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  1. I keep getting the error, "Assert Failure at charselect line 3117" and then my Mugen closes. Any idea why? Im very tired of it.
  3. How would we make his defense to attacks though? I mean, i've never seen Jason get beat, not even in Freddy vs. Jason... [they should make a Jason vs. Michael Meyers movie]
  4. Oh, super sweet!! Hope you find out, although that could be an old pic; that guy might not even play mugen anymore.
  5. Oh wow, theres an interesting match. Liu Kang? WUHDAH!!! Oh, my bad. Heheh.....
  6. A baby Captain Commando? You mean like chibi?
  7. Ah, like the Holy Ryu I had at one point. Looked like he was just a really bright light.
  8. Actually, bro, I don't know. I've never done that, they either all had an order, or they didn't. O_O
  9. Turns out they didnt have the sff file specified, and all the other files were mispelled. In addition, they all had back slashes [\] instead of forward slashes [/]. And after all that, the CFG specifications for height and such were wrong too. Go figure.
  10. Can you really use Xbox controllers? There seems to be more buttons in the game than on the controller.... unless you use L + R as the extra attack buttons...
  11. Someone provide me with a link to the VF5 Lifebars. Mugen Infantry doesn't have it anymore. Come on guys, I'm countin on you.
  12. Its the golden Hanzo, from...um... I dont remember. Well, wherever he is, his moves are EXTREMELY fast, and continuous, like the punches from the old Mortal Kombat. His motions may just be too much for my little ol' mugen.
  13. Lol, I have a Yoda mod for almost every one of my PC games. Be cool if I could add him to Mugen too.
  14. Um, uh, well... ALL of them were answers to your questions.
  15. I did have it. Took me three days to figure out what I had to edit to add him in and then he was the worst character I've ever seen (beside, of course, Ed). I beat sandman with Megaman, Ryu, and Cyclops. Thats it, lol.
  16. It certainly does look like him, doesn't it? I would love to have him too... and half the other chars in the screen. xD
  17. This got waaaay off topic. You should use the word char instead of chara. Looks better. XD
  18. Wow, I've never heard of this problem. What's xmugen Beta?
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