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  1. Ahhh >_<, the 269-m1d rom worked, but the 269p-p1.bin (CRC : e5794acc) didn't. IT downloaded but the CRC was wrong. Ahhh.. so close!
  2. Wow >> my saviour! Thankyou so much for finding these roms Spiffy! I'm never really very good at finding roms, just basic search engines and FTP sites. Any tips on rom hunting would more than be welcomed, Thanks again!
  3. I've already tried messing round with the rom names, and it still didn't work. I checked up on the CRC codes for the missing files using rom center and the Winkawaks Loader Dat file. This is what it said i needed: 269-m1d.bin (7f01dac5) and 269p-p1.bin (e5794acc) I had similar problems with Kof 2002 and 2001, but they were easier to fix as the files were quite common on the net. Any good suggestions for finding these files?
  4. Hello, I've just recently registered and from what i've seen, there are a lot of regulars who are very helpful with roms and emulation in general. I recently downloaded the svcplus.zip file from two separate webpages and found that both zips were missing identical files. They were the 269-m1d.bin and 269p-p1.bin, i've been looking for these files on the net but i havn't found any, does anyone know how i should fix this problem? I'm running them on a Kawaks 1.46 Loader, K-loader 1.6 from epic-center.
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