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  1. Thanks a lot for the share,the xbox is still the best emu console after all these yrs
  2. Great news thanks a lot cant wait for CoinOPS 3
  3. Great stuff thanks a lot just spotted this on ipt
  4. rommy667

    CoinOPS 2 R6

    Thanks so much all the new stuff rocks long live xbox it amazes me to this day what the blackbox can do
  5. Thanks a lot for the update its awesome :
  6. Thanks a lot for this awesome emu love playing it on the good ole box
  7. This is fantastic thanks a lot for all the work is their any way way you can make MAME run at 720p?? like fbaxx for some reason i cant find a single ver that runs at 720p,its strange as all most EVERY other xbox emu has this feature at this stage........
  8. Ive gotten a few .cdi to boot in this emu it uses a kinda weird system you have to edit the .ini files and put bios files in rom folder,for what ever reason i cant get nuldc to work at all it keeps getting stuck at time date screen it wont let me finish the screen when i press a to continue..
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