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  1. hey! anyone can confirm that he successfully played kof2003 on neoragex ?
  2. is there a way to edit this _p1.rom file ?
  3. this forum is great! http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...pic=3265&st=380 best place!
  4. Thanks for the info possessed!! You're totally right, I've made a test and what's before the _ does not matter... The _p1.rom is directly related to the NGX's detection process. So, I guess I don't have the correct _p1.rom for ss5 and kof2002. I need some tips here to find those, please. Thanks as well to Agozer! (sorry I did not get it at first).
  5. i need the correct string before the _ otherwise the game don't show up correctly inside the NGX gamelist!! or maybe i'm wrong... but why a game that is recognised in NeorageX won't show up correctly then ? To my mind, that's what before the _ that determine if NeorageX will detect the game properly or not.
  6. great! it's out!! is the game working on NGX EGCG yet or not ?
  7. hey people! I would like to know what should i rename kof2002_xx.rom and ss5_xx.rom to, so that they show up correctly in Neoragex EGCG? asap please, i can't sleep anymore!!
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