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  1. Fantastic - and thanks so much for implementing analog controls! Edit: The playability of the following games are transformed by the new analog controls: Super Hang On Afterburner Outrun Turbo Outrun Space Harrier Chase HQ I'm in 1980s arcade heaven!!
  2. Sounds great to me - I'm also a big fan of keeping arcade and consoles separately. Although some games are similar (conversions), arcades are focused on short-bursts of play (tring to keep your 50p alive!), whereas console games can be much deeper, with each play lasting much longer.
  3. I have a small request for the next release: Could you add the following feature from Final Burn Legends 1.5: "D-pad can now be used to fine tune screen size. Use D-pad alone to scale the screen, use Left Trigger + D-pad to move the screen." This is important to me because I use the scanlines filter on my 720p TV, and if the vertical size or position is just slightly misaligned, I get a banding effect of the scanlines. You can see how this guy fine-tunes the FBL screen size to get his preferred "lighter" scanlines: Thanks for all the great work - so great to see the xbox still alive. The scanline effects of FBL and NestopiaX are amazing, and I love the composite (NTSC) effect too!
  4. Don't forget the fast boot time, I can be playing a game in 30 seconds from startup.
  5. If you're running low on space, I'd recommend maximizing the compression of your zipped roms by following this guide: http://eabmobile.abime.net/showthread.php?p=361987 You usually gain 2-5%, which can be a lot on a large collection. EDIT: In the same way, you can run any png files through PNG Gauntlet to maximize compression (losslessly). Also, I notices some of my roms contained various text/html files in the archive - you can remove them to save a few more bytes!
  6. Wow - I thought I was the only one who noticed (and was bothered) by this. It makes a big difference on those games which originally had analogue controls. Turbo Outrun and analogue controls would be heaven!
  7. I like to use both but to extend your list: wireless +can use from any distance away from TV -weaker vibration effect wired +stronger vibration effect -cable may break after too much 'wrapping up' This used to happen to me in the 1980s, when my mum made me put away my commodore 64 after every use - wrapping up the wire too many times used to cause it to fail! Much less likely to happen these days, as the cables are much stronger and better designed.
  8. Will definitely check these out. The most insane homebrew NES game I've seen is grandtheftendo: http://gta.wikia.com/Grand_Theftendo Not released, I only hope it is one day. Actually you can get closer to guitar hero on the xbox: http://www.synthdreams.com/shredz64.php It's a guitar hero homebrew for the C64! In vicex64, you can assign xbox buttons to buttons on the guitar (will need a bit of trial and error to work out).
  9. I hope so, I don't know how difficult it would be to incorporate the code, but I'm sure the xbox could handle it speed-wise.
  10. I'd like to report a game bug: On Pole Position (a favorite by default), the gear changer is not mapped properly by default. But there's another problem: even when you do map it, you can't accelerate in Hi gear. This means that the game isn't fully playable... I also wanted to say that Coinops rocks - keep up the good work!
  11. Any chance someone could PM me the link for the beta? This looks great. I'd like to test Pole Position and see if that's fixed (the controls). Thanks!
  12. I find this is the case with almost all hardware I buy! I end up replacing fans in most things (my freeview box, my xbox 1). Last month my brother's Marshall guitar amp started making a bad buzzing sound - he thought it might be the tubes wearing out. I opened it up and it was some stupid cheap small fan buzzing away. I wish manufacturers would design hardware so that it doesn't need fans (ok, that's pretty tough for a high-end graphics card!). My C64 doesn't have a fan and that still works fine!!
  13. This looks very interesting! Thanks for your hard work. Is there any chance of getting Turbo Outrun working in a future version?
  14. First of all, thanks so much for developing this - it's so much cleaner and easier to use than the old mameox versions, and it's great to see someone still pushing the boundaries of the great xbox! Now a question: I have a small problem with Pole Position: I can't use HI gear! First I mapped a controller button to the gear shifter, now I can change gear, but when I'm in HI gear, I can't go any faster than in low (it doesn't rev up any more). This means I can't get past the first checkpoint. Has anyone else had this problem - I believe it existed in several earlier versions of mameox, so it's not a coinops issue. It would be great if it could be fixed, because as far as I can see, Pole Position isn't really playable as it is. Keep up the great work!!
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