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  1. Johnny From Guilty Gear or Guilty Gear X, Jam/Jam-Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear Or Guilty Gear X, Dizzy From Guilty Gear or Guilty Gear X, and Justice from Guilty Gear X. Those are the full names. Thanks in advance. I meant add an intro to the game, to show after mugen loads up, not character intros. >.>
  2. Johnny, Justice, Jam-Kuradoberi And Dizzy GGX (I'll take the non GGX version but I'd prefer it) About blackheart..I know where there's a version of it from MSHVSSF..I believe it's the only one that exists. BUT it's only 267kb and 15% complete, it's missing animation and moves. http://utenti.lycos.it/marvelmad/chars/blackheart.zip but to download it you might just have to go to http://utenti.lycos.it/marvelmad/chars.html EDIT: how do you add intros to a game? I want to use the GGXX one but I can't figure out how to get it to work.. and if you have msn, add me at Tornado_onion@hotmail.com, I wouldn't mind trying your game
  3. What are your favourite lifebars? Post a picture and a link to them if possible. Thanks
  4. Thanks gamecop ..oh and uh...is there a limit to how many characters you can have in the game? and how big is each character [file size] on average?
  5. okay..I've read all about mugen..now where can I get it? I tried to get it on mgrb.net but in the windows section it said that they were in the briefings, which I Could not find..this forum doesn't have links..><..btw, I don't have xp or 2000.
  6. The home version of SSZero came out today!! :D (at least in japan) hopefully it'll be dumped and released soon..
  7. Hi..I just got an xbox..and I Have a few questions..if I were to download an xbox game iso, would I be able to burn it to a cd and put it in the xbox and play? or do I need to patch my xbox? and if I don't have to patch it, do I just burn the.iso file onto the cd or do I need a program to uncompress it? and, if I do have to patch it, where can I get it patched? I live in vancouver, BC, canada. >.<
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