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  1. i tried 1.48 dev winkawaks and i scan for the roms nothing shows up.
  2. i've downloaded some emus that say works with kof2003 then when i load the emu up the rom doesn't appear in the list.
  3. where do i go to change my settings like that? my stuff looks all blocky looking and nasty.
  4. i just can't get myself to pay2play
  5. last boss is to hard. i beat him using the arrow girl. i kept playing keep away like cable on mvsc2
  6. svc doesn't show up, samsho5 does, rotd doesn't show up neither does mslug 4, am i doing something wrong?
  7. i put the rom in the rom folder along with the dat file in the correct folders and when i load kawaks with the loader it doesn't work.
  8. won't show up for me either. i switched dat files or whatever and nothing.
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