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  1. I think it would be very interesting developing a skin inspired at the Capcom cabinet filter for hd consoles: It takes full advantage of the lateral empty space of 16:9 tv sets, doesnt distort the proportions of screenshots and gives a cool arcade feel.
  2. Good ! Personally i prefer the improvement of the arcade experience than adding more home systems. Anyway, thanks for the time you spend for developing Coinops.
  3. There will be the alternative core for running smoothly the Midway games ?
  4. Thanks for this new release. Are the following changes included ? ----------------------- R5 Build ----------------------- Pole Position (Now Playable Properly) Pole Position 2 (Now Playable Properly) Hangon (Now Playable Properly) Super Hangon (Now Playable Properly) Hydra (Now Playable Properly) Double Dragon 2 (speed hack added) Party Time : Gonta the Diver II ( fixed Now Playable) Rad Mobile (fixed analog controls somewhat) Rad Rally (fixed analog controls somewhat) Sonic 3D (fixed analog controls somewhat) Spectrum 2000 (Background Sound Fixed) Syvalion (Now Playable Properly) Players Choices (now single screen bios) Fire Hawk (Background Sound Fixed) Cyberball (speed hack added) 1000 Miglia Great 1000 Miles Rally ( Fixed ) Great 1000 Miles Rally Evolution Model (Fixed) Mille Miglia 2 Great 1000 Miles Rally (Fixed) Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 (Fixed)
  5. In Snesorama appeared a link to what seems a new version of Surreal64xxx, do anyone know something about it ?
  6. Could a Xbox with a cpu of this class play smoothly a 720p mkv ?
  7. First Console = Pong clone First Computer = Sinclair Spectrum 16k Best Console Memories = Nintendo 64 Best Computer Memories = Commodore Amiga
  8. About the problem with locking the hdd, look at this: http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/lock-hdd.php it seems that some pc motherboards cant perform the command hdlock. So you may also try to do it with another pc.
  9. Does it refuse to lock also when you set manually the password with -p ? I remember that to lock mine it was the only way i was able to make it work.
  10. I dont think so, lockability of the disc doesnt depend by what you wrote in it. The only problem of a bad iso or of a bad password locking would be a boot error in the console.
  11. try LOCKHD -p passwordgeneratedbyliveinfo
  12. Okay, So I run LiveInfo in windows right? Also I downloaded live info and unzipped it, But I see ne .EXE file. Can you direct me to a reliable download link? try here: http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/~xbox/xbox-scene...6-Yoshihiro.rar
  13. If you builded correctly from scratch the new hdd in XBOXHDM using the backup of the old hdd and then you lock it with the right password, it should work. Are you sure that you lock it using the right password ? The password depends not only by the EEPROM but also by the hdd serial number. This is the reason because Liveinfo doesnt need only the XBox EEPROM backup but also the new hdd connected to pc. I think you should try this sequence: -with liveinfo in the pc and the new hdd connected to the pc, you calculate the right password -with the cd generated by XBOXHDM you build from scratch the new hdd -with the cd generated by XBOXHDM you lock manually the hdd using the password generated by liveinfo
  14. Try Liveinfo, it needs the new hdd connected to pc, also the backup of the eprom of the Xbox. It will calculate the right password code to lock the hdd.
  15. You can check the tutorials section in xbox-scene dot com, under Exploits/Softmod Guides. The easiest method is a xbox memory card where you put a special game save (you need a friend with an already modded xbox to copy the gamesave on it) and an original game disk of Mechassault, or Splinter Cell or 007: Agent Under Fire. Without the memory card you can copy directly the game save into the xbox hdd with the hot swap method, connecting the xbox hdd to an ide cable of a pc. Better you begin to check those tutorials, anyway all the possible methods are always a bit tricky and cant be called 'easy', at least they cant be explained quickly in few lines.
  16. The hard mod needs a modchip and some solderings (difficult) on the motherboard of the console. A soft mod can be done easily, being only software based. Changing the hdd can be done only after modding the console, and it is easier with a hard mod (you can just put a new hdd, with the softmod you have also to generate a special code to lock the hdd. anything is explained in softmod tutorials). So, the easier way would be softmodding and keeping the original hdd, it has enough space for Reignite, the games, the games screenshots for the menu. The video previews need a lot of space and arent strictly necessary, even if they look great.
  17. First you have to mod the console. The easier way is softmod, it is plenty of tutorials around. The stock Xbox usually has a 10 Gb hard disk, enough for a Mame based emulator as Reignite and a thousand and more of games with screenshots.
  18. Yes Fumanchu thanks for helping you supposed right. I overwrote R3, i always overwrote with the previous releases and it always worked. I also tried with Unleashx to delete all the gamesaves related to ignite and reignite ( i suppose you mean the gamesaves in UDATA en TDATA) and to make what i suppose is a clean install, deleting all the files and directories in reignite folder but roms and screenshots, and copying there the R3 package, but again, same result. Another strange thing i noticed is that it didnt automatically scan for roms the first time i launched the emulator, it always did that in the previous update. EDIT: problem solved. I deleted all the babe folders in E:\TDATA and reignite R3 worked well. Using the gamesave manager of Unleashx was not enough. Thanks for the help !
  19. I upgraded from R2 to R3 and something of strange happened... when i select a game it loads a game 2 or 3 places before in the list. For example, when i try to open Bonks Adventure it opens Bonanza Bros, that also appears broken (seems that the romset doesnt match the right one). The same happens for all the games i tried in my Reignite roms directory. I copied again Reignite R2 in the Reignite directory, and anything seems to work fine again. What i am doing wrong ?
  20. Talking about only things looking as possible, without doubts a better emulation of the first Playstation. I remember Connectix VGS, running perfectly in PCs much less powerful than the Xbox, without using any 3D acceleration. This proofs that technically a good Psx emulation could be possible. Better if with the option of launching directly Playstation cds, even at cost of changing the original dvd player. A good candidate could be pSX, it even seems that a Xbox port already exists but the author cancelled it for unknown reasons I also agree about some still unemulated Sega games as Powerdrift and Turbo Outrun, lets see what nes6502 will bring to us about this. And yes, Visual Pinball would be another great and welcome porting, making the black Xbox the ultimate old games repository ! ah i still hope in a tweaked Mame able to run Buggy Boy
  21. I agree about this, a list of new supported roms in Ignite compared to Gold (about 220 according to BritneysPAIRS) would be very useful, both for upgrading the romset and for the beta testing.
  22. yup! you can use mameox0.72 for the mk games with sound. Sorry in advance for the noob question... it is in theory possible to compile a version of Ignite with the faster MK drivers of 0.72 ? And... what about Turbo Outrun support ?
  23. Audio is disabled in Mortal Kombat for speed reasons ?
  24. Any hope to add Buggy Boy support in a future release ?
  25. Spindizzy Worlds on Winuaex (Amiga). An excellent Marble Madness type of game
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