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  1. ...As for my friends, i just told them than a man on 1emu makes me laugh every day/night...especially before i go to sleep ^^



    Thats not an example for your friendship against BP !!!


    Et autre chose et je pense que c'est évident " Ne crache pas dans la main qui te nourrie" Certe je n'est pas inventer cette phrase mais elle est valable dans toutes situations ! Mr Waal !!!


    Ah and it's the same for you too Waal! You're using CoinOps even if you don't like BP edit : "Sous-merde".


    Vous adorez critiquer les autres, mais en gros ce n'est que de la jalousie!!


    It's always the same, even if we caught you stealing, you will always say "I"m not guilty"


    CoinOps and the xbox community can not go forward with guys like you !


    "Cria cuervos y te reventaran los ojos " that's a wonderfull spanish proverb!


    I remember you. We already had this conversation with you on our forum. I'm sad to see you didn't change your mind...


    Then so be it.

  2. :D allready there...its two years out of date with 100s of bugs....cause he didnt listen....and most are 2 sec fixes


    I say grab it and enjoy the bugs in there org form from mameox


    post a link here waal it will be good for a laugh...CoinOPS 2 is so far ahead its not funny....even the most popular games dont work or are buggy in this build....

    Who cares... Because there are much better places for serious stuff. Too bad you couldn't manage to make this section a decent one.


    Reading your old posts was hilarious though I'm not involved.


    That's the point.


    So you can still complain about the mess here and dream of a "supa'dev_elite forum", you are the problem not the solution.


    These 14 pages demonstrate it.


    SO is there going to be a ResX arcade set?

    You should contact Bigby about arcade stuff. And that moron above is commenting on something completely outdated and unofficial...

  3. screenshots where not needed in full build....so removed...videos is for everything now....


    sparda for someone thats 40 years old you cant see what most think of you and the top people at that really...everyone seems to tell you what they think...soon they will just know its sparda like waal and cba and say nothing to you...but behind the scene everyone knows who you are and its not hes a talent...its hes a dodo

    if you actually want something fix yourself the others wont be fixing themselves for you...you and waal have now managed to lock down the help threads...well done...a proud moment for you no doubt


    moved to Development Thread (Locked) ill be around but time with needs to be spent with people that can help...not new people with lots to say and nothing to back it up


    I don't understand what this kind of post is doing here and what Cbagy and I have to do with this conflict you have with Sparda (which in fact wasn't concerning you in the beginning) . A classic, you are affected then you go delusional. Did you even notice that Cbagy haven't posted anything here since months you stupid weirdo ? LOL


    And recently you were crying because some personal infos nobody cares anyway were leaked about you recently... But now you use Sparda's personal age... That's so low... So you...


    You locked down the help thread actually. I didn't. Be a man for once, assume your actions. Oh and I thought that thread was a poll ?


    Probably it's a call for help. You know, the subconscient... :D

  4. Some times some people have to Shut Up...


    Just lol things, Sparda you said that u'r using Coinops... And u shit on BP!!!


    U'r near 40 thats fine, that didn't mean that u'r smart or something like this, you can sure say what you want thats democratie !!! But hey like BP said "... these new people bite the hand that feeds them..."


    And if you don't like BP, be a man (40 YO) and don't use CoinOPS !!!

    Thus according to you one person can say anything or act like an idiot as long as he provides you the software you need. Beautiful example of independence. Thank you for having confirmed this.


    And obviously you can't even produce a personal thought regarding your quote above. So sad.

  5. ok enough waal stuff.....its fun im back to coding and GF a bit...ill listen to anything decend at present it was as I thought 250 more arcade games....some out of touch people think you dont want this but ive got that all going before this vote...im just adding more touches for those that want any before I release it

    Oh please stay. I'm sure we all want to learn more details about the life of Brian euh... of Britney. So you multitask too ? You'll always impress me.

  6. as ive said I dont have downloads or releases the true fans are on download sites....you tube etc....this is a just for fun and I pick up a bit....I know im owning you guys so bad......and I find that fun enough

    Oh maaan that's so gooood ! I'm going so hiiigh.... Youtube... Download sites... So greeeat ! So inteeeresting !


    Oh please ! Please ! One more vote !

  7. :D yeah its playing games with you guys and saying I know it hurts boys I know it hurts....sux it up


    post elswewhere and see if I come running...xbox scene is the big name hows that going without CoinOPS ;) still can put up a mameox thread hahaha thats why they left in the first place....dumb arses


    Yeahh I see we're having fun together. I wouldn't post elsewhere, I'd miss you so much...


