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  1. good lord...some of those 51 need to join and add a little something.
  2. my brother's roomate moved out a couple months ago, and he left a genesis that he bought off ebay. what are good games i should pick up? i always had snes growing up never was into genesis. btw it came with.... i think ALL maddens, nba live 95, nhl 95 (really fun, even better if youre a fan of the movie 'swingers') joe montana football, and this six-in-1 game with shinobi, streets of rage and a bunch of other games. any suggestions?
  3. Yes, if your really into collecting Neo-Geo games...Hell, I haven't bothered to get Samurai Shodown 1-3, Last Blade etc. etc. because they're basically the same game as the last installment in their respective series. i have to disagree with the samurai shodown comment. 1 + 2 are most alike, but 3, 4, and 5 are not very similar. btw i dont collect neogeo roms, and ive got the whole series.
  4. imo, is 98. -great cast -2 styles of play, adv and extra -98 also has excellent music, it sets the mood really well. the original character theme songs are awesome, something they discontinued in kof 99 -when kyo does his super when throws that tower of fire on the ground, he yells way loud (even though i dont know what he's saying), it just sounds freakin cool -kyo and iori dont have ridiculous supers, therefore not tipping the balance in the game only thing i dont like about this game: -the dumb outfit andy is wearing. i wish the designers at snk came up with the cool ass one with the plain white vest + black sleeves sooner. (i use andy) -the announcers voice can cut glass ill have to think about this some more...
  5. pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and black olives. yum yum
  6. man.....i love you. seriously. it was the windows 95 trick, now it works perfectly. svc is amazing!!!
  7. alright, i stumbled upon this site, and it looked quite convincing that all of the roms work. however, i downloaded their version of kawaks, and i looked under the rom list and it dosent list the games they have for download. if anyone can help me to get them to work, ill love you and battle you on kaliera (im not much good though) much thanks, arjay.
  8. ive got one of these: it has possibly the worst d-pad ever. the rest of the buttons work fine.
  9. which gba emulators support multiple windows for link play?
  10. you use your keyboard? i dont think my keyboard can read more than 3 keys at once, so some supers would be impossible to pull off haha...
  11. yeah, i realized i may be behind the competition cause im using a generic playstation-style controller for online games. what do you think is the best deal for getting a usb joystick...(6-button capcom style)?
  12. haha thanks...i know its really damn simple and i just realized i posted in the wrong forum. im still amazed by the fact that they have online play for these fighters. im so used to flushing away quarters at the arcade. this is all leaving me speechless. haha.
  13. how do you properly quit a net game? sorry im such a damn noob.
  14. as soon as i click "import" the screen blanks and takes me back to windows. from there it wont even start up until i unzip it again, where the import problem rises again.
  15. EGCG NeoRAGEx... Get it from http://www.neogamez.net i have this emulator and when i try to start it up, it just brings me back to windows. i have it in the same folder as my metal slug 5 hacked neorage. is there a problem here?
  16. i usually use neorage + mame to play my fighters. a while back i used kawaks to play roms and after each time i played my computer would crash. but now that i see that most you use kawaks to play samsho5, svc chaos and metal slug 5. if theres anyway i can stop kawaks from messing with my computer after i play OR anyway i can get samsho5 and svc chaos (i already got metal slug 5 to work)to work with neorage, please let me know. id appreciate it A LOT. oh yeah im not sure if i asked this yet, but are neorageX or mame32 compatible for netplay? once again, much thanks. arjay
  17. does this kaillera thing work for neorageX or mame32?
  18. what up guys, i have some (i really stress the word some) experience with roms + emulators. ive been intrigued ever since i had dial up, starting off with nes and snes games. since then ive been into fighting/neogeo and gba games. nice to see an english site thats into the emulation scene. (ive come across tooo many spanish sites haha) peace, arjay
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