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  1. Ruby weapon was the hardest boss for me, the fact is we finally ended up giving up on him. I honestly think our game was busted. Me and a friend faught him one time for over 4 hours, and he never died, we even calculated the damage, and it was up there around a couple of million hit points. After trying to beat him for like 2 days, we said screw it. We even read that he had something like 600,000 hit points in a book, so there definately had to be something wrong with our version. We used every trick in the book and we had every item. Nothing would kill that thing. When we finally said screw it and started to fight Sepharoph, he was a piece of cake. We actually beat him in less then 5 minutes on the first go around. Of course all of our characters were level 99, but he went out like a little biatch.
  2. what about the nostalgic experience? sure you can sit on your couch and play any classic arcade game on your console, but its for sure not the same. what we need are arcades with nothing but purely classic games. not only would the games be more entertaining, but they would skew towards an older audience. that means no more playing against 15 yr olds. this is the sort of thing ive been tossing around in my head for awhile now. im just not so sure how commercially viable it is today considering that everytime i say to one of my friends "we should go do something", i get the response "ive got a big screen tv, 3 consoles, and a pc... why should i go anywhere?". to tell you the truth, thats a good flocking question. edit: i didnt even see your last post when i wrote that second paragraph. weird. edit 2: i think you are mistaken about the piracy thing tho, i dont think its an issue of laziness, its an issue of being cheap. i mean, who doesnt want everything for free? especially when you can have your movies, games, music, software... EVERYTHING that entertains us for free... I agree with you, the free thing is a big thing. But companies are thinking of making straight to download movies for a cost. And Itunes or whatever its called has been a huge success. I know that is a weak point. But Online dating, that is laziness to the max. Where is the thrill of the hunt when your hammared at 2 am, and your just trying to get some? As for having free entertainment. Here is my question, when was the last time you enjoyed a game. I mean enjoyed it. I haven't finished 1/100th of the games I downloaded. Guarenteed if I payed for them I would have. Its weird that now we have all this free stuff at our finger tips, but even if we do get it, we never use it, or enjoyt it for that matter. In case your wondering, it was Castlevania for the PS2 I finished. Game was great and enjoyable.
  3. It just makes me wonder if idiots are running different industries today. It seems that companies are very very slow to adapt to technoligical changes. It seems everyone thinks they could do business as usual while new capabilities leave them in the dust. It's true with the music industry, and its true for arcades. But the thing thats even scarier is that all technological developements are driving people out the street and into the home. For instance, "Honey, I don't want to go all the way to the movie theater to see that movie. Could you just download it off of the internet?" or "Man, I don't want to go to the store to buy that CD, I will just download it off the net" (At least for people who buy off the net, versus pirate)
  4. A lot of intresting things here. You guys are talking about something else completely. Your associating the arcade experience with fighting games which is pretty intresting. I bet most of you are between 17-30. You probably associate your arcade experiences with fighting games such as SF2 or MK. The problem is that fighting games brought a huge boom to arcade business in the early to late 90's. Now that craze is over. If your 26 like me, your not going to go to an arcade to Play a game against a 15 year old, you just feel dumb, especially since your just going to want to smack the kid. The problem is the 15 year olds aren't even playing these games, because they could have there 20 friends meet them at their house to play the game anyway. When I use to play SF I use to love to lose to assholes, because once I beat them, I became the asshole. But that fun is over. Now a days people go out to arcades to get an experience that you can't get at home. If the arcade can't provide the experience, then why go. If you want competition, get XBOX Live. You can talk all the trash you want, basically make someone cry if you like, with out having the chance of getting a beat down afterwards. Competition has found its way out of the arcade and into your house. Simple as that. Just remember, your associating fighting games with arcades because of when you experienced arcades. Life is different now. Just ask the Pac Man lover who thought fighting games destroyed the arcade.
  5. Sorry to say, but you are a leecher as well. If you play the game at home to get good, then you are still keeping quarters out the machines in the arcade. Are you contributing? Yes, but at the same time, back in '93 when SF2 was out, you had to practice in the arcade to get better. You know how much money I spent to learn just how to do a standing Jack Knife Combo, or the Guile Handcuffs? So, unfortunately, you can justify to yourself that you are contributing, however, you are still hurting arcades. I shouldn't preach by any means, I just admit I am a leecher. In either case, the fall of arcades should not be blamed on us leechers, it should be blamed on the arcades themselves. The fact is, now a days, you can get a better graphics game at home then you could get in the arcade. Not to mention the regular arcade machines that have broken controls (as mentioned), and cost 50 cents to $1 to play. You play for a half hour and you already spent $20. With another half hour, you could buy a game you will play for 40 hours on your home console. The arcade needs to learn to evolve, which it hasn't done. What could I get currently at an arcade that I can't get at home? 40" screens? I have a 50". Well, let me answer you, cabin games. At home I can't set up a formula one cabin, with tilting controls, speakers underneath me, three panel displays and so on. I can't setup an internal cased mech seat with 7 screens and a VR enviroment no matter how hard I try. These are the games that could save arcades. The BIG machines are the answer. Unfortunately, the mame cabinet is as extinct as the pinball machine. The problem is that arcades are holding on to these obsolete concept. They still think they could make all their money off of fighting games, and don't realize that if they spent the money on the newer arcade systems, they will be profitable once again. I know this to be the case, because near me in NY, there is an Entertainment center called Jillians, and all the games that are constantly being played are the one's I mentioned. Not only that, but the mech game is played 24/7 365 for $10 for 8 minutes. How much of a profit you think that machine makes? It is the arcades who are giving up because they think they can't compete with home systems. Once they start to give up, you start to have crappy arcades, that noone wants to visit, hence you have the death of arcades.
