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  1. Hey guys. Can you point me in the direction of some good emulation related graphics? Or any good 'gamey' or 'comicy' or cartoony stuff? If you know what i mean... thanks
  2. alrite then, so is there an alternative with a rechargeable battery, a usb conector, radio and recording thingy?
  3. hey fellas, does anyone know if the specs on this player are standard or above standard? Vamp Mp3 Player
  4. hey fellas, i've got to control pads on my PC, and they work fine with other emulators, but with zinc, the second control pad always seems to have 1 button not workin', usually its 'Joy2 B3' but sometimes its 'Joy2 B9' does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it?
  5. hey fellas, i can't get FF8 workin' on epsxe, i had it workin' when i was running win98, but now i'm running XP, and i can't figure out what i've done wrong
  6. thanks for the reply guys. yep, i know how to get freeplay mode on cps2 games, but when i go to the neogeo console, i got to setting up the hard dip and i get stuck there...
  7. anyone do it? anyone know how to do it?... just wondering if anyone knew how to do it for nebula...
  8. anyone have any information on the run and gun games, does it work on mame? was it dumped?. i've got no idea, any info would be good...
  9. hello everyone, just reformatted my computer, and pretty much starting from scratch again, and i was looking for another emulator to use, i was previously using nebula, but if anyone can suggest anything better, and provide some links, that'd b appreciated. thanks dudes and dudettes
  10. so... does anyone have a link to the individual files for ssv? cause i started downloading them from somewhere, and now they're links are down... and all i really need is ssv_v1.rom any1?
  11. hey can anyone post the v1 rom,?because i've got all of them except for that one!.. thanks
  12. yes, someone please help drifterzzz, because i've got the same problem....
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