    What else ? 31 votes. Wooooow.... Do you realize how much we are a cool duo ? So many fans...

  8. there are 1000s and 1000s of downloads....the others emu are pushed by all sites and they are gone in weeks only one emu at present keeps the numbers up:) you just dont know where to look at numbers...out of touchers use mameoxhk.....goto xtras site and ask them for a pack....Id love to see more time wasted on out of date stuff....its good for a laugh...they will do anything to win and yet always lose and have no chance of winning there stuff is pics of my stuff and left behind 5 years ago.....10,000 games ago and 1000 bugs and features ago......xtras will be back though as there stuff will die and get left with the new CoinOPS....welcome xtras to the CoinOPS show....owned by one person the whole lot hahahahaha


    a credits file is there megaman boot n64 and ytou will see it creates one....I left that code in

    send me one if you want...or post a credits on xtra and xbox scene....I dont give a rats.....its of little importance and only import to people that are out of touch


    It's becoming increasingly difficult to choose which of your messages is the most stupid. This one isn't bad either. Although redundant. But it's true that we're used to this. Like your programming as well. Finally all this is very funny and that's the point.

  9. That reminds me of this movie:




    Excellent, Phil. "La planète sauvage" by René Laloux is a classic. This man also worked with Caza and Moebius (the guy who also worked on Tron and Panzer Dragoon). I used to read a lot of comics by these designers in my childhood. We used to have a magazine back in the days named "Metal Hurlant", you should take a look.

  10. Thanks ;) i just find it on a famous french site ^^


    J'ai oublié ce site français!


    avec xbins bas j'ai essayé d'obtenir les anciennes versions de MAME ... merci pour le rappel. :)

    Et allez... Encore un français haha. J'aurais du m'en douter, tiens. Toujours les mêmes qui râlent.. :(


    New Poll: How do you eat your frogs ?

    o raw

    o cooked

    x with credits

    o I prefer kiwis !

  11. Bark bark bark bark.... +t+ your using my version of that emu....+t+ im not worried about here.... Bark bark bark bark.... no one comes but idots the real users are Bark bark bark bark.... the downloaders and you tube people ive never meet or seen....Bark bark bark bark.... and the last download was Bark bark bark bark.... great than I expected... Bark bark bark bark....

    Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark....

    if it was for the few that come here...Bark bark bark bark.... which alot I dont listen to and play around with....Bark bark bark bark.... it would be over....Bark bark bark bark.... its funny that when cba and +t+ show you the old emu Bark bark bark bark.... they dont relise they are showing you my work as well Bark bark bark bark.......lol what a joke guys Bark bark bark bark........show them my version 5 years ago Bark bark bark bark.... its buggy as shit Bark bark bark bark.......missing so many games Bark bark bark bark.... and I know as I fixed them Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark........none of those version get any hits where I see now and never show anywhere Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark....

    Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark....

    Bark bark bark bark.... voting has 3 days left :) Bark bark bark bark.... im ignoring new users and xtras Bark bark bark bark....Bark bark bark bark.... ....but its going as expected Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark.... Bark bark bark bark....

  12. Philexile. Don't even try to compare. Nothing beats BP's attitude and deeds. Don't act like you were blind or numb either. Everybody can find where the emus come from while using Xport-Madmab emus. A thing you can't with CoinOPS. Period.

  13. The original author from whose emulator the port was derived should always be credited in the documentation. But when you port a program to another platform I wouldn't say you have an obligation to show their name on screen. Porting an emulator takes a lot of work, involves rewriting large amounts of the code to run on the platform, and coding the entire UI from scratch. If you have the skills and put in the effort to do this then you deserve full credit for your port.


    All BP is doing is taking other developers' ports, making a few minor changes, and then packaging them all up under his own branding. He has not coded any of it himself (even the CoinOPS UI is the original MAMEoX UI with a few tweaks). So in this case, the developers who coded the ports he is using should be credited exactly as madmab credits XPort in his editions. Though I'm loathe to make the comparison since madmab is a skilled coder and has actually updated and improved the core code in many of the ports he has worked on. Something BP is not capable of, despite what he would like us all to believe.

    I must also add that with XPort-Madmab's emus and with others authors as well like Nes6502, the Surreal64 team or A600, there is a CLEAR reference to the original emu. Anyone can download an XBOX port and then easily find the original emu whatever the platform or author is.


