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  1. hello kenshiro, could i test the beta please.i can't pm anymore?
  2. think you have to hold a controller button down on boot for original,dont have my gc to check.do you get qoob menu when boot with no game
  3. i got a black ds, i like the way you control metroid with the stylus,its a bit like fps game with mouse.playing demos, homebrew via download & play is cool.shame there's no support for gbc but an emu is on its way.i like it but there's more homebrew for psp at the moment.
  4. apparently some cubes need a laser tweak, must have been lucky here.i've had no problems using nero & ritek G05.i would like +RW working for homebrew though.i hear people are reading up to 2.1g with full size media.the mp3 player was packed with 1.2 bios
  5. i have qoob pro,have only tested with datawrite blue DVD-R G05 full size they work flawless erase qoob bios & flash qoob 1.3 in slot1 chip gets power from usb when flashing don't power GC
  6. i thought gogo's kawa-xxx did this,and aren't you working on one that adds a load of games and removes just the 4 glitched
  7. does anyone know how to do this,i have most games running with swap method.
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