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  1. opps i forgot to look at the dates...it was on the first page of it's section
  2. can you not upgrade to 2.5 then downgrade from 2.5 -> 2 now and then 2 -> 1.5 ? i got one at launch so original 1.5 for me.
  3. Another good looking pac is called the dax pax has all stuff you need. http://www.psphacking101.com also has some great video tutorial on how to do stuff on your psp.
  4. Well nintendogs i thought was stupid when it came out (and still do) this just looks 10x wose
  5. i went to the nesterj homepage and downloaded the beta version 1.2 i think it is...it has the 2 1.5 folders already in it so you just copy them to the memory stick and....what do you know it worked well...i'll see if i can find the link...i'm allowed to post it here right? k here is the link... http://rukapsp.hp.infoseek.co.jp/PSPSoftware/NesterJ.htm
  6. you can buy a special screwdriver/bat kit on ebay for like $5 that will alllow you to open the cart but since your save games stay i would be more opt to suspect the controler too.
  7. My thoughts exactally...super nintendo just had sooo many great games it truely was one of the best systems of all time.
  8. I'm sure there must be more like this out there i've seen some different ones before but i don't remember where
  9. I already converted most of the people i know though.
  10. I always liked all the news and info that came out of E3 but thought it should be more open to the gamers
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