    But when someone downloads CoinOPS he can't even know on which version of MAME it's based. So don't expect anything about other cores...

    So here we don't find any indication of the origin of the program but permanent makeup instead. And many hidden defects in addition that will be called later called misinformation by its author...


    All of those being more reminiscent of a counterfeit product than a genuine.


  14. Whatever you do, wherever you go, dickhead... I don't care. Seriously. To me arcade games are pointless. Just a few hours in a whole year for nostalgia...


    arcade games arent pointless to me as they offer playablility which is lacking in todays games.just pick up and play as for the nostalgia factor im sure with some games there is that for some people but its also finding games you never played before,the hidden gems so to speak.

    also the amount of people using an xbox for cabs now seems to be increasing.

    Well Fu, actually that depends of what kind of gameplay you want. You know we both share a common interest on retrogaming. But I prefer console and computers instead of games that were originally designed to make you put coins in a machine. But I also admit arcade game aren't only limited to this aspect.

    arcade probably gives you the best and purest form of playabilty,no messing around with options,everything ready to go so to speak.

    i would say the purest form of playability you can get in arcade games has to be sega they wrote the rulebook on it in my opinion.

    I agree with the usability argument but I find arcade games often too short compared to console or computers games. But yeah, they're often very well balanced hence the Sega games you mention. Or maybe I should raise their difficulty in Coinops, if it's possible to edit the dip switches, coz they don't last long with unlimited credits...

  15. Whatever you do, wherever you go, dickhead... I don't care. Seriously. To me arcade games are pointless. Just a few hours in a whole year for nostalgia...


    arcade games arent pointless to me as they offer playablility which is lacking in todays games.just pick up and play as for the nostalgia factor im sure with some games there is that for some people but its also finding games you never played before,the hidden gems so to speak.

    also the amount of people using an xbox for cabs now seems to be increasing.

    Well Fu, actually that depends of what kind of gameplay you want. You know we both share a common interest for retrogaming. But I prefer old school consoles and computers instead of games that were originally designed to make you put coins in a machine. But I also admit arcade game aren't only limited to this aspect.

    And yeah, todays games are often shit.

  16. ill do a madmab name locked to skin and list if thats what people want so far its 100 percent against that....only you voted for it :)....waal your irrelivant and out of touch but keep coming back crying.....im happy my decision is correct once again and in step with whats wanted...if it isnt just vote it that way....


    credit inserted into the emu is what you are asking for waal eg an option and 0 votes for it....100 percent against it...your out of touch and no I wont let the small vocal manority rule the majority....ive played your game you make a vote and get support...name it how you see fit and ill listen if it goes the way you think it will if not its the last vote on this


    or follow waal to mameokhk like everyone else

    Again this is biaised. This was never asked. Just put an about box option in the menu and a text file in the archive, that's simple to do... for a mentally sane person.


    Fortunately Madmab's work is not concerned by your lame project. In this case it's you who's off-topic. Your stupidity is truly unlimited. LMAO


    By the way I'm not crying, I express the contempt you deserve. It's also the fun that you bring me because of your bitterness , always whining about the "Xtra team" even if we keep silent before.


    Whatever you do, wherever you go, dickhead... I don't care. Seriously. To me arcade games are pointless. Just a few hours in a whole year for nostalgia...


    It's only common courtesy to give credit to people who did some of the work... One wonders how you've been educated, poor guy !


    But really, do what you want... Any survey, any faked poll... They gather only a few persons each time ... Although you claim to have such a large audience ... What a joke... LOL



    please stand up guys if you want me to put all developers names all over the emu....i could form another vote but im sick of pointless votes for the 3 people that cried from day one and stay here crying years after there dreams of stopping this have gone down in smoke....if I rule out xtras people I see most are now using CoinOPS for consoles....and happy with it.....thats a big change from a year ago and happy for most its a help as it is for people I know and myself....just easier to use for everyone


    these people said they would own me years ago...they wouldnt upload anything of mine and talk down about it....they said they wouldnt support it.....now I see there sites are dead and they still stick to it...throw in emu names from years ago with 100s and 100s of missing features, no hd etc.....they killed there sites like xbox scene and they still think the same use mameox its better will work....they under estimate the normal users alot and take there intelligence for granted then say im a bad person and give you advice that has helped seal there sites fate..... and I am bad that I laugh about it and tell them so and I shouldnt really it just I cant help telling them so


    And again BP demonstrates his great sense of democracy... Ruling out people from a votation... Mwahaha


    Nobody from our side claimed to own nobody. This is an element of your language. But Im OK. This part is funny too.


