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  1. yo man, sorry if you people dont want to believe my stories. i just like posting at this place. maybe if you guys answered my questions once in a while id post some more? how do u guys expect people to stick around? as i said when i first signed up here, my bro set this account up as he visits this site everyday. he told me to post in the lounge, so thats where i usually check. thanks fatal rose for backing me up
  2. hey all, its been a very long time since i last posted here. sorry for all dat, my girls have been too horny these days. the crazy thing is that i only have 1 serious girlfriend, but i got a lot of my old gals calling me up to hook up. i can not resist the urge. some of these girls are really looose though, know what im saying? i feel like im swimming my wang in pudding. damn hoes!!!! i love white chicks more than black chicks though. black chicks are good but it takes too much energy to get them satisfied. white chicks are easy, few ups and downs and theyre padding me on the back. you guys like black chicks or white chicks? i try to stay away from asian chicks, theyre too loud. they flocking scream too much and i get an earache and headache after the sex is over. now i know why so many guys online love asian chicks, probably because their wang is too small and asians dig everything and anything. thats cool and all, i respect dat, as id do the same. get what pleases you da most. its good to be back at dis place. im gonna post more now that i have my own computer. take care.
  3. yo man thats cool. you guys ever been shot at?
  4. i was outside with my bro and a few buddies. we were playing some football out on the dirt and some of these gangstas start walking into the middle of our game. i told them to get the flock off the grass so we can play some ball. one guy had this spray can in has hands and just started shaking it and sprayed a line on the grass separating us from them. they told us if we cross the line while we play our game, we're going to get flocked up. i told him hey, we dont want want trouble, we just came here to have some fun. then this bag flabby crap came in front of my face and spit on the football in my hand. as soon as he turned his back, i threw the football at his head. then the son of a biatch started screaming at me and took out his gun from his pants and started shooting at the ground. he then told us to get the flock out of the grass. we kept asking them what they're problem was. then his other friend took out his gun and started shooting at our feet. we started running and they got one of my buddies in the leg. one bullet scraped my arm, but no biggy. we got out of there safe and we took my buddy to the emergency room. flocking gangstas.
  5. my buddy told me that they are going to make some more porno films on the hd-dvd. is that true? i have been waiting for this all my life. to see so many more naked women in full detail like its the real crap is stuff i only see in my dreams.
  6. i understand that. i think its a great idea you studyin womens body. i hit the sexual books when i was in elementary school. you got to know what your dealin with.
  7. yo yo yo yo ... that aint cool dog. why you keep picking up on me? ya all know i only do crap with women. what ya dont know is that the size of the mouth is necessary for the area of the womans g spot. please dont ask for more detail.
  8. i love cheetos. i bet you i can stick 25 of those cheetos in my mouth. back in my old days i did a lot of mouth exercies for the ladies otherwise they dont reach full pleasureability. but i also bet you that if you asked a woman, they could easily stick 35 in their mouth. youd be surprised.
  9. Quoting because I feel like insulting you just because it seems fun to tease you. RTFR. That insult hurt deeply Wizard.....its funny cause we have something in common you lost it in a bathtub *Allegedly* and It was really your mother who I lost it to in a bathtub in the abandoned building. hmm i really should get tested, never know what your mother has in her.....dats how a insult should be. Who want to randomly diss me next? yo! shitttttttt ... motherflocka. never ever insult someones momma like that? who the flock raised you? back when i was your age, i was wanging it to some playboy magz or some penthouse. it gives your dong some good exercise until you hit the big leagues. know what im sayin?
  10. motherflocka, you're only 15? and that age you got to do what your momma says. no one is a pimp at 15. yo dong hasnt even hit maximum size. hit the books or some crap for now. oh and i think hes talking about "hustle and flow". and yo, it was a 1-900 numba. i got that mixed up.
  11. what da flock is wrong with you people? there is nothing wrong with wanging it every night. i have been doing it for the last 20 years. as long as you got some lotion like solidius said, it works well. ya know how many rapers would be out there if they didnt wang it? sure i dream of licking a woman up if she has a nice booty, but am i really going up to her, pulling up her skirt, pulling her underwear down, and start licking her? no! dreaming and imagination is my own territory and no one can take that from ya. flock perversion.
