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  1. I believe that if anyone will shoot you up with water, so you could get used to the way it feels, is never going to be a good person. But that's the way I feel. I'm kinda more worried about the guy's friends than I am about him. He wasn't doing all those drugs alone. Like, Erica did morphine a few times, and that super fucked her up. She was thinking that her father was paying her friends to hang out with her, so they could tell him what she was doing. Then she saii=d that she put a kite in a tree with a red blinky light to "distract" the cameras... She was nuts before. Now that she has this baby, she's grown up a whole lot, and I'm just worried that she's going to regress, because she'll do anything you tell her to. Another thing I'm worried about is that her son is only 9 months old, she needs to be spending the night with him, not going out and drinking, and staying the night at the Ryan guy's house. But that's how I feel. I feel like, when you have a baby, your time of doing all that shit is over. The second she decided to keep that baby, then her life becomes all about him. But, that's how I'd be. You have a baby, you sacrifice all that stuff. She feels like if someone is there to babysit, then she can stay the night out. Ugh, that shit bothers me. And I don't know how much better a foster care system would be for him. I know a few kids that came from them, the kinda kids whose parents ignored them, or abused them. They're really messed up. But I know there are good foster care places out there, but who knows how lucky her son will be to get into one. Downtown Orlando is a baaad, baaad place, and odds are he'd end up in one there because that's where Erica's councilors are based. I know I'm too worried for it to not be my situation. She wont answer my phone calls, and what not, so I left her a message telling her I'm done, that this isn't my business, and she can do what she wants. She wants me to fail at life in Alabama so I can come back to Florida, and I told her that if she fucks up because of this guy, I'm not coming back. That's the best i can do. She's the only real reason I would go back to that god forsaken place anyway. My mom is the only other person I'd go back there for, but she'd come here for me all the same.
  2. ewww. >< my friend's mom went to this thing called sorority and it was some sort of retreat, and this one lady brought a suitcase of sex stuff.... and this was like some geriatric old person not some kind of milf or anything.... or g-milf......ewwwwwwww
  3. So, here's the scoop. I've known my friend Erica for 18 years now, ever since we were about 3. She'd been my neighbor my entire life. For a while there, she was getting herself into some dumb shit. Fatal Rose has talked to her on the phone, and I've talked to him about her, so he knows, and Krosigrim has met her before, so he knows a little about her too. Well, recently she had a baby. She's 20. Now, here's the dilemma: She has recently started to go to school, she has her first job, and she got her first care. The dilemma is this, she has started to see this guy, who she thinks might be the father of her baby, but he is an "ex" heroin user, and he got out of jail recently for credit card fraud. Erica has a record of her own that's well over a year old, but because of "psychological" problems, they keep an eye on her, and I'm sure that if she messes up one more time, they're going to take her baby away. She is a great mother. Her problems don't get in the way of that. I'm just worried that something will happen to her because of this guy. Another reason why I'm involved is because Erica isn't the smartest person, and I've always been her bodyguard so to speak. I've been her conscious and since I recently moved away to Alabama, 500 miles away from my home town in Florida, and where she still is, I can't look out for her and make sure she makes the right decisions. I'm worried that this guy is going to manipulate her to where she can't talk to me anymore, and I'm worried something will happen to her, or worse, her son. I moved away to get away from the problems there, but they seem to have gotten worse since I left. I don't know what to do. I'm in a rut, and at risk of losing my best friend because of some douche bag druggy. HELP!
  4. Just camp out a occasionally with a bazooka and fuck a tard up. Or jump out naked and start screaming madly waving your arms frantically and maybe mention something about time travel. That might do something. Works for me.
  5. I think it just depends on what kind of girl you're with. All girls like porn. It's just a matter of finding a girl who admits to it.
  6. http://www.bmovies.com/movie_page.php/Bad_Taste I do say watch this if you are bored and have the time. unless you've seen it already
  7. oh man, I hate that too. I knew a girl once who did that and she was like 16. when she woke up, her eyebrows would be smeared all over her forehead. Shit creeped me out. She looked like a damned alien.
