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  1. I don't think you should be worrying yourself this much over it. From what you say, she initiated it. Yeah, it takes two to do the deed in most cases, but she is running on the border of rape. haha She probably feels worse about it than you do. But what you need to do, is, the next time a chick thinks that they have to have sex with you for what ever reason, and you don't want it, try denying them, and doing what you can to make a concious effort to avoid it if you regret it this much in the end. If you have to be a douche bag in doing so, then do it. Think about yourself, and your feelings, and how it's going to effect you in the long run. Don't think about this one chick who want to be your one night stand. A tip though, STAY AWAY FROM CHICKS WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM. odds are they'll do you in a heart beat. Also, if you don't want to be with chicks right now, tell em you're gay. Tell em you like hot rods. I think you shouldn't let this worry you like it is. As far as your friend's girlfriend, talk to her. Ask to speak with just her, if you're real worried about her opinion of you. Tell her how you feel. I think she'll appreciate it more that you came and talked to her about it, and didn't just seem like some horn dog just in it for the tang. And if you want to talk to her friend again. Let her know where you stand on this. Just be sincere. Don't fret over things like this, cover you're grounds, and be safe in whatever you do decide to do.
  2. I haven't really played Devil may cry 4, but I'm not too interested. the only differnce being that arm weapon. the cut scenes looked good, but I think that the game play being pretty much exactly the same as all the others just makes it boring. I don't want to jump, shoot, shoot, crazy weapon thing, shoot, and then land. I like the combo aspect, it gives one something to aspire to, but in my opinion that's the only challenging thing. As far as street fighter goes, the only fighting games I'm good at are soul calibur, and Mortal combat. Everything else I pretty much blow like a hooker at. And I really liked metal gear solid 3, so naturally I want to play some of that 4. I plan on it at some point. it's just right now we're looking for something that 3 people can play. Little Big Planet is challenging as hell, and it pisses me off cause everything is so cute. What I would like though, is another Time Splitters game for the PS3.
  3. The vulcan is the god of metal and fire. that's statue is the united states second tallest statue, and I live about 20 minutes away from it. and what's that's supposed to mean? lol
  4. this is my boyfriend, chris, and me at the Vulcan This is Vulcan hahaha and here's me before I left FL
  5. Here's a quick list of what I got. condemned 2 far cry 2 assasin's creed dark sector resident evil 5 lost planet medal of honor- airborne Star wars the force unleashed MLB 08 the show Call of Duty 3 Lair Prince of persia Sonic overlord II lol...Narnia Little big planet Guitar Hero World tour Oblivion
  6. So, I just moved to Alabama, and we have playstation 3 here. I don't know what games to get. We have GH3, Condemned 2, Little Big Planet, Prince of persia, resident evil 5, and some more 1st person games, but we're looking for something to get that has a good replay value. I wanted to get Soul Calibur but my friend doesn't. lol we just don't know what to get. we also want a game that can play more than 2 players. Help a bruthah out
  7. I have to take it for the cysts on my ovaries. it shrinks them and makes my cramps and what not hurt as bad or at all. Also it makes it so one of them doesn't burst.
  8. yeah, from soul caliber three. Dude, I was so disappointed with him. His shading was terrible his face was very plain and simple for a character that's supposed to be awesome. Quite frankly, he looked like a rusty metal paneled wall, with huge, very wiry fire wings. He has some bad ass attacks, he just looks more lame than his name makes him sound.
  9. For the record. I am not fat. haha well, boobies already swell from it... the last four pills for the month are "inactive ones" that cause you to have your period. so I don't know about it causing bleeding. As far as emotions go, I know it would make me a mad crazy biatch. I could probably shoot one solid burst of fire out of my eyes and then my ovaries would explode.
  10. oh, of course I wouldn't try it! I was just wondering what it might do. Cause I know that if a girl takes a viagra, it only makes her sick... and I know that birthcontrol has psychoactive elements of some kind that change the way the girl thinks as well as making her boobs bigger and causing weight gain. Simply wondering to know, that's all.
  11. Well...? I was just wondering last night. Also I was wondering if there was any kind of stuff on the internet that says it. I haven't looked yet.
  12. I love em! I have a bunch of em. Even a weird hairless one named Moby. I think everyone should have one.
  13. Hamlet 2 as well as a movie called porn from the past. that is a must see.
  14. I'm getting the name of a lesbian friend of mine tattooed on me. hehehehehehahahahaha in an equal sign, just makes it even better, doesn't it? I do really want a side piece done.
  15. what's up my noggas?! you guys and your sexist bullshit..... haha I don't care, cause I know how to cook a good steak, and if you'd like to be a cock bag about it, ask belthasar. ;p oh, and belthasar, you've had your ass handed to you a few times, like in soul caliber 3 a plethora of times....
  16. as you all know I have one tattoo of a penguin head that I drew. A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, and she has a star, which I think is over done, and an equal sign on her spine up by her neck, cause she's a lesbo. but, she told me that she'd do any tattoo for me, if I could tattoo myself first. haha sounds good to me, a free tattoo of any size, or design if I can first tattoo myself. Sounds like a plan. i like tattoos though, but I don't like leg tattoos, or tramp stamps, personally, it makes a girl look bad. Neck tattoos, it depends on what and where... I've seen some odd gullet tattoos on people at the mall and I'm not too fond of them. I love full back tattoos though. and face tattoos are a no go for me. oh, and I'm not a skinny chick, nor a fatty either, but I don't really like where my tattoo is exactly, but its all good, I love the picture. I've put it up before though.
  17. I beat the crap out of Majora's mask, and I loved it. Got all the masks, too. So, booya! in your face Willy-Nilly. Ever play forsaken? that game was alright, but I also played a lot of 007. I have a lot of games on the 64, a lot of bad games, too.
  18. It had it's funny parts, it was alright, I wouldn't go out and buy it personally, but it was worth it just to see Robert Downey JR. black.
  19. Art is in the eye of the beholder and I dont think that anyone should say that something is "bad art" because thats bullshit. Art is an opinion. that's all it is to me. I think that in saying that someone's art is crappy makes you a closed minded individual, and that you need to open up your horizons.
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