  12. you can create a sexual assistance hotline. i did that for a few years and the amount of calls i got were crazy!! a buddy of mine set up a 1-800 numba for me and we stuck it in some newspapers or put the number on some walls. we got the idea from the movie "the ladies man", hahahaha. i loved that crap. who would have eva thought girls have so many problems in bed?
  13. i just retired from being a gigalo for the last 14 years. you can build a big address book after that long. the good stuff about being a gigalo is that you can flock so many girls. just a lot of them tend to be too fat or did not take a shower for the last week, but yo yo, pusssy is pusssy right? it all feels good in the end. i just close my eyes and picture some good crap in my head. i started when i was 19 too. and yo anotha thing, you should get tested. i always wear 2 condoms incase one snaps from all da force. a lot of these girls are too flocking dirty. the ones that want your dong more are the worst. my buddy t-smallz has had HIV for da last 8 years. the drugs this motherflocka has to take is flocked up.
  14. a few of my buddies and i played gta a week straight when my bro bought it the week it came out. the game flocking rocks! personally, it allows me to express my anger virtually. i cant wait for gta4, but i dont have a ps3. who the flock wants to buy that crap? my bro told me it has no fun games.
  15. my bro bought this game last year. it flocking rocks! i love beating the guys up. thank god for all these beat em up games. nothing can beat grand theft auto though.
  16. by choice? do you enjoy wanging it every night? ya know you want to stick your dong into that woman. i agree with solidius23 on this one. you got to test drive the woman, spin that baby around, and play with her. you think the religious people didn't have sex with no women? of course they did. it's a part of life. enough of this consverative bullshit. what if you do get run over by a car tomorrow? want to die a virgin? oh helllllll noooo. go grab a girl and tell her to take her underwear off and go all in. before it's too late yo. First of all , the reason i am a virgin is NOT because of religon. I try to be a spirtual person, and having sex for the sake of having makes a person nothing more than an animal. If there are no emotions involved then you're doing nothing more than wanging it inside a girl. Second of all, i have not 'wanged it" in years. Again trying to achieve a higher sense of spirtuality is the reason, and it's actually worked out for me quite well. Controlling animal urges DOES have it's benefits. Third of all, why the rush to Lose your virginity? because some flocked up kids in your life think you're a loser if you DON"T lose it? "oh i gotta lose my virginity because everyone else is doing it". yeah, i might as well shoot up crack when everyone else is doing it. so yeah you enjoy your way of life that works for you, and i'll enjoy mine that works for me. yoooo man! just relax. that's cool and all that you dont feel like sticking your dong in any ol girl. but just to be serious, why not? dont put the pusssy on the pedestal. we all know that. and yo man, you got to tell me what kind of yoga and crap you doin. how the flock you manage to not wang it for so long? are you buddhist? if i dont flock some girl or wang it for a week, i feel like im going to grab any woman and pull her pants down and lick her all over. luckily, i dont do that because i wang it before that ever happens. oh and hey were all animals. dont pretend just becuz your a human you got more power than any other mammal. the supreme one got our chemicals and crap programmed to flock girls. thats how reproduction works thats how the world works. dont try to be a robot. just live life how your made to be. thats what i believe. flocken all night is what like i do best. bless the creator of the condom.
  17. by choice? do you enjoy wanging it every night? ya know you want to stick your dong into that woman. i agree with solidius23 on this one. you got to test drive the woman, spin that baby around, and play with her. you think the religious people didn't have sex with no women? of course they did. it's a part of life. enough of this consverative bullshit. what if you do get run over by a car tomorrow? want to die a virgin? oh helllllll noooo. go grab a girl and tell her to take her underwear off and go all in. before it's too late yo.