    Take a look at Emuxtras.net and Xbox-scene.com forums and you'll see much more activity than this forum section... Everybody can see that. Again illusions of grandeur by His Master himself...


    Also you can see how people can get help there... Just try then you won't be disappointed.

  17. the same people that say im bored and ill leave never have done and no one else listens...go over to all the other sites you post on....they might work but here your kind of irralivant......waal thanks but its bug city for MameOx128 Plus and missing titles .... but hey if people want it in MameOx128 Plus just copy the pack into it or ill tell you what waal release a pack and we can compair it lol ive seen your guys work and know the thing ive done that will slip by you .... your out of touch with what people want .... ill look though this stuff and make a vote tommorrow.... any more would be good



    mameox128 plus id recommend you guys try it in full SD :).......waal is about to light the world up with this discovery....


    Well it's obvious you need help but first I've got a life, second I play arcade games once or twice a year at best and above all I'm too expensive for you as a psychologist. But keep on your fascinating quest for truth, you're doing good tweaking old stuff. I'm sure the academy will reward you one day...


    CoinOPS credits >>>> Means all original developers are listed not only that moron called BP who only did 5% of the code.

    I want names and credit inserted into the emu and skin

    I want it clean without credits over the skin and emu


    Again this is biaised. This was never asked. Just put an about box option in the menu and a text file in the archive, that's simple to do... for a mentally sane person.

  18. Hey BP can we have an option in the next release so we can finally hide BP ?


    Oh and by the way...


    "New" Coinops game already in MameOx128 Plus:


    No. Rom name Clone of Players Year Game name



    33 4in1 2 1981 4 Fun in 1

    114 alleymas 1 1986 Alley Master

    193 arkretrn 4 1997 Arkanoid Returns (Japan)

    203 armorcar 2 1981 Armored Car (set 1)

    233 astrob 2 1981 Astro Blaster (version 3)

    234 astrof 2 1979 Astro Fighter (set 1)

    269 azurian 2 1982 Azurian Attack

    407 blkhole 2 1981 Black Hole

    439 blockcar 2 1992 Block Carnival / Thunder & Lightning 2

    473 bombbee 2 1979 Bomb Bee

    482 bongo 2 1983 Bongo

    503 bowlrama 2 1991 Bowl-O-Rama

    507 bradley 1 1980 Bradley Trainer

    508 brain 2 1986 Brain

    519 bubl2000 2 1998 Bubble 2000

    538 bullfgtr 2 1984 Bull Fighter

    540 bullsdrt 1 1985 Bulls Eye Darts

    570 calipso 2 1982 Calipso

    782 cavenger 2 1981 Cosmic Avenger

    666 chboxing 2 1984 Champion Boxing

    688 checkman 2 1982 Check Man

    691 cheekyms 2 1980? Cheeky Mouse

    821 ckong 2 1981 Crazy Kong (set 1)

    761 compgolf 2 1986 Competition Golf Final Round (revision 3)

    786 cosmicg 2 1979 Cosmic Guerilla

    853 crush 2 1981 Crush Roller (Kural Samno)

    910 darius 2 1986 Darius (World)

    1094 dbz2 2 1994 Dragonball Z 2 Super Battle

    1139 dcclub 1 1991 Dynamic Country Club

    883 dday 1 1982 D-Day

    953 demon 2 1982 Demon

    976 devilfsh 2 1982 Devil Fish

    982 diamond 1 1989 Diamond Run

    995 dingo 2 1983 Dingo

    1012 dockman 2 1982 Dock Man

    1025 dommy 2 198? Dommy

    1049 dorodon 2 1982 Dorodon (set 1)

    1109 drivfrcb drivfrcp 1 1985 Driving Force (Galaxian conversion bootleg)

    1187 enigma2 2 1981 Enigma 2

    1997 eto 2 1994 Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari (Japan)

    1317 firetrk 2 1978 Fire Truck

    1318 fitfight 2 199? Fit of Fighting

    1361 fnkyfish 2 1981 Funky Fish

    1346 freeze 1 1984 Freeze

    1348 friskyt 2 1981 Frisky Tom (set 1)

    1360 funkybee 2 1982 Funky Bee

    1395 galxwars 2 1979 Galaxy Wars (Universal set 1)

    1493 gimeabrk 1 1985 Gimme A Break

    1581 gridiron 2 1985 Gridiron Fight

    1561 grndtour 2 1993 Grand Tour

    1592 grudge 3 198? Grudge Match (prototype)

    1531 gtg2 2 1992 Golden Tee Golf II (Trackball, V2.2)

    1372 gwarrior 2 1985 Galactic Warriors

    1647 hachoo 2 1989 Hachoo!

