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  1. www.chinup.co.uk/chipgame/chipgame.php
  2. I'm a non US citizen & I don't know Kerri & his viewpoints.
  3. Going to school : straight jeans (blue, white, black... Levi's, Diesel...), baskets (Adidas, Nike...), shirt (white, purple... Lacoste...).
  4. Hi all ! I'd like to know Ur style : What do U usually wear & Why ?
  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................... ........ .... and Z <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is it a competition to imitate an electromagnetic field (maybe Ur solution to teleport heavy objects) ? Or how to sleep in front of Ur PC @01:38 AM ? Or a bee in Ur dream ?
  6. I hope too... I use to watch StarGate series.
  7. Article I stay sceptical, cuz this's not a real teleportation, but a kind of data recovery. Atm, we can't really teleport heavy objects in any locations, then notice that their mass stay the same. Real teleportation process seems impossible, we can't abolish distances, we've to break heavy objects down into molecules, atoms or particles to transport them, then reorganize them. I don't forget Space's infinite, it has no limit, there's no time. I don't forget : Distance = Speed x Time (if I know where the object comes from).
  8. Hi ! There : www.irlmeier.de/bird.swf
  9. Test Ur intellect : liquidgeneration.com
  10. Namco System 12, ZN-1, ZN-2 & ST-V 3D fighters games run (U've to force VMM) slowly with the last update of MAMEoX.
  11. Indeed : Bootleg set : romset dumped from an unofficial hack cartridge or PCB, it can be encrypted or decrypted. Decrypted set : romset dumped from an official cart or PCB, then modified to remove protections & descrambled.
  12. To get decrypted Cx, the 2 best ways stay : 1- in using the soft Convert2 (or in using NEFE [Neo Encrypter Front End]) ; 2- in using Winkawaks PC vers. (the method posted above).
  13. 3 days ago, mslug5nd truly decrypted Px (not bootlegs) were released, it wouls be nice to add them : 268-p1n.bin 1 Mb crc d99c035c 268-p2n.bin 4 Mb crc 768ee64a Also, ms5plus decrypted Px, kof2003b decrypted Px (no tag or blank) & kof2003h EX Hero decrypted Px were released : ms5plusd (decrypted) : 268-p1pd.bin 1 Mb crc 65639fcc 268-p2p.bin 4 Mb crc 38b7a73a (join p2p + p3p from ms5plus) 268-s1pd.bin 128 Kb crc 99ef577b kof2k3bd (decrypted, no tag or blank) : 271-p1bd.bin 8 Mb crc 57a1981d kof2k3hd (decrypted EX Hero hack based on kof2003b decrypted Px) : 271-p1hd.bin 8 Mb crc 5ae28b39 271-s1h 128 Kb crc d168751d
  14. Yeah, we know ; this 's the promotional poster. Thx , anyways.
  15. Thx a lot, Disoblige ! U 'R right ; she comes from AoDK (Agressors of Dark Kombat). Her name is Kisara.
  16. To play in Arcade mode, launch the game in Console mode, then in Arcade mode, cuz MVS protection isn't removed. Btw, U can remove/patch MVS protection to play in Arcade mode directly : just open Ur P1 with an hex editor & change the following values : Offset : former -> new EBE4 : 00 -> 71 EBE5 : 66 -> 4E EBE6 : 74 -> 71 EBE7 : FC -> 4E To unlock "fatalities" in AES (Console) mode (without Uni-bios 2.0), change the following values : Offset : former -> new 990 : FF -> FC 991 : FF -> 33 992 : FF -> 02 993 : FF -> 00 994 : FF -> 10 995 : FF -> 00 996 : FF -> 10 997 : FF -> E0 998 : FF -> F9 999 : FF -> 4E 99A : FF -> 04 99B : FF -> 00 99C : FF -> BA 99D : FF -> 61 461B4 : 7C -> F9 461B5 : 35 -> 4E 461B6 : 7D -> 00 461B7 : 00 -> 00 (stays 00) 461B8 : 14 -> 90 461B9 : 00 -> 09 272_p1_patch.rar
  17. It's updated (btw, I know new charas revealed 'R now an old news) : www.capcom.co.jp/fighting_jam www.capcom.co.jp/fighting_jam/index2.html
  18. Pics from AOU Show from www.watch.impress.co.jp Official website page 's updated : www.capcom.co.jp/fighting_jam www.capcom.co.jp/fighting_jam/index2.html
  19. 0.86u3 Driver Improvements: -------------------- Converted some CD images to CHD [R.Belmont] Regression Fixes for Starblad and Simpsons [R.Belmont] restored polygon drawing in starblad corrected clocks in simpsons Fixed black squares in ozon1 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] Fixed filenames in some of the sets added in the previous update [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] Donkey Kong Sample improvements [Pete Rittwage, Derrick Renaud] Namco Classics Improvements [R.Belmont] - Added H8/3002 MCU and C352 sound chip. Both ncv1 and ncv2 are now fully playable with full sound and music. Hyper Neogeo 64 Improvements [David Haywood] I won't be doing much work on this again until I buy some more RAM so don't expect too much. Needs a kludge in the MIPS core so the changes aren't very visible in a normal build (details of the required kludge are in the source) Gottlieb Input Changes [B.S.Ruggeri] CPU / Sound Core Improvements ----------------------------- H8/3002 Fixes [R.Belmont] - Fixed btst #imm, @Rn instruction - it was giving reversed results, which crashed ncv2's MCU program. Namco C352 update [R.Belmont] - Many many fixes to wave start/end/bank handling plus added chain mode support. Thanks to cap @ VivaNonno for the tips. General Improvements: -------------------- CHDMAN update [R.Belmont] This makes the parser deal with.toc files output by current cdrdao better. I need to just give in and rewrite it for 2-pass operation sometime, it'll be much cleaner then. Incidentally, if anyone has any idea where to get specs for e.g. CloneCD or some other popularish image format(s) let me know and I'll add support. Fixed for the random key mappings bug with new config system [Aaron Giles] Input Port Fixes [Aaron Giles] - reversed pedals now work correctly (e.g., brake in Hard Drivin') - all relative controls (dial, trackball, mouse) scale the same regardless of the number of bits allocated for that port New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status: ------------------------------------------------------------- Namco Classics Vol.2 [R.Belmont] some tile flip problems in classic pacman / rallyx some sound problems (hanging sound in digdug classic) New Non-Working games / clones supported ---------------------------------------- Zero (bootleg of Defender) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] http://haze.mame.net/
  20. Yes, World Heroes series belongs to ADK (Alpha Denshi Kikaku, a former branch of SNK). btw, World Heroes series was made by SNK & ADK. It belongs to both companies. Fuuma comes from World Heroes series & appeared in Aggressors of Dark Kombat.
  21. SNK Icons special Vid : snkg4_low.wmv
  22. Can you find Waldo in under a minute ? www.ebaumsworld.com/waldo.shtml
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