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  1. I would have to second that vote. I picked this movie up when this movie store was closing down. Couldn't stop laughing for hours. Your gonna need some kind transfering hardware. I've seen some at bestbuy, but your looking to spend over a $100. Thats the only way i know how to.
  2. BEER! and lots of it. I don't really care for sports that much, but theres gonna be tons of parties today. So I'm just gonna party hopping and drink lots of beer.
  3. I have and Excuter 2.2 lite. But i just put in the new X2.3b lite. They both work great. It wasn't that hard at all to install. The way i went to install it was to solder the wires into the mother board. I had never soldered before that point,and it really wasn't hard at all. I'm using the Xecuter2.4979 bios. If you want to research this, check out this web site. It should have all the answers to any of your questions. xbox-scene
  4. Awesome patch man!! You did one hell of a job. Its nice to play all my games in one emulator, instead of having 3 different kawa-x xbes. I deffently like how you put the "+" sign infront of the new games so its easier to find.Keep up the good work and THANKS!!
  5. All the Dat files are in the "asr.dat" file.You can open it with note pad to check all the games there are inside or add new games too.With this version all of those games you want are supported already and have the dat files already installed.You just have to make sure your naming your rom zips right,and that you have the right files inside.Hope that helps
  6. If you search the board you'll must likely find the dat files for the games your looking for. To input the dat file all you do is copy and paste the info for the game you want. I have the 1.45 hacked version, and i just put the new dat info for the games in the "SIT" file. Hope that helps.
  7. Kawa-X plus-se This site should have all of your answers.
  8. Kawak. Just search the site,theres tons of links every where.
  9. Hey whats up.Another way to do it is, send the files you want to yourself through your email. When you download them again, you can rename the extensions what ever you want (bin.,rom) it worked for me.
  10. Use the search on the forums and you'll find the answer in there.You just double the c5 and c6 rom through DOS.
  11. Hell yea you picked a good series to watch.Berserk is one of my all time favortie series.I also liked the movie "Spriggian".
  12. Never mind got it to work thanks to deltaquad.
  13. Hi.I've download every version of mslug4.zip that i could get my hands on (30+60mb).But no matter which one i get none seem to match ms4_c5.rom and ms4_c6.rom in the picture from the kawa-x plus package.Can anyone help?Thanks
  14. I don't know if anyone has seen this video,but its pretty crazy.Batman faces off against the joker,aliens,and predators.I suggest you check it out.It was made well,its not cheat costumes r anything.You can just type Batman Dead end in google and find different sites with it on it.Heres one though. Batman Dead end
  15. Hey whats up. The only way your gonna beable to play burned games on your xbox is to get a Mod Chip.Then you could either burn an iso you got to DVD-r or put in another hard drive and put EVOX on it.Then you can either transfer via your comp. r just copy the game straight to your hard drive. System Mods Mod Chip site Xbox Scene Thats where you can get all your info about modding your xbox.Its real easy. Just hit me up if you need any help.
  16. what up everyone.New to the forum,but ive been reading on it for awhile.Anyways.....i just got Power Instinct Matrimelee and renamed all the files and switched out the 3 files that came with the kawa-x plus pack.I loaded it on to my xbox and it loads up fine,but then it just sits at a black screen.I can change the options in the game and what not but it just stays black.anyone know what the problem is. Matri.zip Info 242-c1.bin All 8,192kb 242-c2.bin 242-c3.bin 242-c4.bin 242-c5.bin 242-c6.bin 242-c7.bin 242-c8.bin 242-m1.bin 128kb 242-p1.bin 1,024kb 242-p2.bin 4,096kb 242-s1.bin 128kb 242-v1.bin All 4,096kb 242-v2.bin 242-v3.bin 242-v4.bin Final rom size and name matri.zip 34,424kb Any help would be nice.Thanks
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