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  1. It seems he has taken the same way you've TOOK !!! ... The student is now better than the master
  2. JacKc


    CoinDOWNS...Only the name you can give to stuff make by the thief called BP (if only we could call him Robin Hood...Sadly not the case ) The SHOWCASE 2.0 only will start when you will be banned from this forum !!! PS: Sorry Robert...
  3. What an holy shit this CoinOPS reignite !!! R1, R2...R9285, remains shit make by a thief !!! You steal everything (even my snaps for Final Fight Bootleg hack known as ffightb in MAME)...You only deserve the community !!! I could not understand why you're not be yet banned from this forum with all people you've betrayed
  4. New official Splash for FBA-XXX Pro : Thanks to Kenshiro to trust me in this "project"
  5. Thanks The-Ice-Man Your skins are good too...and for my skins, it's only some proposal. You (and only you) can modify them for your own test Here's my latest stuff NeoGeo K' Style : and CPS3 : 1st skin (Jojo' Style) 2nd skin (Warzard' Style) PS : If use thoses skins for your own build, please think to credit me
  6. Thanks a lot Now for Neo-Geo : (dedicated to my dear friend Kenshiro) 1st Skin : 2nd Skin : And PGM (also dedicated to iq_132) PS : Please, Anyone can test this skins?
  7. Selection of the Day (2009-01-19) * The King of Gladiator Fixed By zxbdragon&ryu (bootleg, decrypted ) - Remove Logo on Title's screen - Now can choose character's order - Fixes some minor bugs - Works in AES & MVS BUG : Menu Options is not yet Fixed * SVC CHAOS : SNK vs Capcom Koryu & Super Koryu (hacks by kawada7278) - Title' screen, menus and characters' selection screen have been modified - Life's bar and Timer have been modified - Boss and Extra characters are available (with portraits) - Character's moves & furies have been modified - Characters Color Change - Works in AES and MVS
  8. Ok Agozer...I have edited my posts and adding Hacks descriptions. You're right ! Better to know what thoses hacks does
  9. Selection of the Day (2009-01-18) * Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001 (Enhanced Version by STARK) 1. Forever life for nine. 2. Ride mounts, the mounts of energy and an unlimited number of bombs! 3. If you become a mummy, will be able to use an unlimited number of fire bombs, if the mummy from the recovery, the number of incendiary bombs can be used 99. 4. Bullets reached the ceiling! 5. The game, press START key to cycle to switch the type of gun. [Google Translation] * The Last Blade 2 (Yano's Ultimate Hack) -optimized speed combo & power cancel timings -unlocked EX-mode -unlocked all hidden characters & boss -new alternate outfits
  10. Hi Kenshiro, I've never tested your build but i'm curious to see what the set look likes...Do you have a datafile for those 1.29 Beta Release?
  11. Hi Robert and hi to all. I've decided to make this topic for thoses players who wants to play their favorites Neo-Geo hacks on Winkawaks and/or Nebula, and don't want to download a special build to play them (so you will be able to make your own selection) Of course, it's just datafiles (so if you need the hacked roms on thoses Dats, check my Official Homepage for the Patchkits). So here my selection of the Day (2009-01-16) * The King of Fighters '96 - Remix Plus 2008 SP (EGHT) ◎EMUGAME HACKTEAM 2008 HACK BY ANDY CHAN[EGHT] System changes: 1, by adding ultra-killing flash setting body procedures 2, before and after the roll control into control after 97 3, attacking hard straight to amend 4, the effect of the amendment of part of the attack 5, adjustment of mass destruction, attack induced halo Clear 6, adjusted some movements 7, after the air疾退can必杀技, ultra killed 8, air can not be ultra-defensive killing 9, set the limit for ordinary air defense highly effective 10, optimized input 11, amended some of the original BUG and problems 12, open 96 strokes shielding and amendments to improve 13, joined the pre-war mobile 14, joined the defense in the energy back 15, open the original shielding special skills 16, to repair the original 96 attacks BUG * The King of Fighters 2000 - XXX (Crispy SP Hack) - Enable Kula and Zero in all modes. - 99 Credits in Console Mode - Timer, Life-bar, Pow-bar, etc has been modified - 2P some color change - All fell to the ground may be additional ↓ B - Down CM / AM consumption - To get away from the pre-adjustment - CD back injury blood
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