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  1. Yep. Thats an easy one, I thought you might have a challenge! Open your mugen.cfg file. Scroll down to where it says [Debug]. Underneath should be something along the lines of: ;Set to 0 to disable starting in debug mode by default. Debug = 1 Set the 1 to 0. ^^ - Ryu out.
  2. Thats right. Super skillz, dont forget it.
  3. Hes a reply for you. Somewhat philosophical as it may be, is it really theft to steal something stolen? The sprites and such are all ripped from someone else; the coding is the author's, true enough. However, many pieces of coding come from elsewhere, and without the stolen sprites, its simply words on electronic paper... - Ryu, out.
  4. The damage he does is freakin huge! I can't beat him easily most times.... and even though his energy drops back down to zero when he stands still, if he gets going and gets a lot of energy, your screwed. His supers are crazy.
  5. Have you ever played that arcade game, Marvel vs. Capcom, like in movie theaters and bowling alleys and such? Thats the megaman. Lemme show you... http://members.fortunecity.co.uk/kof91/chars/megaman.gif http://maxpages.com/files/mmx/mega2.gif ^*^
  6. DO WHAT!? AGHHHHH!! Itll be in a zip file or a rar file, unless your a complete moron and didnt download it... Take the folder out of the zip or rar file, and add it to the chars folder. Then do what I posted above. I.E. the marvel character Rogue, in a folder named MvC Rogue, would look like MvC Rogue, randomselect, music=sound/Rogue.mp3, order=3 Dont you understand yet?? Frustration nation. ><
  7. Takes all kinds, as they say. Its all a science, btw. They have patterns, you just have to catch them.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I couldnt find anything, either...
  9. Alright, um... try http://groups.imeem.com/CyD_cNFz/forums/MoIcrMZK/ some of those justice chars may be in the DC section...um... search for them at http://www.esnips.com/ ... thats all I got, without looking. lol
  10. Heheh, glad i could help you. This happens every once in awhile; and if its not that problem I listed, its because some moron used a '\' instead of a '/'
  11. Technically, you CANT request stuff. Be more subtle about NOT requesting things, heh...
  12. Im sure ive seen an El Blanco char somewhere... not that I know what game its from, till now anyways...
  13. Thats odd.... I can't seem to find any YouTube videos of that.... You didnt look very hard did you? Or, at all?
  14. Nope, he didnt. And Yes, the Intro is terribly long. ^^ Someone had GOT to make a new ichigo. Shouldnt be too hard for sprites, especially with the Wii game out, lol.
  15. Yeah, I ran into this problem when I first started out, but its quite easy to remedy: 1)First, download the stage (or just have the def and sff files) 2)Make sure the def and sff file have exactly the same name, and make them all lowercase (this makes it simpler) 3)Open the def file. Scroll down to where the headline says MAIN BACKGROUND DEFINITION (if you use an american computer press ctrl+F, and search for 'spr') You'll see a line reading something like: spr=stages/xxx.sff make sure the 'xxx' is the file name EXACTLY of the .sff file. afterwards, make sure its in the stages folder. 4)Then, just scroll to the tiptop of the page and change the display name to w/e you want. ^^ happy hunting!
  16. IM using Fighting Jam for winmugen, and its great. Redownload the Fighting Jam, and do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7TnHDRsT3s This'll show you how to do it, AND select your starting cursor position!
  17. Heh, you think those are good? Try playing with the arcade version of Marvel vs. Capcom's Megaman. He'll wipe you across the screen harder and faster than Evil Ryu...AND Ken, on the same team....
  18. i dont know what xxxxxxx.yyy and yyy is,but when i downloaded a char the open save came up.no prob i think.so it opens with winrar and it has all the things in it so i go in my mugen,so there it is three colerd books stacked on ecth other with a belt around it.so i drag it in chars or extract it in it whatever u prefer.so i add it to data select like ud usaly do but they dont seem to work still.am i doing something wrong and yes i unchecked that one thing. OMFG! Dammit dude, where the hell have you been? Normally Id tell you to stop trying to play your damn mugen, but jeez.... XXXXX.YYY is the file name, k? XXXXX is the file like ryu-X, where YYY is the type of file, like DEF or, maybe easier to understand, mp3. So, itd be a file like ryu-X.def. Duh. Now, what you need to do is unpack the char. Itll be in a folder, named the SAME THING as the .def file inside. Simply add this to your chars folder. Go into your Select.def file, and add the char, along with any music and stages, and even the order of the char. Example: ryu-X, randomselect, music=sound/Ryu.mp3, order=1 Do you understand yet!??
  19. Its not the power of the CPU, its the skill of the player. You'd do well to remember that. I myself have a very complex mix of Street Fighter, Marvel, Capcom (all three of which were already in official games together), Guilty Gear, and Samurai Showdown. Oddly, the guy who kicks the most ass isnt evil ryu. Its MvC Megaman. O_O
  20. What game is that? Try here.... http://groups.imeem.com/CyD_cNFz/forums/MoIcrMZK/
  21. Heheh, what can I say. Tis where I found most of my chars as well.
  22. I really dont think I need to add anything at this point.
  23. Nothin doin man. Jeez, this is starting to tick me off. See, ctrl+D isnt working for me, and neither is turning the debug mode on (???whassupwithat???) Anyway, I tried turning off each individual trigger (i couldnt find any of those sctrls you were talking about). Still nothing. If I had someone to guide me through it, id be alright. I have the same problem with Cyber Akuma, btw, he says something in Japanese every time he wins.
  24. Um, alright, Ill give it a shot. Its not really a character state if you ask me, its simply a large picture with music that shows up when he wins.
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