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  1. yeah, i think SSV is awful, I cant believe how bad the graphics are in this day and age! The game looks 10 years old!
  2. Pardon my ignorance, but I've got a.dat file for win kawaks for SSV.zip but I dont know how to load the dat file. Any help yould be great as i'm desperate to play!
  3. why do differnet emulators need different rom files? Couldnt someone make an emulator that would run all types?
  4. nah. Id say the only one you really need is 4. As far as i can tell the series just get better as they go along.
  5. Im new to the neo geo emulation thing so if im doing something stupid then sorry... But. Rage of the dragons, metal slug 4, windjammers & KOF2002 all fail to be detected by my version of nebula (Nebula223FIX(PLAYS ALL).zip). If anyone knows whats up i could use a point in the right direction.
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