    1667 hangonjr 1 1985 Hang-On Jr.

    1697 hardyard 4 1993 Hard Yardage (v1.20)

    1711 headon 1 1979 Head On (2 players)

    1713 headon2 1 1979 Head On 2

    1735 hexa 1 1986? Hexa

    1750 hoccer 2 1983 Hoccer (set 1)

    1739 hvoltage 2 1985 High Voltage

    1740 hwrace 2 1983 High Way Race

    1823 idsoccer 2 1985 Indoor Soccer

    1811 ikki 2 1985 Ikki (Japan)

    1826 insector 2 1982 Insector (prototype)

    3820 invad2ct 2 1980 Space Invaders II (Midway, cocktail)

    3821 invadpt2 2 1979 Space Invaders Part II (Taito)

    1834 invinco 1 1979 Invinco

    1831 invrvnge 2 19?? Invader's Revenge

    1848 jack 2 1982 Jack the Giantkiller (set 1)

    1845 jackrabt 2 1984 Jack Rabbit (set 1)

    1887 jumpcoas 2 1983 Jump Coaster

    1889 jumpshot 2 1985 Jump Shot

    1898 jungler 2 1981 Jungler

    1924 kaos 2 1981 Kaos

    1937 kick 1 1981 Kick (upright)

    1958 kingball 2 1980 King & Balloon (US)

    71 koshien 2 1990 Ah Eikou no Koshien (Japan)

    2011 kroozr 1 1982 Kozmik Kroozr

    2015 krzybowl 2 1994 Krazy Bowl

    2094 levers 2 1983 Levers

    2098 liberatr 2 1982 Liberator (set 1)

    2109 lizwiz 2 1985 Lizard Wizard

    2110 lnc 2 1981 Lock'n'Chase

    2112 locomotn 2 1982 Loco-Motion

    2130 losttomb 1 1982 Lost Tomb (easy)

    2182 magspot 2 1980 Magical Spot

    2183 magspot2 2 1980 Magical Spot II

    2309 maniacsq 2 1996 Maniac Square (unprotected)

    2318 marineb 2 1982 Marine Boy

    2320 mariner 2 1981 Mariner

    2323 markham 2 1983 Markham

    2324 mars 2 1981 Mars

    2375 mayhem 2 1985 Mayhem 2002

    127 maze 2 1976 Amazing Maze

    2430 megadon 1 1982 Megadon

    2434 megatack 2 1980 Megatack

    2439 meosism 1 1996? Meosis Magic (Japan)

    2479 mimonkey 2 198? Mighty Monkey

    2517 mogura 4 1991 Mogura Desse

    2528 montecar 1 1979 Monte Carlo

    2520 monymony 2 1983 Money Money

    2545 moonwar 2 1981 Moonwar

    2566 mosaic 2 1990 Mosaic

    2578 mouser 2 1983 Mouser

    2161 mplanets 1 1983 Mad Planets

    2595 mrkougar 2 1984 Mr. Kougar

    2348 mshvsfj mshvsf 2 1997 Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Japan 970707)

    2577 mtrap 1 1981 Mouse Trap (version 5)

    2641 natodef 2 1982 NATO Defense

    2662 neckneck 1 1992 Neck-n-Neck (v1.2)

    2691 news 1 1993 News

    2685 newsin7 2 1983 New Sinbad 7

    2695 nibbler 2 1982 Nibbler (set 1)

    4516 ninjaw 2 1987 The Ninja Warriors (World)

    2697 nitedrvr 2 1976 Night Driver

    2647 nmouse 2 1981 Naughty Mouse (set 1)

    2746 nova2001 2 1983 Nova 2001 (Japan)

    2686 nyny 2 1980 New York New York

    2771 omegrace 2 1981 Omega Race

    2786 orbitron 2 19?? Orbitron

    2811 ozon1 2 1983 Ozon I

    2841 pairlove 2 1991 Pairs Love

    2842 palamed 2 1990 Palamedes (Japan)

    3838 panic 2 1980 Space Panic (version E)

    2905 pbaction 2 1985 Pinball Action (set 1)