  6. Just curious, what is the difference between the dev kawaks and the kawaks loader version. To me it seems pretty much the same, except I may need to change some of the names on some of my roms. Is there any other difference? I am looking to use one of the two as my default emu for NeoGeo.
  7. So how long before you guys think this will work in a regular kawaks with kawaks loader? Last thing I need is another EMU shortcut on my screen.
  8. Very very nice site, I have been looking for something like this for a while. It makes rom variances easier to figure out. Thanks,
  9. So it works, but only in dev kawaks? Agoezer, what is the difference between dev kawaks, and regular. If there is a difference, any place to grab dev kawaks?
  10. Neo X, Does it really work? Have you tested it on Kawaks?
  11. The site requires a password, and I think the link for the game is messed up.
  12. Also, you could try this link: -Link removed. Read board rules.- The roms there work, but you need to toy with the names a bit.
  13. Hey Spiffy, where did you grab your rom from? If you look at the dat I created above, I have a completely different rom. CRC are different, and missing p2. Once again, I got it at the russian site. I have been looking like mad, but yet to find rotdd.zip anywhere.
  14. Hey Spiffy, Where did you get your rom from? Cause the Russian site doesn't have the rom associated with this.dat. I think there maybe a problem with my P1 and P2 files. Also, if you have a link for Rage of the Dragon that works on your kawaks, I would greatly appreciate it. My rom is missing files from what I can tell.
  15. Hey Guys, I used the info here for the ASR.DAT file for my newest Kawaks Loader (epic-center), however when I load CTHD2003, I get garbled graphics at the begining. All of my CRCs match. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Hey Guys, Could someone throw this in your asr.dat file and let me know if it works? I tried everything I could think of, and my loader just crashes when I try to put this entry in. I could use any of the other entries that were given here by other people, but I just can't get this one to work. I am wondering what I did wrong.
  17. Hey Guys, I tried to edit my asr.dat file with this entry: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: rotd Game: Rage of the Dragon (No Mame Set) [Program] 264-p1.bin,0,600000,B8CC969D,0 [Z80] 264-m1d.bin,0,20000,E5F42E7D,0 [samples] 264-v1.bin,0,400000,FA005812,0 264-v2.bin,400000,400000,C3DC8BFO,0 [Graphics] 264-c1.bin,0,800000,4F148FEE,0 264-c2.bin,1,800000,7CF5FF72,0 264-c3.bin,1000000,800000,64D84C98,0 264-c4.bin,1000001,800000,2F394A95,0 264-c5.bin,2000000,800000,6B99B978,0 264-c6.bin,2000001,800000,847D5C7D,0 264-c7.bin,3000000,800000,231D681E,0 264-c8.bin,3000001,800000,C5EDB5C4,0 [system] CartridgeID: 264 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% However, once I loaded it, my Kawaks loader crashed, any ideas why, and how I could fix this?
  18. Too wierd, I can't open any geocities sites. Thanks though for the direct links. Anyone else on NYC RR having problems? Update: I dled Opera, installed that, and it still won't open. I wonder if Road Runner in NYC blocked them, or if its a dropped Node, or some crap like that.
  19. na, that is not what I get. It says that error I posted. Behind it is a download box that says: Getting File Information: SVC_Fixes from geocities.com And has the regular screen for downloading.
  20. Yeah, Weird, I wonder if freaking Norton POS anti useless is blocking that page. Basically when I try to enter that page I get an error that says: Internet Explorer cannot download svc_fixes from www.geocities.com. Internet Explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later. Now what the hell is that?
  21. hey guys, anyone having problems with this link. At work I didn't, but at home I do: http://www.geocities.com/svc_fixes Also is there another place where I could find these patches? Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Is there a place where I could find fixes like this. I am looking for a fix for CTHD2003
  23. Thanks Agozer, I pretty much got my NeoGeo 101 out of the way. Is there any set places where to find fixes, etc?
  24. Thanks for all the replies Agozer, Have a couple more questions: 1) How can I find out the cart ID? 2) Hypothetically, if my rom set differs from the original romset, I could just make my own ASR.DAT to support my rom set, as long as the game is working within Kawaks. Is this true? 3) So to get KoF2k3 to work, we need for someone to release a patch, or is it an update of Kawaks that will play it? 4) Are V1-4 interchangeable from one rom to another. For instance can I use the V1-4 files from KoF2k1 for CTHD2003? Those files are missing in my rom set. 5) Are plus games hacks, or are they released by SNK? (ie: SvCPlus) By the way, the rom set I have of CTHD2003 was weird, I renamed the internal files, and changed it to match the asr.dat, however the graphics were all garbled on the first screen. So I thinking its something I did. You have any idea what could cause this? Bad Rom? I got it off the Russian site that is listed here.
  25. I found this really good tutorial here, http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...l=asr\.dat The questions I have are: 1) Some of the games in ASR.DAT have Parent Rom, which guy does not mention. How would you know when to make one, or when not to make one. And would that make a difference 2) What do you do if you have a m1d file? is that the same as a m1 file, just hacked? If so, does that use different numbers? Will the 0,200000 in this change?<the m1 filename with extension>,0,20000,<its crc>,0 3) In Cartridge ID, could you put in any random 3 digit number? I mean, I have roms that have 3 digit numbers, and others that don't. 4) Technically speaking, if this works. Then why can't you just use this technique to make KoF2003 work with Kawaks? What else needs to be done? Thanks for the help guys. Is there a site that has all this stuff on it? It would be very helpful if there was.
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