number of games in the folder and your program ran an endless scan loop. See, all I wanted was to test the N64... But your silly reaction made me turn to the "Xtras team" (actually it's just a community of mentally sane xbox users) who actually gave me the right answer. Anyway, I'll stick to Surreal which behave like a normal emu with a user friendly GUI. By the way, normal people (meaning no ass-lickers) aren't that stupid. Everybody can see your initial policy was a disaster and your release a failure. Fact is your user base didn't welcome "the locks" very well as we could see here and on that torrent site. And they won't forget the threats that followed, too. So I can understand you're trying to redeem yourself. But you can tell any story you want, people have had ample time to see the true BP.
  9. Does this standalone still have the locks present ? Can we add a small amount of roms to it, and it will work ? (or do we need to add the 1200 or so roms to it) Good question, I'm curious as well. Tested the build. The locks are still there. Which is a good news in some kind of way. Also something different from BP's FAQ: Haha. This is pure raving. CoinOPS 2 is dead, long live CoinOPS 2 !
  10. Oh. Finally you've decided to deliver a standalone. I wonder what pressured you to do so... Good to see you're sometimes able to be reasonable. I hope though there won't be any bad tricks like the locks with the previous full version or some of the kind you threatened people with all this week...
  11. Could be this problem but no : everything else work just fine in 720P. Didn't tried the patch yet but i'm confident. No drama, dude. Just real talking. True men don't kill coyotes. lol i love your french dark humor lol ... like mine Hey copain, long time no see. Come by the IRC channel these days so we can have a conversation en fran├žais dans le texte.
  12. I'm gonna be serious for once, BP. Nobody really hates you, here. We have disagreements and we have a way to expose them to you. Humor, laughter is a great thing. Something essential in life. Especially when it comes to a hobby.
  13. Icon has a cryptic meaning. But I can't tell more. I am bound by secrecy.
  14. Thanks for the patch. Will test it after the Bordeaux. To be precise, xtras guys are everywhere. Xbox-Scene, 1emu, Facebook, Spotify, UN council, the white house, the G8, Taj Mahal, Vatican, freemason, illuminati, reptilians, shortgreys. Everywhere.
  15. Nice but a video is more explicit. Like Bigby does. Because what proves it's actually the current CoinOPS version you spread ? Could be the new surreal or a computer output or else... Ok. Finally thanks for giving me a straight answer after three pages (!). I've decided to trust you because it's lunch time here. And in France it's sacred. Sometimes we call this "la paix des braves". I'll try this and if it doesn't work... I'll stick with surreal anyway.
  16. Dude, I'm asking for support: How to enable 720P for N64 games in CoinOPS when the GUI is already in 720P but the game still run in 480P ? Are you telling me that asking for help on this forum has become a crime ? So again, please give some help. I beg you.
  17. Wait please ! I'm still waiting for support on CoinOPS 2 ! I asked two pages ago how is this possible the patches don't worked for me: the GUI is really in 720P but Mario 64 is still in 480P ?! Please, someone gives me support ! That's for my job to the retirement home. Because I have to take care of all these old people all day!
  18. A little bit of patience, they are finalizing it at the moment. Shouldn't be too long... Okay! Looking forward to that! While on this subject, what is the best recommended current set up for ensuring that N64 stuff just... works? I can't remember what setup I have - I suspect it's CE 5.4 but with a B5.31 CE ini file dropped in there. I thought this was the best setup, however, I do occasionally get some ROMS that appear as, say, "working fine" or something... but they don't? Anyway, I guess I shouldn't worry about it, as this new 720 version will have an up-to-date ini file that won't result in this problem? The new version will also have core improvements and will be easier to setup. Though N64 settings are not my cup of tea, I can use this version without any problem. At the time of the release, there will be also everything provided so you can enjoy a full experience. I recommend you to take a look at surreal64ce.wikidot.com and also to join www.emuxtras.net if you have questions or simply if you're curious about this. Because I'm certain you won't learn anything with this guy who brags all the days of having hot water discovered and that only listens to himself...
  19. A little bit of patience, they are finalizing it at the moment. Shouldn't be too long...
  20. Yeah. Of course. The song remains the same... But people come to us because you aren't able to answer to them correctly if you didn't notice. And I know they appreciate our support a lot. Oh and by the way, we never forget to add some enlightenments:
  21. What a weirdo. And he can't even do his own game selections...
  22. Doesn't matter if what I say is right or wrong. Hehe. What is important is being able to highlight the confusion that you voluntarily maintain.
  23. Wow that's cool. Everything is automatic and HD compliant. And you can screw uh, code it in 1mn so you have to spend hours to fix the locks uh I mean the bugs. I'm really excited to test this. Feel free to send a beta anytime, I'm an enthusiastic fan and I will test this in extreme conditions (details will follow). The new Surreal works fine here, too. And no, it doesn't need to be configured or even reconfigured. I wonder what pushes you to say this, this is so bizarre. Please don't forget to send me your beta. Friendly, waal - Your dedicated junior guru on
  24. Xtras team is officially offering a senior Amiga consultant position. It's a privileged job. Only one update a year and rare issues to solve as almost everything was automatized and checked (remember the lock we were the first to remove last year). Wage is three barrels of hydromel, three little pigs and sixteen virgins per month. Apply now on emuxtras.net ! The reason I have to leave the chair is I'm too busy helping the masses of refugees who come for CoinOPS support on emuxtras.net
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