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  1. No new sopurce code toay, but a June 1st fix is up. I'll test it later, this should fix that CPS1 ghouls.zip soud and the slowdown. Its FIXED! Garoud.zip Stuck at Cross Test pattern: In June 1st, 2004 FBAXXX Spec, garoud.zip is stuck at the Neogeo Diagnostic Screen Test pattern and I can't seem to get out of it. Even though I have used the UniBios 1.3. Any clue as to whats wrong? Alos, in dire need of this new FBXXX Neogeo DAT file. Trial and error of differnt Neogo romset names is tiresome. Please release teh new FBAXXX src code and its Neogeo DAT. Thanks To all FBAXXX Team dev!!
  2. The old CPS1 ghouls n Ghosts(ghouls.zip) no sound bug and CPS 1 to CPS 2 back to CPS1 slowdown bug is back.
  3. I'm still lost, I need the correct DAT file for the 30 new Neogeo romsets. Prican..Can you email it to me? So I can get some of my NeoGeo romsets working again.. Thanks
  4. You look at the chankast.cfg, its only saving the Drive info. Wish it saved more stuff. Anyone able to get a vms game save to work from a downloaded game save from www.gamefaqs.com.? Like Marvel vs Capcom 2 game save? Its somehow combined within the vms.bin file on this nice Chankast Emu? So far, runing, slow a bit, MvsC2, Psyvariar2 on my Shuttle XPC SB51G Pnet. 4 1.7Ghz 256SDRAM PC via ifromt he alcohol120 virtual drive feature.
  5. Did anybody know that you can downlaod the source code of U64-X Beta1 from #xbins? Well, you can. Anyone care to fix this emu?
  6. What else is in it? Got the nfo file of it? More details..?
  7. I Requested it, its worth a try. try folks, ya never know.
  8. Not sure wich version it is, all I recall is it used to work on FBAXXX April 25th edition. It also runs on my Nebula 2.23 as Sengoku 3 (set 2). I checked and matched the romset names and crcs on the earlier FBAXXX April edition, so now it's un viewable on the May 10th edition of FBAXXX. I think, something was changed in the driver for it. Hmm?
  9. Anyone got a working Sengoku 3 on the new FBAXXX 05/10/2004 version? The P1 rom has a different crc now, I need the d449954e one. The earlier FBAXXX my sengoku 3 was runing fine, but now I can't see but a bunch of graphic glitches!
  10. you can simply register at Gogo's forum, and reply to the right post and be able to get the FBAXXX and the Special FBAXXX. Or PM me and I'll send you the special FBAXXX default.xbe
  11. New FBAXXX May 10th released! Garoun.zip runs without any red bar problems, CPS1/2 now have cheat options! I can now play as Mecha-Gouki in Msh vs SF!!! Although, I find that using the Moves feature for garoun.zip romset, crashes FBAXXX. Lots of other new features, go get it peeps!
  12. So, you got the non Prototype version of garoun working..? Right? I'm anxiouse to see Gogo's next FBAXXX with CPS1/2 cheats! Wahoo! Do you think Gogo will use your garoun romset fix and other romset fixes? I hope so.
  13. And what is "VMM"? What does it make new game do?
  14. Brightsons, don't know why your FBAXXX plays roms with soud stuttering, maybe you got some wrong crc and or romset files in your roms.
  15. in Gogo's regular FBAXX.rar file is a newromset.txt file, read that and you could re-name an rebuild your romsets to comply to work in that Special FBAXXX. Or you could read the source code for his FBAXXX for the d_neogeo.cpp file in notepad for the correct romsets and crcs for your roms.
  16. I always say, get them ASAP when the urls are posted please. You CAN PM GOGO or Artik for that Special FBAXXX. Or try the alt.binaries.CD.image.Xbox newsgroups. On forums in french are the urls for Kawa-XXX. Forget Kawa-Hex, his is better, but if you must tryit for yourself: KawaXXX:[url=Blah BTW, the url no longer works for his KawaXXX! Anyone wants it, should PM me and I'll send it tto them if its small, well the defaul.xbe is..
  17. A great site, but slow for Wallpaper for SNK and or CPS2 art is at: Fighters Generation
  18. No, but the specialfbaxxx url is the special default.xbe that lets you play the banned neogeo romsets.
  19. I don't recall exactly that feature, for MvsC 1 on the Dreamcast, if you did the Hyper/super team effect, you could have 4 human players. I think it only works in that mode. I'll do some testin on my Nebual MvS and on my Xbox version of FBAXXX with Marvel vs Capcom. Well, I can only setup 2 players on my Nebula version for MvsC.
  20. try, alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo
  21. Yeah, why do people have to piss off other people. I'd hate to see Lantus-X, and Tmaul and the other developers stop their fine work on FBAX.
  22. OH, so thats why its called a prototype. Thats OK.
  23. Garoup.zip (prototype) works well with Gogo Ackman's latest build of FBAXXX.
  24. I hope Gogo Ackman doesn stop his fine work. Wish Lantus-X would startup again, at this rate, Gogo could, maybe, be FBAX b5?
  25. Your probably right, Gogo's FBA files probably ate much of the bandwidth and he might have seen the urls posted on other forums and pulled out or something. I was guessing. Thats kinda why I say get em while you can, before its gets abused. And I await for his next verson so I can see what else is new to test out.
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