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  1. well thanks for all of your work you have put into win2ds it has come in handy for me monkeynz. Thanks
  2. Sweet Thanks!! Getting this now
  3. Hey monkeynz I have a request. I have two different login in users on my pc. I opened up win2ds on one and it works then i switch over to the other user and i tried to open it up in there but obviously it didn't work because the port was already being used in the other user. So what I'm asking here is can you make it possible to have it work with different ports so i could have one open with the two users on my pc. BTW this program is great!! i love the new dual screen zoom! Thanks
  4. Alright thanks for the replies too bad this won't work
  5. So uh does anyone know if this is possible?
  6. Hey thanks for the update it works great. The only question i have is how do you play videos. I clicked on a folder that had a avi video in it then i turned my ds on went to virtual desktop and no video was playing i'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong.
  7. Ok i was kinda stupid. I can use all of the releases on my pc but i have to turn down the speed cause my pc is slow. I like the new win2ds version it does make it go faster.Keep up the good work Thanks!!
  8. It doesn't need much memory to run, its more CPU intensive, as its taking lots of screenshots of your PC desktop and reducing them, then encoding them as JPEGs. I could put a switch in the server which will allow it to use less CPU time for those of you with older computers, either by not using as high quality resizing or by slowing the refresh rate. What CPU do you have and what speed? (Go to My Computer->Properties or System Information under accessories to find out) Ok my computer is a Dell DIMENSION DIM 2400 Intel ®. Pentium® 4 CPU 2.20 GHz 2.19 GHz, 768 MB or RAM. I hope thats the right information. BTW i am pretty sure that it isn't my firewall becasue i have turned it off and have closed other applications that i have that have shileds or firewalls.
  9. Ok i think i have figured out the reason why it doesn't work for me. I checked out the cpu of my pc and when i connected with my ds to my pc it using win2ds it went up to the 90 and 100 percent. That pc has around 750 megabites of ram. I tried win2ds on my other pc and that pc has 1 gig of ram and when i used it with that pc the pc's cpu was at 60-70 percent and it worked perfect. So i think it might be the ram.
  10. I'm using R4 and it work. How did u get yours to work?
  11. Is this possible? I thought it might be possible because with a psp you can but i don't have a psp i have a ds and it would be sweet if i could control my ps3 with it. I tried googling it but i didin't find anything. So if anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Thanks
  12. I can't seem to get this to work on my r4 still. Does anyone have this working on their r4
  13. Ok i have the server from 0.7 and i have that file 0.7 on my r4. I did exactually what you said i actually have already tried that and it still doesn't work. It takes my ds 10 seconds to get the botton screen on then 4 more seconds for the zoomed screan to go on. Then if i try to do anything i get no response and when i use my computer after that it is all locked up and frozen untill i can open up the server and stop it. Then it works all good again. When my computer is frozen and right before i stop the server i see it says that its sending all of these pictures to my ds. How come i'm not getting them? I had the 0.7 running on another computer and it worked great on that one it was soo good. So i don't understand why it won't work on this one. I do have realVNC running on this computer and i can use that with my r4 and it works but it doesn't work as good as win2ds IMO. So any help would be appriciated
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