  8. Why would they need muscles when they can use telepathy. Also, you can't forget, they can make interstellar telephones with speak and spells, umbrellas, a record player, saw blades, coffee tins, aluminum foil, a big 9volt, and some string.
  9. So I'm watching E.T. for the first time since I was a kid, and all I have to say is WTF. Someone calls another kid a douche bag, then Elliott tells his brother he has penis breath, and elliott's brother says, "shit" at one point. Not to mention the fact that it's creepy as fuck. Like when E.T. and Elliott first meet and he drops the reeses on the blanket, E.T. looks like a petophile. He's all up in that kid's business. Then, although the frog scene was pretty funny, E.T. get's wasted and turns on the TV. He sees Tom and Jerry, grins, chitters, and throws a beer can at it. Then of course there's that creepy ass scene where elliott's brother finds E.T. in the river with what seems to be a raccoon gnawing on his head. not to mention when he's dying and he's all powdery. This movie just creeps me right out. I was never scared of it or anything, but for god's sake if this shit were real, that elliott kid sure wouldn't be all like, "ooh mind meld with me" At the beginning, there is one scenario that probably would have happened if a creepy ass alien were inside someone's tool shed: The kid's run outside with knives.... In real life, the movie would have ended there. The kids rush in and stab E.T. to death. Another thing might be that there actually were coyotes, and they eat Elliott, or even E.T. What do you guys think? Is it just me, or is this movie even weirder now that I'm an adult?
  10. I just found this, it's obviously kinda old. lol The reason i'm posting anything is because my friend has 2 3DOs. hehe. I remember plaything that thing all the time. They also had a jaguar with one game. but the 3DO had a few more. That whole concept of the games being more movie than games is just retarded.
  11. I've always heard that waking a sleep walking person is a bad idea. I have never done it, and I don't know anyone who does that's been woken up. My brother sleep walks but it usually only happens when he has to pee. One night he had been drinking and he went back to his girlfriends house, and was completely shit faced. He started sleep walking in the middle of the night, and peed all over the floor, in her clothing hamper, and on the computer keyboard. Another time he was camping with my dad when he was 13 or so, and he woke up to pee, I guess, but instead, he stood up, and started clawing at the tent, and screaming "get me the fuck outa here!" But there are countless times he'd woken up in his room or my dad's and getting dicombobulated. he'd end up peeing on the floor or the wall under his lightswitch. My sister used to sleep walk too. she was staying the night at her friend's house down the street. My mom woke up to my sister standing over her. she told my mom that she had to go pee or something, and my mom told her to go to the bathroom. my mom got curious of the fact that she was there, and watched her leave. my sister climbed out her own window, walked down the road and then climbed back into her friend's window. She had no recollection of this at all. I'm just glad that I never sleep walked. I've talked and that's it.
  12. I heard on the news in Orlando that teenage girls and young women from like 17-22 or so have also been getting hit badly, but generally if they have a preexisting problem. I'm not sure what kind, but I'm like, "crap".
  13. hehe how bout this. i know it's not pixel art, but I saw it when I was on my photobucket.
  14. I don't know about you guys, but I really hope it comes out this year.
  15. this is sweet... all I can do is make a car out of a person that resembles a drag racer.
  16. So I have been looking online and trying to find a release date for this game. Apparently the people who bought out Free Radical don't think the game has a large enough fan base, so the game is on hold. I blame Halo. Halo was nowhere near as fun or extensive as Timesplitters. Anyway, does anyone know anything about this game and when it's coming out?
  17. is pixel art just what you do on microsoft paint or something? or does it just have to look like an NES game?
  18. It's also super addicting once you get the hang of all the switches and triggers. I stayed up until 6 in the morning to only have had made a 3 roomed level, and it's nowhere near done.
  19. Creating levels for any game is one of my favorite things. One of the reasons why I think there should be a Time Splitters next gen game... anyway, has anyone ever played the level creating on Little big planet? You can do some crazy stuff with this game.
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