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  1. Okay downloaded garoup.zip today and tried to launch straight off but got: "ERROR cannot find 253-p1p.bin (c72foc16)" I've had similar before so I went and changed the p.rom to name above along with the v, s and m.roms to bins. Back to KawaX and: I load up garoup (prototype) and all I get is 7 "test screens". I can cycle through them with start but not much else 1. A white grid 2. RED GREEN BLUE WHITE 3. I/O Check with control test 4. Sound Test > Sound Off \ Right \ Left \ Center 5. MEMORY CARD TEST 6. BACKUP CLEAR > OK = Press A, B, C Buttons at one time 7 SETTING UP CALENDAR \ SETTING UP TIME Has anyone seen this\ know what it is? Have I got a crappy rom or renamed wrongly? Any help much appreciated
  2. Mines mslug5n.zip, it appears as Metal Slug 5 (predecrypted) in KawaX SE menu. I needed to swap the p rom and add new xbe to KawaX SE (you probably need the new xbe) Hope that helps
  3. I have a similar query and I think its basically what Dartagnan was asking in his second question. I use KawaX SE and on several occasions have downloaded NeoRage roms not knowing the difference before hand, as for example Garou is still called Garou.zip whatever version it is. So not wanting to spend 2 hours downloading garou.zip (36mg on 56k ) and it being the wrong one. How can we tell before hand if its the Kawaks rom? Or is there a program that will take a Neorage rom and make it compatible with Kawaks? Of the many rom sites I've visited none say whether they're Kawaks or NeoRage, simply Neo Geo. Any help, information would be much appreciated
  4. Thanks for the reply. The downloads on that site wouldn't work for me (cutting out afte 30-50kb) but some kind forumite has helped out and sent me SE The site did help with re-naming though. Appreciated.
  5. Firstly, hello. This is my first post, glad I found this place as eveywhere else seems to be all coy on discussing the lastest in the Emulation scene. Secondly, I've searched the forums and not found a solution to my problem. Hopefully someone can help out. Today I downloaded mslug4nd.zip Within it there is: ms4_p1.rom ms4_p2.rom ms4_s1.rom ms4_m1.rom ms4_c1.rom ms4_c2.rom ms4_c3.rom ms4_c4.rom ms4_c5.rom ms4_c6.rom ms4_v1.rom ms4_v2.rom ms4_v3.rom ms4_v4.rom Now I've searched nearly all afternoon for guidence and found info about re-naming to kof98 files. I tried this but couldn't get it working. I've managed to get KawaX Plus now but can't find SE anywhere. Can someone please tell me what to rename the files listed above and what to zip them up as for use in KawaX Plus (and possibly instructions for KawaX SE, as I'm still looking) Any tips, help appreciated
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