  18. Ok you HAVE to get more detailed then that. Alright here is my story, I already admitted that I would exaggerate my times with women due to me being ashamed and shy etc... Well I already told this story over at 2emulation a few years back, so here it go's again. I was at a bar/club in TJ (Mexico) and this unbelievably HOT Latin chick came up to me. I was VERY VERY drunk. She was very interested in me and asked if I wanted to get a room. We did and she provided the condom. I could not believe this was happening. I was so happy. We had sex in many ways, but it was taking me forever to finish. She then said something like "no more time" I was like what the hell? We did no kissing or touching really. Just straight sex. I eventually found out that my friends PAID her to come up to me and have sex with me. I could not believe it. They were like don't worry you wore a condom. So I immediately got checked for HIv/STD's afterwards. Thankfully I was all clear. Seven months later I was checked again just to be on the safe side, and yes it all came back negative. So there you have it, my sad pathetic story. Things have improved for me, but yeah. What a sad first time huh? A few months after this happened I had my first relationship and had sex again the right way. so the first girl you had sex with was a hoe? not bad man. its better than wanging it for years or flocking a fat chick. although your friends obviously knew you were desperate. i would have punched them in the face, that just ain't flocking cool. as for HIV? ya know how rare that is? you paranoid man.
  19. hell no, thats how i found my buddy t-smallz. he protected me from that crap. i got no problem with guys who like guys, i just dont want them going after me. i like women, and that is it.
  20. okay, since my bro is a virgin, i'm getting a little scared a lot of people here are too. i want to know, you guys virgins or what? if you lost it, how did you lose it? what's your story? here's mine. i was 16 years old back in queens, new york. yeah, it was a long time ago, but whateva. so there was tis girl named Latiqua and damn this girl was mother flockin fine! she had one of those small booties, but big titties. i probably wanged it to her every night before i went to bed. otherwise, i couldn't sleep, ya know? i got the gutz to finally talk to her after our high school football game. we won pretty bad that day. there was an afternight party which myself and a buddy of mine went to. there was a lot of booze and mary jane smokin and i got pretty hung over. i saw Latiqua with a few of her friends and i started talkin to her. asking her name, ya i knew it already, but i got to get the conversation rollin. she was a bit drunk too. she then started saying how good looking i was and i was saying "babe, you are a flocking sexy biatch". latiqua then took my had and led me to the bathroom at the party. i was so goddamn horny, i dont even know if i was able to keep my wang in while i was walkin to the bathroom. we then sat on the sink table and started kissing and it got really heated. she then took her shirt off and i stook my face in her bra and rubbed my face on her titties. i was scared as hell, but my wang was telling me "motherflocka, keep going, letz goo all da way". she then touched my wang, and i felt like i was going to pass out. i told her, "damn baby, you got soft hands". she then grabbed on my wang harder. i fell off the sink table and onto the floor. holy jesus! she then jumped on me and started going at my wang. she then took her pants off and pulled the side of her underwear and i went all for it. she said she wasnt ready for the full deal. but i kept telling her, "please, baby you just too flocking sexy". she kept saying no, but then i started using the hands of pleasure on her. she started screaming and i stopped scared. she said, "what da flock you doing? keep going". i was like flock yea, baby, then i'm like yo girl, i got a condom. she told me to go for it and dammmnnn, it was over in 20 seconds. i tell you guys, if you're a beginner, keep yo wang out of her. once your in, your in, and itll suck the life out of you quicker than youll realize. now its no problem. im a pro and i can honestly say i can go 2 hours with no problem.
  21. i once helped out this guy back when i was still living on the streets. the motherflocka wanted me to give him some cash so he can buy himself some liquor. i knew the guy so it wasn't really no prob. he went to the liquor store and got himself a keg of beer and then threw it up all over the floor. then he blamed me for it! i told t-smallz give me a flockin bat, and i wacked him in the ballz. he told me later it bled pretty bad, but what the flock, ya know? that's not a way to treat someone who gives you some money. piece of crap redneck.
  22. mmmm = sex, slender women with big booties and nice titties, girls with tight ass, 2Pac ewww = fat chicks, country music, puerto riquen girls sorry all the focus on girls, but ya know, that's what i like da most.
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