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  1. Does anyone know which directory to use for screenshots if screens are even possible to display in the main menu?
  2. Is there any way to map rotation to the controls for Forgotten World?
  3. Thank you Vermillion. I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff and your post put me on the right track. Now I have everything up and running without any problems. Thanks again.
  4. I grabbed FBA-XXX Special Edition, which works great, but does anyone know if the roms below should work and if not, which ones would i need: svcbl sngoku3n mslug4n mslug5n kof2k2nd cthd2k3 pim rotd I had the above working great with Ghost's version, but they no longer work on Gogo's latest.
  5. That was dumb... I need all those background images.
  6. I grabbed Gogo's version from below, but i can't get it to load. I deleted all but one background image and added a previews folder, but still no luck. Are you not allowed to have two version of FBAX on your Xbox? I currently have Gogo's latest and Ghost's version 2, which still works.
  7. I'd love to give GoGo's version of FBAX a try. Is it easy to find on the net?
  8. Sweet! It was the bios that was giving me trouble. Thanks for the tip. Now would you know if there's a way to make the skin for FBAX not cut off on the sides of the screen? ; ) Maybe it's because I'm on a 480p TV, but I thought I'd ask.
  9. I have version 2 of FBAXgh0st and I can't select characters when I play SvC Chaos. The select cursor won't move off the default character, but the sound effect of it moving will play. Is this a problem with the roms (svcplus and svcbl) or the emu? Also, I can't find gh0st version 3, but is there any major reason why I should upgrade? I figure I can hold out until there's a version of FBAX that fixes the sound in games like Strider, and the CPS2 to CPS1 slowdown. Thanks, Foolius
  10. I think you're right. I'll play some Darkstalkers and then notice the problems once I try to play Final Fight and Hyper Fighting.
  11. I thought I'd give Final Burn a try and noticed that performance starts going downhill after a play and quit out of a couple games. Is this common for FBA or is it because I'm running Beta 4.1?
  12. Thank you for the tip Prican25...it worked perfectly.
  13. Hi, I have garou and garoun in my roms folder as zips and whenever i load up the game in kawaks on my xbox, there is corruption all over the screen. the game runs but of course looks like shat due to the corruption. Both zips were labled as kawaks hacks so is there something else I might be missing? By the way, my default.xbe is the version that runs mslug5n.
  14. oh man, please tell me it's not that easy? i'll have to give that a try when i get a chance. thx for the info.
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