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  1. ken street fighterII turbo on snes. it sounds different on cps1, even though that ones the original, the snes version is awesome. for some reason the character select music on fatal fury 1 has alway appealed to me.
  2. haha...i kinda just grew bored of last blade 2. i thought the mood it set was just too boring and serious. thats just my opinion though. ill have to check out windjammers
  3. neo geo has its share of amazing AND bad titles. this is what i made of my collection: kof 98 metal slug (all of them) shock troopers sengoku 3 kof 2003...it is probably my favorite kof now that ive played quite a few times puzzle bobble neo drift out new technology samurai showdown 2, 4 garou svc blazing star i know im forgetting a few, anyone care to add?
  4. mass sticks are arcade-perfect. my friend had his for dreamcast, we used and abused those things.
  5. but i dont recall an emu supporting the nes zapper... http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~jslack/duckhunt.php enjoy!
  6. i dont really know how to use them, i only know how to use the ones pre-loaded with the 1.46 loader. but lets say...i want to use cheats for shock troopers (great game btw) where will i get them, and how do you install them?
  7. my brother used to sport the NES, i continued on with the SNES
  8. i want someone to review super metroid. i want to see other people opinions, cause i think its one of the greatest games ever created
  9. just use the 1.48 dev version as a temporary thing for now. the people on this thread are trying to make the rom work so we dont have to use the 1.48 dev version.
  10. that maiden masher site looks pretty comprehensive....but it the tiled backgrounds started to hurt my eyes. hahaha
  11. thanks man, this will keep me occupied.
  12. is there any good sf fansites where i can find character info and stuff like that, im just kinda bored and fighters generation is down . haha thanks guys
  13. amen to that. haha...im from orange county, and its nothing like the show depicts it to be. (cept newport )
  14. that whole thing about svc and ss5 for ps2...even if they were approved by the SCEA i dont think they'd sell very well. people wont shell out 40-50 dollars for a fighting game anymore, for the same price they can get a insanely deep game like gta or final fantasy. i think they should focus on adding more features to their games to attract the audience that the new age consoles have made. a practice mode and codes for bosses wont cut it anymore (maybe for some of us fight fans, haha ). im thinking of something along the lines of the soul blade quest on soul blade for psx (and soul caliber for dc) or the world tour mode (i forgot what that mode is called) on sf alpha 3 on psx. hell, even the tekken force mode for tekken 3 was fun for a little while. and it necessarily dosent have to be something of these formats. the people at snk/playmore are geniuses, im sure they can think of something great. if snk/playmore invested a little more time and money to cater for the console crowd, i think it would payoff.
  15. no one here uses soulseek? i find almost everything im looking for, and a little more. theres a couple of users who share mass numbers of gba roms as well. im in the process of fixing my dreamcast...what are some good p2p's for finding dreamcast isos?
  16. gee, just that simple. haha sorry. i have one more question, ive gotten street fighter ex plus to work just fine but when i load ex2 the game is much slower. what do i change under video settings to run iit faster?
  17. haha alright...ive encountered a problem. the keys that the readme assigns dont work, except for coin and start...also if you could teach me how to configure my joypad that'd be awesome
  18. awesomee much thanks man. ive been dying to play battle arena toshinden 2 for some time now. once again, thanks!
  19. i see... i dled the emu from emuhype.com and the FE. where do i unzip the FE? is there anything else i need to DL?
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