    2911 pballoon 2 1982 Pioneer Balloon

    2898 phozon 2 1983 Phozon (Japan)

    2908 pinbo 2 1984 Pinbo

    2923 pisces 2 19?? Pisces

    2926 pitnrun 1 1984 Pit & Run

    2936 playball 1 1983 PlayBall! (prototype)

    3008 polaris 2 1980 Polaris (set 1)

    3024 ponpoko 2 1982 Ponpoko

    3041 popper 2 1983 Popper

    3055 powrplay 2 1985 Power Play

    3092 progress 1 1984 Progress3059 psurge 2 1988 Power Surge

    3144 puzlclub 2 1990 Puzzle Club (Japan prototype)

    3159 qbertqub 1 1983 Q*bert's Qubes

    3167 quantum 1 1982 Quantum (rev 2)

    3177 quester 2 1987 Quester (Japan)

    3336 redbaron 1 1980 Red Baron

    3340 redrobin 1 1986 Red Robin

    3351 rescue 1 1982 Rescue

    3362 ridleofp 2 1986 Riddle of Pythagoras (Japan)

    3385 ripcord 1 1979 Rip Cord

    2605 rocktrv2 2 1986 MTV Rock-N-Roll Trivia (Part 2)

    3459 roundup 2 1981 Round-Up

    3499 sadari 2 1993 Sadari

    3512 samurai 1 1980 Samurai

    3541 satansat 2 1981 Satan of Saturn

    3546 saturn 2 1983 Saturn

    4122 scfinals 4 1993 Super Cup Finals (World)

    3560 scregg 2 1983 Scrambled Egg

    3561 screwloo 1 1983 Screw Loose (prototype)

    4125 sdtennis 2 1983 Super Doubles Tennis

    4044 sfz2aa sfa2 2 1996 Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Asia 960826)

    3626 shangkid 2 1985 Shanghai Kid

    3650 shootbul 1 1985 Shoot the Bull

    3662 shuuz 1 1990 Shuuz (version 8.0)

    3694 skybase 2 1982 Sky Base

    3704 skylancr 2 1983 Sky Lancer

    3805 spaceint 2 1980 Space Intruder

    3848 spacetrk 1 1980 Space Trek (upright)

    3802 spacfury 2 1981 Space Fury (revision C)

    3826 spcking2 2 1979 Space King 2

    3870 spdcoin 1 1984 Speed Coin (prototype)

    3867 speedbal 2 1987 Speed Ball

    3895 springer 2 1982 Springer

    4280 ssozumo 2 1984 Syusse Oozumou (Japan)

    3927 stargrds 3 1987 Star Guards

    4230 stoffy 2 1994 Super Toffy

    3964 stratgyx 2 1981 Strategy X

    3967 streakng 2 1981 Streaking

    4064 strnskil 2 1984 Strength & Skill

    4108 superbug 1 1977 Super Bug

    4225 supertnk 2 1981 Super Tank

    4187 suprridr 1 1983 Super Rider

    4287 tactcian 2 1982 Tactician (set 1)

    4322 targ 1 1980 Targ

    4333 taxidrvr 2 1984 Taxi Driver

    4334 tazmania 2 1982 Tazz-Mania (set 1)

    1865 teamqb 4 1988 John Elway's Team Quarterback

    1987 knockout triplep 2 1982 Knock Out!!

    4763 ultraman 2 1991 Ultraman (Japan)

    4802 vanvan 2 1983 Van-Van Car

    4956 warpwarp 2 1981 Warp & Warp

    4974 wfortune 3 1989 Wheel Of Fortune

    4983 wildplt 2 1992 Wild Pilot

    4998 wiping 2 1982 Wiping

    5000 wits 4 1989 Wit's (Japan)

    5006 wolfpack 1 1978 Wolf Pack (prototype)

    5047 wsf 4 1990 World Soccer Finals

    5051 wtennis 2 1982 World Tennis

    4942 wwjgtin 2 1984 Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In!

    5103 xyonix 2 1989 Xyonix

    5106 yamato 2 1983 Yamato (US)

    5130 zerohour 2 1980 Zero Hour

    5148 zodiack 2 1983 Zodiack

    5158 zzyzzyxx 2 1982 Zzyzzyxx (set 1)


    When you guys will finally get the point ? :)






    Au fait Sparda, cette sous-merde ne peut bannir personne. Ils sont pas aussi cons que ça ici finalement. Tu vois un peu Louis de Funes dans la folie des grandeurs, mwarf ?

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